Plaud Note (Quick Look) - The World's First ChatGPT-powered AI voice recorder

This device uses the power of AI to record and document any conversations you have on your phone so that you can easily review them and keep track of any developments.

Audio transcription

"Welcome, everyone, to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
This time we have a pretty different kind of product, one that could only surface in an era like the one we have now, where we are very fixated on what AI can do for us and the way that we utilize AI every day."

"Because there's a lot of people that sit behind their computers when they are studying or when they're working and they ask ChatGBT to do something for them.
It may be to summarize a meeting or it might be to write out a company-wide email or whatever."

"There are many cases where these powerful tools can help us do powerful things more efficiently.
And we have a company here, which I should very much stress that it's unlike companies like Humane or Rabbit that claims to be sort of a pseudo phone-like interface that can put AI closer to your everyday task."

"This is a company called Plod and they make something which is very singular in action, but is then ultimately very, let's say, specific because of that.
That ultimately means that if you can see yourself using this kind of technology and that it would benefit your work or your studies or basically just your everyday life, well, then the product is absolutely magnificent."

"And if this doesn't apply to you, then it doesn't claim to do anything other than that that should create some sort of deceit or doubt within you.
So what does Plod make?
Well, they make this."

"This is the Plod Note.
It is a $159 little accessory, which is as thin as basically two credit cards stacked together.
So incredibly thin."

"And as a consequence of that, of course, very, very light.
Like if you put it in the palm of your hand, you basically cannot feel that you are holding anything.
It is that light."

"That means that it fits in shirt pockets, in pants pockets, and if you put it in your backpack, you won't notice at all that it's in there.
So very handy for something to be this thin and yet not so small that you would lose it instantly."

"You won't.
So what does this, the Plod Note, do?
Well, this Plod Note basically is a recording device.
Now, you'll see two basic interfaces here at the top."

"One is a mute switch.
It is something that people that utilize AI tools are very focused on and with good reason.
That means that it is a physical mute button, meaning that you can trust that when it's clicked up, well, then it won't listen to what it is that you're saying."

"If you click it down, well, then it's able to listen, but it does not listen all the time.
You have to press this other button directly next to it to initiate a recording."

"So what does this recording mean?
Well, the Plod Note utilizes ChatBeet GBT 4.0 to not only record, transcribe, and summarize, but to basically stack and create order in what would essentially be like, let's say, a two-way meeting that you would want summarized afterward."

"It might be an interview that you would be conducting, which you would ultimately, using the old ways, use hours upon hours to transcribe in order to pull quotes that you could use in a written interview for your work or for your studies, mind you."

"No, with the Plod Note, you click this button and it's paired to your phone, and then it records for the length that you would want to record."

"It has a 30-hour battery life if you are using the entire 30-hour span to consistently record.
That is a lot, by the way.
So the point is that once you're done, it utilizes the Plod app to basically create the summary in whatever form that you want."

"There's a whole host of different templates in the Plod app which helps you basically stack and summarize the content that is recorded.
It can even speaker label so that it can know when you are asking a question and the other person that is talking is providing a reply."

"It does all of this pretty seamlessly and it looks fantastic doing it.
That is the main good part about this.
I should stress that some features of Plod's sort of ecosystem are free if you purchase the Note for $159, but other aspects require a subscription for which you can get a year-long subscription for $80, which is too much in my opinion."

"I'm not sure whether or not I think that the whole functionality should come with the main purchase price, but at the very least, I feel like that there should be a monthly subscription which should be a really low amount because this is something that is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have."

"It can create shortcuts within your working environment or studying environment, which is very helpful, I would say, but in order to just ease your way into consumers' pockets, it's a good idea to have a cheap subscription if you need to have one at all."

"The other main, let's say, complaint that I have is that this is so thin and almost card-formed because Plod has a very specific idea as to how you use it."

"That is because it comes with this.
I should stress that it's very cool that for your $159, you get this in the box.
We got this as a separate purchase."

"You can get this for $19 in a different color, but you get this with your card.
Now, this is a MagSafe wallet.
It very much looks like a MagSafe wallet, meaning that if you put your card down here, I should stress that once I put it in here, I might not be able to get it up again."

"I had to use a tool to pry it up, but it's good that it doesn't fall out, so I would say that that's a win-win in that particular regard."

"So that's how I put it back in here now, and I put this on my iPhone.
Now, it works very much like a MagSafe wallet, except for one, it does not have Find My compatibility as far as I could tell, and the other thing is that it's not strong enough."

"So the first time, for instance, I put this down on the table here, first time I picked it up, my hand slided it off.
And if there's one thing that you've probably seen when you're looking at Apple's own MagSafe wallets, which I also have problems with, mind you, is that they are so strong in their own way."





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