OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite (Quick Look) - Quality Meets Affordability

This miniature webcam is a more affordably-priced version of the larger device, which still captures footage in 4K UHD quality while featuring access to auto tracking, auto zoom, gesture control, and a variety of other AI-powered elements.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone, and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
You've probably seen on iPads and iPhones and even in the Apple Studio Display, where there's a built-in webcam, that they have a feature called Center Stage, and the idea is very, very simple."

"It's the fact that not only do you have a good, strong webcam ready to record you whenever you're doing your meetings, or in some cases, if you're doing light streaming, you don't necessarily want a large webcam, well, that has a particular feature which tracks you as you're doing things."

"There is some sort of artificial intelligence, a software suite built in, which logs onto your face and then follows you ever so slightly, because the lens isn't mounted on ball bearings or anything like that.
That means that it can physically move inside its housing, but it uses software, so it basically means that if you were leaning a tad bit, it would find your face and make sure that there is an automatic, nice, soft exposure, and the depth level means that you're constantly in focus."

"Very nice.
Simple as well, but it's something that people have been very much a fan of ever since Apple introduced it.
Well, a company called Osbot not only has taken that to new heights with these tiny webcams that they make, but it's much more in-depth and works just as well."

"This is the cheaper little version.
This is the light version.
You can buy a much more extreme version, which is just called the Osbot Tiny 2 for about 300 euros."

"This is a lot less than that, but many of the core functionalities are the same.
The general idea is that you mount this on your monitor.
There's basic USB Type-C from the laptop or computer that you're using with a basic software suite that means you can tweak some parts of the image, basically."

"There is also standard screw threading here, meaning that you could ostensibly mount it on a tripod and use it like that.
It's basically up to you.
How to find yourself in those situations, well, that's very much up to the individual user, but there is a good idea to use this in more ways than just I'm streaming on Twitch or I'm hosting meetings on Google Meet or Skype."

"First and foremost, as you can see, this is a gimbal, well, at least sort of a gimbal.
It is mounted on this little arm here, and it moves in several axes, both up and down and left to right, meaning that it has a much stronger passageway to lock on to whatever object needs to remain in focus, so you could ostensibly move all the way around."

"It doesn't swivel all the way, but very close to it to capture a 360 degree arena around the camera itself, meaning that if you're doing something, let's say that you are a content creator and you want to do something, well, this will track you almost around its entire like almost 360 degree frame, and that means that a lot of the stuff that you do in frame can be without utilizing extra tools, so for one, a lot of creators have to use something like Stream Decks in order to switch between different camera setups, and that also means, by the way, that they have to have different cameras to swap against."

"We have two right here, but to have one that can pan like this and automatically as well, that is a very interesting proposition for a lot of amateur creators out there, so there is also a couple of other features to speak of.
They use large CMOS sensors, which basically means that they are very good at getting in light, picking up light, even when there is not a fair amount in the natural setting that you're filming, and it also has something like it has AI tracking with auto-zoom that basically means that it will find the zoom layer that it needs, so a good way to, let's say demonstrate that, we're not doing that right now because it's not plugged into power, is that if you are filming yourself and you put something up between your face where the natural zoom distinction level would be and the lens, well, then it will much faster and through using AI much smoother, pan the zoom so that the object that you've pulled up over basically remains in tight focus."

"There's also something called faster focusing that basically means that it acquires depth more easily and more smoothly.
There is gesture controls, meaning that you can give it essentially a whole host of different controls with your hands to make it do certain things."

"There's also voice control, meaning that it can pick up whatever it is you're saying and then execute a given function that you can design yourself.
It is really cool, and it is also much cheaper than the regular Osbot 2, so I'm very inclined to test this, and I think it's very interesting to give creators and creative souls in general more tools to do things automatically and by themselves without needing more expensive hardware."

"So for a full review of this little thing, stay tuned to Gameractor."





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