Mercedes E-Klasse - EV Hour

We take a look at Mercedes' latest EV and see how it compares to the rest of the EV line-up.

Audio transcription

"I've been in quite the few hybrids over the past couple of years, and while I do prefer fully-fledged EVs, I can't deny that for a lot of people, the gas-powered backup is necessary just to live their lives comfortably and nicely.
And if you were on the market for a hybrid, I'd be inclined to recommend you this one, the brand new Mercedes E-Class."

"Because not only is this probably the best hybrid I've ever driven, it's also probably one of the best cars I've ever driven full-stop.
Welcome to EV Hour. This is the E-Class. And it's f***ing great.
110 kilometers on a charge, which can be translated into 80-something in real life. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.
And when it does switch gears to use the regular engine, the AMG Premium Plus pack on this model means 0-100 in 5.3 seconds."

"Also, these massive 20-inch rims and a whole host of other goodies mean that you pretty much have the perfect car for almost every situation.
When I handed in my review of the EQE SUV, Mercedes noted a couple of things.
For one, they said that I was running an older version of the MBUX OS. They had a couple of notes about that, which was completely fair."

"And they also said that they would try and get me into a car which had the more higher-up version of the dashboard screen.
So, for reference, you can get just a standard Mercedes screen in the front, you can get the super screen, and you can get the hyper screen.
Now, this right here is the super screen, and it is a completely different beast compared to what I tried before."

"So, for one, instead of just one central panel right here, we have three.
So you have one, two, and then right over here, the third one right here, which contains the same basic sort of driving stats that you need.
It now has a 3D array in the screen, which basically just makes it so that it's much more immersive to look at.
It works very, very well. You can see that the 3D toggle is on right there."

"So, the main difference, obviously, is that despite the fact that this is three different panels, they are all protected by sort of the same curving glass here.
It looks very high-end, and it works extremely well.
We also have the partner screen over here, which gives the passenger in the passenger seat access to a whole host of features.
So, there is basic navigation here if the passenger wants to, you know, basically get a feel of where it is that you're going."

"There is a whole host of different apps, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and just a whole host of different other features that is very, very nice to use.
We've seen it in other models, but it works very, very well here.
At the same time, all of Mercedes' own features in their own software, which means no Apple CarPlay.
We do have full Apple CarPlay, but this is one of the few cars where I would actually recommend you to use the onboard OS, because it is so incredibly fluid and so incredibly responsive."

"The same basic sort of nice things that I said about the EQE really counts here.
It's responsive. It works completely flawlessly and cohesively.
And it is one of the best OS systems in any car that I've ever seen to date.
If you go out and you buy a new Mercedes, this will be one of the key features to appreciate, whether or not you get an EQ or this, the regular hybrid E-Class."

"It just works that well.
I'd be remiss to not also mention the fact that this car just drives absolutely incredible.
While I did find the EQE SUV to be a pretty beautiful daily driver on the whole, this just has a responsiveness, a ferociousness that that car did not possess because it wasn't designed to deliver that."

"But this is, and you can just feel that throughout the cabin, throughout the throttle, throughout the taut sort of responsiveness when it is that you put your foot down.
It just, it feels great, I gotta say.
And while I was expecting greatness, particularly considering the higher price point of this, even though that it is an E-Class, I was just floored. I really was."

"And I continue to be that.
I'm gonna miss driving this car more so than anything else because, if anything, it has very much taught me that when people say that Mercedes cars drive like nothing else, there really is something to it, and it is something that I'm really picking up on now."

"It's an X-Factor, and it works. In fact, it's just great.
If there is a compromise, it's probably back here on the back seat.
You can't see, I think, because there's a lot of space for my head right now.
I can see that in the camera shot."

"But it is more cramped back here than on sedans of a similar length, at least axle-wise.
For one, I think that is due to the size of the battery pack, which takes you much longer range-wise, but also takes more space here.
So for one, you can see that there is these little footwells down here because it does not have a flat floor, and that isn't as comfortable for longer drives as it would be if the floor was flat."

"And while you can fit ISOFIX-based sort of children's equipment back here, or taking small children for a long drive, like I have in this car, again, it is a bit more cramped.
It's also due to these bucket-style seats here, which eats up a lot of the space inwards into the car.
But beyond that, and the perhaps smaller-than-you'd-think boot, it really is just a whole host of upsides. It really is."

"Because, as you can probably tell, it is a roomy cabin height-wise, and it is very much helped by the double sunroof right here.
So, is this a deal-breaker? Not in the slightest.
I just had to figure out something to say which could be considered a compromise."

"But, uh, pretty good car.
Before we wrap, I should probably say that this isn't cheap.
Of all the extras, this will cost as much as a Volvo EX90 or, like, two-and-a-half Xpeng G9s.
So you are paying for the quality, for the brand, for the Mercedes experience."

"I can, however, tell you that the tricks these cars play on me are working.
And next to the other two big Germans, well, this has something extra.
And, when I find myself out in the wild talking about the cars that I've driven this year, I'll come back to this. I really will."

"See you on the next one."

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