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We put this luxury EV to the test. With a peak output of 564 horsepower, an estimated range of 360 miles on a full charge, and 400-volt architecture, how does Fisker's model compare to other SUV EVs?

Audio transcription

"I'm going to be completely honest up front, I usually make a script which I then deliver to you, I memorize it essentially, but with the Fisker Ocean, which is the car that I have for you today, I had to throw most of it away because while I was initially certain about how I felt about the Fisker Ocean, I had to throw most of it out the trash because to be quite honest with you, I think the mainstream press is all wrong about the Ocean."

"Sure, there are some things in the software that I would have preferred to see improved in the final edition of the car, but on the whole, I think it's great and I would actually recommend it to quite a lot of people.
I hope they get to make a sequel to this because the platform in and of itself is tremendous."

"I'd go so far as to say that, even with my limited experience, so let's take a look.
FISKER OCEAN There's a lot to say about the Fisker Ocean and it's going to be a long video, so here's a very brief spec tour."

"This extreme version has a WLTP of 707 kilometers and in hyper mode, it gets from 0 to 100 in about 4 seconds.
It also sports dual engine four-wheel drive and while earth mode moves too slow off the line, it's generally quite nippy."

"I don't know about you, but I think this car looks fantastic.
I mean, sure, it's stuck in a weird realm between being a proper big bulky SUV and a more tight crossover vehicle, but I just think that these lines, they are just magnificent and I've really been enjoying looking at it as much as I have been driving it and I pretty much think that from every angle, there's something worth keeping here."

"From these really streaky taillights to the raised up backside to these flared arches here, it's really cool looking, I gotta say.
And amongst all of the contemporary EVs on the road today, this is actually one of my favorites."

"It's great.
The massive 22-inch rims look sick and while a head-up display would have been nice, it's nicely equipped too, bar some cheap-feeling materials here and there.
Overall, a win for the exterior and the interior."

"Let me take you through a brief tour of the Fisker Ocean Cabin because it is actually here where a lot of the gripes of the mainline automotive industry media have centered their criticisms and while some are well-founded, others, to me and my limited experience, are actually quite unfounded."

"So it all starts here with this central display.
Now let me tell you right off the bat that I don't like the fact that it is vertical.
I would have loved it to be horizontal and you can do that, but the problem with that, as I do it right here, is that this is only for content consumption."

"It is not meant to be a way to monitor the different systems of the car while you're on the move.
If I put this back into drive, it will return to its horizontal posture.
I think that is a major loss because this is much, much clearer and has much lighter divides between the different ways that I consume the information on the screen."

"There are so many good other features here, such as these small buttons down here.
This is a little, I think, AMOLED panel, which is also touch-enabled, meaning that I can basically touch it for some contextual commands, but these incredibly tactile buttons make sure that I get quick access to some of the most important features."

"This is not unique to Fisker, but it is a good idea.
So are this little well here for my Qi charging pads, of which there are two.
Furthermore, up here, I get a really small but really nice central command screen, which lets me select some driving modes and gives me contextual information, which I think is really neat."

"Also, the three driving modes are Earth and Fun and Hyper, and it's so easy and nice and quick to get to these.
I think that there's just so much good stuff here, and so much of it could just do with one more iteration and it would be ready to go."

"I also think that it's fair to point out that even though that you can get a Tesla Model Y for the same kind of money as the Fisker Ocean, there just isn't a lot of direct competition in the EV crossover space for this kind of money.
It depends on the version you get, of course, but there's just so much space in the front here at the back and in the boot as well that you kind of at least feel at the offset that you get a lot for your money, again, depending on the spec of the version."

"But it's very nice back here.
Very high ceilings as well, nice.
I'm coming to you here from the back seat because no real presentation of the Fisker Ocean is complete without a showcase of California mode."

"Now, California mode basically just means that we not only will roll the sunroof back, but that we will lower every single window in the car and there are more windows to roll down here than there is in your basic standard EV, meaning that the actual pass-through of air is so much more intensive, basically giving you something close to what a convertible would be able to give you."

"It's not just a gimmick.
Every single person that I've shown this to have been very impressed and wanted to have that in their own car.
So what we essentially do here is that I just click this little button here and we get the sound effect and off we are to the races."

"Now, as you can probably tell, this one rolls back pretty far, even so that it almost includes the back seat area.
And if we exit here, you'll see that not only has it lowered the passenger window and the front windows over here, it has also lowered this tiny window here and even the entire back window as well."

"So as I said, the pass-through is so much more intensive and it basically just gives you a more improved feeling of being outside when you're in the car.
It's not nice for all kinds of drives, but for some, particularly if you're not going that fast, it really is a win."

"Now, there are obvious faults here.
The driving assistant isn't particularly good, but I just rarely use that, so it's not really a big deal.
I really, really couldn't get Bluetooth connection to my phone to work particularly well."

"And while services like Spotify are already here, meaning that I can listen to my podcasts and my music, it's annoying and I'm not going to pretend that it wasn't.
Furthermore, some of the software systems in there are a tad sluggish and could do with either a retooling or an overhaul."

"But beyond that, I just can't really find these severe problems that the automotive journalists of more central medias are describing.
It's not that they're not there, but I just can't report on something that I didn't notice or pay that much attention to."

For me, the overall experience, even on the software level, has just been quite good.
So to summarize, a little fiddly software assistant, a pretty bad Bluetooth phone connection, and some half-baked software features here and there."

"But even when taking all those things into consideration, I still have to arrive at the conclusion that from my personal perspective, I really can't see what the big central flaw is with this car.
Even if you go to Fisker's own website right now, because of all of these issues and because the ball is rolling so fast at the moment, you can get these for a proper strong price."

"Now I'm not saying that you should, I'm just saying that it's a good deal, man, and you get a lot of car for your money.
I hope that I get a chance to take a look again at some point, but I really like it.
Gotta be honest, I really like it."

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