XFX Radeon RX 7900 GRE (Quick Look) - The Golden Rabbit Edition Goes Global

Previously only available in China, the AMD Radeon 7900 GRE is now available internationally, but does it stack up compared to the other Radeon graphics cards?

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
What I have in front of me right here is an AMD Radeon RX 7900 graphics card.
But this is actually not the normal version, neither is it the more expensive XT."

"No, this is the GRE Edition, which stands for, believe it or not, the Golden Rabbit Edition.
Now, that sounds odd, but that is actually because that the GRE Editions of the Radeon graphics cards used to be exclusive to the China market."

"But it was recently made available internationally, which is why we have one here.
This version is from a manufacturer called XFX, which is a massive GPU manufacturer in general.
So it's very nice for us to feature them here on the show."

"Now I should state right off the bat that this is actually less powerful.
That means less VRAM, like a smaller amount of power consumption, and with fewer compute units than a regular 7900 XT.
But it is also cheaper, meaning that this slides in between the 7800 XT and the 7900 XT, meaning that you as a consumer just now have more choice in how you slot in the performance you want, contra how much you're spending."

"So the thing is, this retails for a round, and remember this is all round numbers because we have to find them from different markets and basically sort of translate their value into euros to present to you.
That this will, you could probably get this for around 720 euros, which is in round numbers again around 200 euros less than the 7900 XT."

"So yeah, it's only slightly less power consumption, 4 gigabyte less VRAM, and 4 compute units less than the 7900 XT, meaning that the performance is probably going to be quite close.
I mean, the 4 gig VRAM loss is probably something that you're going to be feeling, particularly in VRAM intensive titles."

"But beyond that, that's a pretty strong savings, I would say.
So let's go over what this now has.
So it's a modified Navi 31 GPU, as I said, 4 less compute units, slightly lower power consumption, 4 gig VRAM less."

"It still has, back here, display performance."





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