Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 - Video Preview from Los Angeles

David tells Ben all about his recent experience getting to test CoD: BOPS 6 following a studio visit to Treyarch in Los Angeles. The pair talk Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies, as well as some of the exciting new features, additions, and gameplay systems that are looking to make this year's instalment one to watch out for.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gamereactor. Today, as you can tell, we're in downtown Los Angeles.
It's not sunny, it's grey, it's quite warm, but we're here. We're on site for Summer Game Fest.
We're about to go to the live show, but I won't make a difference because when you see this video, that would have already happened, the Xbox show would have already happened, and you would have seen a ton of Call of Duty Black Ops 6."

"Now, Dav, you have been the lucky man that has already seen this game.
And you're really excited about it, right?
I am, and I love the background we chose, actually, because it's very 90s, and I love that this game is all about the 90s. It's 1991, it feels retro to me, but at the same time it feels modern, it's not like, you know, good old Cold War anymore."

"And yeah, I would have loved them to keep the redacted title on the game.
It's Call of Duty redacted. Like the CIA sort of way of censoring things.
And the event itself was very censored, very redacted.
So, I can say I got to play, but I cannot say how it felt."

"You know, controller in hand. I can say I loved what I saw.
You know what I mean?
So, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's Black Ops Chopper.
So, you can read my preview at Game Reactor."

"Like, it's very long, it's very detailed. I hope it's very comprehensive.
Same as the presentation that we got was very detailed, very comprehensive.
We loved the details we got.
We love how they're focusing on gameplay first and foremost, and they are completely transforming the way you move, which I think is the staple, is the cornerstone of the franchise."

"Other shooters are trying to play catch up, but Call of Duty has always been there ahead, and now it's going to be ahead, and if you know what I mean, they're also moving forward and in every direction, because this is what they call omni-movement."

"It's a system that has been revamped, and now you can sprint in every direction, and lean, and dive. I'm not going to do that again.
It's too scary. This is the 26th floor.
So, that would be my main feature."

"I cannot tell you how it feels, but I can tell you on paper, on trailer, look at the trailer, look at the moves.
It looks very exciting, also for the pro players.
Wow, this is very LA-ish."

"Very, very LA. It feels like every time we're here, there's some sort of sirens going on, or a truck strike like last year, but anyway.
Yes, omnipresent, omni-movement, omnidirectional movement.
Omni-man. Oh, no. Omni-man, no."

"It feels very almost, to me, when you say that, it feels very a little bit, was it advanced warfare that did this sort of, or maybe as well, the one that Sledgehammer did?
There's so many Call of Duty games at this point, I lose track of the names."

"Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare, I think, the two different ones.
One had the mech suits, very different movement set, wall running almost Titanfall-esque.
Obviously, this is more grounded, but it's still got that sort of, you know."

"I would say don't expect that.
Yes, I know what you mean, as in, you know, grappling hooks and being able to move faster, but no, this means, just think of your regular sprint.
You click on the stick or on your keyboard, and then you start sprinting."

"But then you can do that in any possible direction.
And just imagine, like, diving backwards or sliding backwards like this.
And the most spectacular instance of this is what they call the supine prone.
So just imagine Trinity."

"Again, I won't do the move, but I'm being chased by this Agent Smith, right?
And I'm backwards, so I'm going like this.
And then I jump through the window, and me there, you can do like this.
I saw that. I can say I saw that on the footage."

"That's the only thing I can say.
But just imagine the possibilities.
Pros are going to be bragging about that second round they play.
I'm sure they're going to, like, understand what they can do, and they'll start doing this."

"And this will apply to other Call of Duty entries in the future.
So if movement was the most important thing, now they've got years ahead.
You know, it's strange when you say it, because to me, the Call of Duty movement thing is, obviously they are sort of like an industry leader in regards to how they do it."

"But it's also a movement suite that I think can be a little bit alienating to a lot of audiences, right?
Because it's very demanding. You have to be very locked in.
You have to be very mentally involved in the game to get value out of it."

