Resident Evil 9

GRTV News - Resident Evil 9 rumoured to have been delayed

With the horror sequel title now planned for late 2025 or even 2026.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV news. Today we're going to be picking up on the rumour of a very exciting future game. It's a rumour actually that we've heard various different sort of degrees of. They all seem to come from the same source who has clearly got some sort of track record and inside knowledge of Capcom and this franchise."

"At the same time we've heard various sort of differing reports as to the way this game is being handled which begs the question as to what's really going on over at Capcom.
And what we're talking about is Resident Evil 9. Now this is a game that was rumoured to be coming out next year. Then it was rumoured that it was being delayed in favour of Code Veronica."

"Now it's being now it's also being rumoured to be delayed even further and stuff like that. So there's a lot of different conflicting stories that are happening here but basically the idea is at the moment the Resident Evil 9 is rumoured to be delayed until either late 2025 or 2026.
So if you're hoping for that game to be coming sooner rather than later you better hope a little or you better sort of temp your expectations a little bit because it's seemingly further off than many would have hoped. Anyway let's dive on in. The rumour. Resident Evil 9 reportedly delayed to late 2025 or 2026. The insider who previously leaked that it would arrive in early 2025 now denies his claims. So it seems that Capcom has a lot more Resident Evil on its hands than the flow of insider information can assimilate. Either that or there have been changes in recent weeks to the original plan. Be that as it may there's still no official word on the next major instalment in the series following the release of Resident Evil Village three years ago now."

"The confusion now comes from once reliable insider Dusk Golem who had a pretty good track record in the past of Capcom and the horror series and who now rectifies his previous information about Resident Evil 9's possible release in early 2025. Instead he now pushes the release back to 2025-26 which is certainly a much more ambiguous and wider window than we'd like. The insider has also decided to offer a lot of information pertaining to the other Resident Evil projects Capcom has in development and there's good news and bad news. Let's start with the painful. Dusk Golem categorically denies that there is a remake of the original Resident Evil in development nor would there be one for Resident Evil 5 at least at the moment. However he does state the Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code Veronica are in the works and that he heard about them a year or so ago. It's certainly not the best news for fans of the series but at least we're left with the slight satisfaction of hearing other voices like Necrolope claim that these upcoming titles in the series will also be coming to Nintendo Switch 2 natively. So yes this is uh this is Dusk Golem essentially just this is Dusk Golem essentially just uh sort of rectifying his previous comments about uh the the Resident Evil 9 release window and uh when they get when Capcom was sort of expecting the game to come when he was expecting Capcom to make uh to have the game debut. This is the point I was making earlier is that we it's it's difficult to say whether this is now correct information because Dusk Golem has had a previous track record of being quite good with Resident Evil stuff but he's been very um flaky all over the place with Resident Evil 9 and you know one day claiming this thing the other day claiming this thing so it's difficult to say whether this information is now correct. Uh either way though the fact is we haven't had an official announcement for Resident Evil 9 and we're already nearly in June so it's basically it seems very unlikely that it would come out 2024 which means that 2025 at the very earliest and then 2026 is probably also a very um plausible release year for this next game to come out."

"Now again if Capcom announces this game at this rumored sort of PlayStation event that's supposedly taking place this week then there's no reason to assume why it can't come out next year but if we have to wait a few months until a different rumored PlayStation event in September for the announcement then it could be as late as 2026 or early 2026 that we get this full game but again as we know more we should keep you posted and let you know uh more about this once the official announcement information has been shared uh but yeah otherwise this is all the time that I have on today's episode or my episode of GRTV News so uh yeah join me tomorrow for the next one though so stay tuned for that and otherwise yeah hope you enjoy your Tuesday and I'll uh I'll see you all on the next one take care everyone"





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