Screen Time - June 2024

We preview the biggest upcoming films and TV series planned to make their debut in cinemas and on streamers in June.

Audio transcription

"June is here, well for gamers that means a steady month largely focused on returning to existing and growing games, for film and TV fans it means being absolutely swarmed with a mega list of upcoming and really promising movies and shows debuting in cinemas and on streamers."

"As per usual we've based our picks for this month's screen time on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check locally for accurate listings and dates.
With that out of the way, let's crack on.
Perhaps one of the most exciting live action Star Wars projects in decades, Star Wars The Acolyte heads into unexplored territory by weaving a tale set 100 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga."

"This show chronicles the final days of the High Republic era and the steady rise of the Dark Side and the Sith, all while revolving around a new cast of characters that we've never seen used before in a live action format.
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the hilarious and long running buddy cop action comedy series."

"Bad Boys Ride or Die is the fourth instalment into the series and sees Mike and Marcus faced with clearing the name of their disgraced and now deceased captain, all while being hunted as fugitives and suspected criminals by a host of nasty and very dangerous enemies.
The daughter of M Night Shyamalan is making her feature length directorial debut here in the Dakota Fanning led The Watched."

"This film is set in the Irish countryside and sees a collection of strangers trapped in a distant bunker that serves as their only protection against mysterious and terrifying monsters that stalk the surrounding forest at night.
Glenn Powell continues his Hollywood dominance efforts by now starring in the lead role of Netflix's promising action comedy Hitman."

"This is a dramatised retelling of the real story of a professor who moonlights as a hitman for his local police department and how he becomes wrapped up and smitten with a dubious local woman played by Adria Ariona that enlists his service.
Prime Video's massively popular superhero series returns this month and sees Billy Butcher and the gang once again butting heads with Homelander and Vought in an attempt to bring down the latter mega corporation."

"This season will see the gang wrapped up in more political turmoil than ever before, all while civilian tensions continue to ramp up amid the growing starlighter movement.
The sequel to the well-received Pixar movie picks up as host human Riley makes the foray into teenagerhood and begins to experience the new emotions and troubles."

"This movie will introduce anxiety, envy, embarrassment and ennui and see these new emotions facing off with the returning gang of joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust.
Perhaps the most bizarre film of the year, David and Nathan Zellner's Sasquatch Sunset is a weird and wonderful adventure film that follows a family of Sasquatch as they go about their daily business."

"With Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, Christopher Zajac-Dennek and Nathan Zellner all appearing in the film, this movie will not feature any dialogue and will instead rely on primal grunts and moans to convey its narrative.
It's time to return to Westeros this June."

"The second season of House of the Dragon will continue to adapt Fire and Blood and tell the tale of the Dance of Dragons.
With the Greens led by Alyson Hightower and the Blacks by Rhaenyra Targaryen, this series will look to surprise and shock you with twisted political plots and action-packed fantasy battles only found in a George RR Martin creation."

"Tom Hardy, Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Michael Shannon and more, The Bike Riders is a star-studded crime drama film that revolves around a mid-western motorcycle club as they grow from a small-town social set-up into a violent criminal faction.
Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, this movie will be exploring how one of the bikers has to choose between loyalty to the club and his partner."

"Russell Crowe in an exorcism film?
Haven't we seen this before?
The exorcism may sound very similar to the recent The Pope's Exorcist but this film is different where it matters."

"In this movie Crowe stars as an actor who during a battle with substances and alcohol begins to face sinister issues and situations too harrowing to be anything but supernatural in nature.
Jessica Alba is set to star as a skilled special forces commando taking on a violent local gang in Netflix's upcoming action flick Trigger Warning."

"This movie revolves around the daughter of a bar owner who upon returning home and inheriting said bar finds herself at odds with the vicious and cruel gang running her hometown.
Jeremy Alan White returns to TV screens this June when the third season of The Bear arrives on Disney+."

"This time the gang at the beef restaurant will once again be at each other's throats as they attempt to continue to grow and develop the once dilapidated and dirty fast food restaurant into a refined and classy eatery.
Needless to say expect lots of shouting and swearing in this coming collection of episodes."

"Kevin Costner sure does love the western set-up.
This June will mark the arrival of the first part of his grand and ambitious western saga that chronicles a 15 year period covering the years before, during and after the American Civil War."

"Horizon An American Saga Chapter One is the beginning of this effort, a movie that will be followed up with a sequel planned to debut around six weeks later.
Director Yorgos Lanthimos doesn't seem to stop nor does he seem to like working with anyone who isn't Emma Stone or Willem Dafoe."

"This June following the recent debut of Poor Things the trio will be back in action in debuting Kinds of Kindness, a comedy drama that tells the story of a variety of unique characters.
With Jesse Plemons and Margaret Qualley also starring, this one is for the pure cinema lovers out there."

"What happened on the day that the Earth went silent?
This is precisely what A Quiet Place Day One is looking to explore, as this prequel will see Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Gwynn attempting to survive on the day that the bloodthirsty monsters that hunt Via Saren first made their appearance on our planet."

"Planned as a spin-off and not a third instalment into the Emily Blunt led, John Krasinski created and directed franchise, this film is looking to be bursting with tension.
The third of a trio of big movies all coming to Netflix this month, A Family Affair sees Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and Joey King starring in this rom-com about a young woman, her mother and her boss who become wrapped up in each other's lives after a relationship unexpectedly forms."

"That concludes this episode of Screen Time, be sure to join us again next month to see what July 2024 is bringing to the table."





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