GRTV News - Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is set to be a reboot

And the Margot Robbie film isn't dead yet.

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today I'm going to be talking about one of my favourite sort of film series of all time actually and that is Pirates of the Caribbean. I've been a huge fan of the series for a long time and it's sort of made me feel very sad to see the way that it's disappeared and the way that it's sort of fallen apart over the years. But we know that Disney can't let a cash cow as big as Pirates of the Caribbean just you know die and go to sleep so there's always going to be work and effort put into place to continue the franchise in some way and form. Now this is something we've known has been in the process of for years and it felt like we haven't really had anything significant to talk about or any rumours that have come out about it have felt either false or they've soon been proven false in the same way. But this information now is coming from Jerry Bruckheimer which if you know Pirates of the Caribbean you know that Jerry Bruckheimer has basically been sort of like one of the leading producers on it for ever since its inception really and well yeah he's given us an insight into what's happening in the future of Pirates of the Caribbean again so let's dive on in."

"So yes, Margot Robbie's Pirates of the Caribbean film isn't dead and Pirates 6 will officially be a reboot but producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants Johnny Depp in it all the same. So the mist is steadily clearing around Disney's Caribbean Ocean as we're getting more and more official information about what the future holds for the Pirates of the Caribbean series."

"The latest batch of information comes from producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer who in an interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed that some of the formerly rumoured projects are still alive and that the coming mainline instalment is going to be a reboot.
Bruckheimer states it's two different movies we hope to get them both made and I think Disney agrees that they really want to make the Margot one too. So this is in reference to both Pirates of the Caribbean 6 being a full reboot of the series and also an additional movie led by Margot Robbie which for the last few years seemed dead in the water. Speaking about the reboot Bruckheimer adds I think he's cracked it series writer Jeff Nathanson got an amazing third act we're just going to clean up the first and second and then we'll get there. But he wrote a great great third act. The producer also talked about Johnny Depp and if the actor will be involved in starring as Captain Jack Sparrow once again it's a reboot but if it was up to me he would be in it. I love him. He's a good friend."

"He's an amazing artist and he's a unique look. He created Captain Jack that was not on the page that was him doing a little Pepe Le Pew and Keith Richards. That was his interpretation of Jack Sparrow. Are you excited to hear that Bruckheimer hasn't given up on more Pirates of the Caribbean yet. So yeah I think there's a lot of ways that Disney can go about this."

"I think there's a whatever they do with this Margot film I think it needs to be its own thing. I think that they need to get away from this idea of continuously pushing the narrative forward that the overall narrative for Pirates of the Caribbean like there's no reason why the Margot Robbie film can't be its own thing. As for Pirates 6 if you want to do a full reboot. I've you know I've heard various different ideas ever since this report started doing the rounds about what could it be. Some people are asking why can't we see what happens with the future of Will and Elizabeth. You know potentially something along that line. Elizabeth is technically still the pirate king or queen whatever you whatever way they officially refer to it these days. And Will is still the captain of the Flying Dutchman. And at the end of the last film there was sort of a teaser that Davy Jones could be back as well. So potentially we look at something there. Now I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow as well but I do think that he doesn't need to be the focal point of the franchise going forward. I think that there's ways that you can include Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow again without making him the sort of main guy. There's no reason why you can't show up in the second act of a film do some Jack Sparrow stuff and then disappear again. There's no reason why you can't do that without making it like oh this is the next chapter in Jack Sparrow story. So I'd be interested to see how they do it."

"I either way I hope they do more pirates because it's it's a great franchise. It's a thoroughly entertaining film series. So yeah I'm excited for more of that. But again as we know more about it we'll be sure to keep you posted and updated. Hopefully this update from Jerry Brookhaver basically affirms that we're going to get more official information at an increasing rate at this point. And hopefully soon we'll actually start knowing whether or not these films have been greenlit and are going to actually you know actually take place and be developed into full feature flicks. But again as we know more we'll be sure to keep you posted and otherwise I'll be back now tomorrow for the next or my next GRTV News of the week so stay tuned for that. And otherwise yeah I hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and I'll see you all in the next one. Take care everyone."





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