The Fate of Baldr

Five Reasons You Should Check out The Fate of Baldr (Sponsored)

Ananki Game Studio has debuted its Norse mythos-inspired tower defence adventure game and with it now available on PC, we've picked out a few reasons why you should give it a go.

Audio transcription

"We've seen Norse Mythos represented in video games quite frequently as of late, but Ananki Game Studio is looking to take us to the frosty north for a Viking voyage like nothing before.
As of now, you can leap Axe at the Ready into The Fate of Boulder, a tower defence adventure game that sees players protecting a Viking long spaceship from mythical threats and bosses."

"With the game now available, here are 5 reasons you should check out The Fate of Boulder.
The Fate of Boulder is a game that asks players to rise above mortal manners and to prevent the end of all things.
As is told in Norse Mythos, this story sees players travelling throughout the realm in an attempt to save the soul of the once assumed impervious Boulder, to forestall the apocalypse and prevent Ragnarok from occurring."

"Needless to say, there's a lot riding on your success, so don't fail.
The world of Norse Mythology is an incredibly diverse and unusual place, and in The Fate of Boulder you'll get to see its many different realms.
You'll travel to the harsh and fiery landscape of Muspelheim, the rich and verdant forests of Asgard, the foggy and frosty Niflheim and the other six realms too, all as part of your journey to prevent the great doom, Ragnarok."

"Saving the world isn't an easy task, but Ananki Game Studio is giving you plenty of tools to get the job done.
The Fate of Boulder provides players with four classes of Viking warriors to choose from, each of which have their own strengths, weaknesses, secret ability, class totem and weapons to bring their own spin to the battle at hand."

"Berserkers are ideal for those who want to get up close and personal, whereas Smeedlers are more apt at hanging back and unleashing explosive ordnance on any threat that breaks through your defensive lines.
However you like to play, The Fate of Boulder has something for you."

"But The Fate of Boulder is about more than just blasting monsters and creatures from Norse mythos to pieces with your own weapons.
There's a tower defence element to the gameplay that allows you to build upgradable structures and defences that help with protecting and chewing through the threats attempting to destroy your Viking-long spaceship and eliminate you in the process."

"Building towers and upgrading them does require a bit of elbow grease however, as you will need to locate and mine resources to purchase upgrades and towers in the first place.
So if you had any doubt you'd be lacking things to do during a mission, fear not, there's plenty to occupy your time with in The Fate of Boulder."

"If you're even slightly concerned about facing immense odds alone in The Fate of Boulder, Anamki Game Studio already has a solution in place.
The game has been fundamentally designed to support cooperative play, allowing you to team up with a few friends to overcome the challenge at hand."

"Solo play has also been emphasised and if you'd rather prove your mettle alone, The Fate of Boulder supports and encourages this too.
So what are you waiting for?
The Fate of Boulder is now available on PC so be sure to jump into the game and begin your journey preventing Ragnarok and saving the Nine Realms from their doom."





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