"And I think that's why we've seen Xtify, as of late, become quite popular.
Because it feels like they've gone, yes, we know how fast these games can be, so we're going to slow things down a bit."

"And Call of Duty have gone, no, no, no, no, we're going to speed things up.
I got your cover for that as well.
And they got your cover at Treyarch.
For that, there's also what is called intelligent movement."

"And they've been inspired by Forza driving aids.
I ask, A, is this because it's all Microsoft?
Because they also made a Diablo reference for one of the perks that you're getting.
And they were like, no, we're just gamers, right?
But with this intelligent movement, let's see about balance."

"Because both the omni movement and the crazy moves, I think might be different on PC versus console.
But they told me it's very well balanced.
Of course, what would they tell me?
But the other thing is, with intelligent movement, with these aids, you reduce the number of button presses you need, for example, for mantel and running across a door."

"And previously, as you said, it's complex.
You have to click the stick, move the stick forward, click this button, then this for a different sensitive action, you know?
And in this case, they've been studying button presses for it to foresee what you're going to do and sort of smooth it."

"And then you have some different things you can adjust.
Like in a sports game.
So, we'll see.
We'll see how it's balanced, because I think there's risk that some could benefit from that."

"But I think it's very smart, as you say, for accessibility.
And now that I'm talking about accessibility, they also have HUD elements that you can customize.
And I think that's for streamers, that's going to be."

"And also for accessibility.
I have a big screen, but it's far away.
I need the mini map to not be that mini.
I need it to be bigger."

"Or the weapon info to be this corner of the screen.
You can do that, and you will have presets.
So, let's talk then, before we wrap up.
Obviously, we could talk about Call of Duty all day."

"So, let's talk about the three pillars then, to sort of round out this preview, which is basically campaign, multiplayer, zombies, right?
Yeah, they're the sort of three things that make up a modern Call of Duty game these days."

"So, we'll start with the campaign.
Obviously, again, we're limited in what we can and cannot say still, I would say, in regards to the way this game is shaping up.
But one of the key things about it is it's a Black Ops game."

"It's set in 1991.
Gulf War setting.
We don't like to talk about it too much, but talk to me about this political setup and the sort of situation that's evolved here."

"Is it something that you think could be a little bit sort of conflicting, polarizing to many?
Or is it something that you think they've managed to get past and get away from?
Yeah, I was slightly concerned about that."

"And I sort of shared my concerns with the developers, given the current political global climate that we have with, you know, war, Israel, Ukraine, and et cetera.
They said, basically, this is work of fiction."

"You got your Clingtons and your Margaret Thatchers and your, you know, George Bush and Saddam Hussein, but they are like historical touchpoints for you to have this sort of reference, but then they won't go too much into very sensitive sort of versus political war things."

"And at the same time, it will ring a bell.
Mostly our generation, of course, we grew up with what happened in the 90s.
So it's going to be very, very relatable."

"And also it's pretty varied in terms of landscapes and mission types in the campaign.
So you will have the capital thing.
You will chase Saddam in the desert, right?
Those are more sort of expected and typical."

"Some of them will be semi-open world.
And this is interesting for the campaign as well.
Will they pull it off?
I hope so, because they, you know, we've been promised this many times in the past, never worked out."

"This time, they will try to trigger, like, descriptive events in a more natural way so that you can explore, choose the order of your objectives, the way you're going to tackle them, and then you get the descriptive action you expect from Call of Duty."

"Campaign looks promising, but for the first time, I think, I would say ever, that wasn't the portion that we got to play.
And, you know, it's been done by Raven Software."

"So normally you would see campaign and then multiplayer for later.
We didn't play the campaign, but anyway, we cannot talk about what we played."

"So we'll see about that.
But campaign on paper seems very promising and we're coming for a very criticized campaign from Modern Warfare 3."

"Then zombies.
Yeah, let's talk about zombies and then we can talk briefly about multiplayer as a final point.
I don't think you've seen too much of zombies, right?
They weren't particularly clear about that."

"But I think the key thing to go with, though, with the zombies thing, is that it's going back to the round-based format.
We're moving away from what I'm going to go and say, the terrible Modern Warfare 3 open-world zombies battle royale thing that they were doing."

"And we're back to round-based zombies.
We excited about it?
We are and people were at Treyarch's theater.
We were like, it was the most wowed thing about the whole presentation."

"Even more than the movement itself.
They were like, wow, yeah, round-based is back.
And also they gave us some clues about where the things are going in terms of the plots and the characters and the maps."

"But all that, I would say, go check out my preview because you have the names of the characters and the new locations as well.
But zombies by Treyarch are always exciting to everybody."

"Oh, yeah.
And as a final thing then, right?
Let's talk multiplayer really briefly.
I think it's a really topical point as well because we're seeing it pop up again in another conflicting, or not conflicting, another current shoot to be in X-Defiant, right?
Prestiges are back."

"Classic Prestiges, Prestige.
You've got 10 regular Prestiges to work for.
That was wowed.
I can imagine.
I can imagine people are really excited for it because it's something that people want."

"Away from these sort of seasonal fallbacks.
You level up, oh, end of the season, lose it all, back to square one.
No, we're back to the original sort of Prestige systems."

"What can we expect from that?
And day one.
That's the first number you need.
Day one."

"Everything will be there day one.
Classical Prestige is back.
You will get 100 Prestiges levels and 10 different types.
Once you're done with that, you get another 100 with a final reward."

"And this will always be available from day one.
They will get seasonal content.
They will announce farther down the line.
But for now, rest assured, you will get this day one."

"So to me, classical, like the way, you will get the military levels and then the Prestige, et cetera.
I think this is what we all wanted."

"Not being linked to some seasonal things to stay hooked.
So that's very nice.
And also in terms of maps, we learned about some of the maps."

"We can't share many names as some of them are still being finalized.
So it's going to be 16 maps.
Four of them are going to be strike, smaller, 4v4."

"You can play them 6v6 too.
And then the other ones are going to be classic, three lane, 6v6.
And I won't say anything about them."

"I will.
I'm expecting Nuketown 2025 from, I think, Black Ops 2, maybe 3.
I can't remember.
One of the older Black Ops."

"You might not expect that because these are in a timeline.
They happen right after the campaign, which is interesting because they add a little bit of context and lore."

"When you've completed the campaign, you return to those places.
Well, there you have it.
A lot to look forward to.
That's interesting."

"So anyway, this is Call of Duty Black Ops 6.
It's coming out on October...
25th, if I'm correct.
And as well, it's not going to just be a current-gen title."

"It's coming to both PS4 and Xbox One as well.
So if you were hoping that they're going to ditch the sort of last-gen formats and it's going to be purely current-gen, not the case again this year."

"I don't know whether they'll ever do that.
I think there's too many players on these last-gen consoles for them to even think about dropping them.

"They admitted that, of course, graphically, you won't get the same experience.
But I hope, movement-wise, you will get it on PS4 and Xbox One and low-end PCs."

"But other than that, everything else I can tell you about it is redacted.
I guess it's also redacted about the Switch.
When they acquired Activision Blizzard, it was like, we're going to bring Call of Duty to the Switch."

"No mention of that.
Everything was so confidential and so limited that we didn't even dare asking about different platforms It's interesting."

"It's also coming on Game Pass Day 1 for the most common type of subscriptions.
So you will get it there.
They learned about this very recently."

"Pretty much at the same time, we all learned about this.
We say a lot about how they're still not there in terms of fluent back-and-forth communication."

"But I think it's good news.
I do as well.
And I think a lot of people are going to be checking out.
I definitely will.
I think you definitely will as well."

"So stay tuned for that.
Otherwise, RegDav's preview.
Full preview, full written text.
Loads of information to go through there."

"Stay tuned for more information on Call of Duty Black Ops 6 in the future.
Take care, everyone."

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