GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro Wireless (Quick Look) - Hollowed-out and Handcrafted

This gaming mouse has a handcrafted magnesium alloy body that has been hollowed out to save and cut down on weight.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
If there is one thing that you can, a criticism that you can level against my personal taste, is that I like my gear kind of subtle."

"And while subtle is usually used in a positive connotation, some people will call that boring.
And particularly a subset of PC gamers want their gear to have a flamboyant style that might look good on a potential stream or it might just fit their personal aesthetic.
And if you're that kind of person, well then you can have this mouse."

"This is from a company called Gravastar.
It's basically, they have branded themselves on making this outlandishly designed PC gear with a very distinct cyberpunk feel.
It is meant to invoke sci-fi tropes and they make these small sort of row body USB speakers as well."

"It is very distinct. You're going to have to give Gravastar that.
But they found a very particular shelf in the market and they sit on that shelf and they are very comfortable there, I can imagine.
Now, the thing that I should probably say is, I think this is really ugly and I wouldn't want to use it."

"But I think Gravastar has been around for long enough to know that some people really dig this.
And I have to respect that in some regard.
And you also have to think about that as more people want to stream and maybe even do it for a living, making streams for YouTube or whatever, having a distinct setup with distinct PC gear, be that RGB lighting, like cat ear headsets."

"There's a whole host of things that people try in order to create distinct aesthetics feels on these streams.
And having a really interesting mouse might be one of those things.
And this is very interesting to look at.
It is too interesting for me, but you're going to have to call it as it is."

"Gravastar has made something with a very distinct personality.
In some ways, I do respect that.
So this one is the M1 Pro and it is the top model.
It currently costs around 120-ish US dollars."

"And this is the gunmetal gray, but you can also get it in something called Silver Mist Battle Worn, which basically means that it is partially handmade, which is cool when people make things by hand.
But this is the gunmetal gray thing."

"So it's hollowed out, as you can see.
That is not the same as honeycombing, because they've basically taken out a bunch of the insides as well to give you sort of an exoskeleton kind of feel."

"But it also obviously means that it doesn't weigh as much.
But I can tell you just by holding it that weight shedding was not the most important thing at all.
You can get mice that probably have a fitter shell, which does not use honeycombing or hollowed out bodies, but weighs less."

"So that's not the point.
The point is to look cool within these aesthetic boundaries.
The sensor right here is actually a high-end PAW3395 sensor.
It connects through Bluetooth."

"There is a little switcher here.
So it's either Bluetooth, cable, or 2.4 GHz using this little dongle as well.
Always nice to see Bluetooth, particularly in lightweight mice, as that usually is one of the things that gets sacrificed."

"That sensor itself is renowned to be really good.
It has 26,000 DPI, which for some metrics is low.
But I think that it's perfectly fine.
But I'm probably not the target audience anyway."

"What I will say is that the PTFE feet on the bottom here are very small.
So that raises some questions about glidability, whether or not it will translate into the wooshy kind of movement that you would want, where there is no resistance."

"But usually mice have much larger PTFE feet so that it creates that senseless motion.
But that's something that we're going to have to fully, fully explore in a video or in an upcoming review.
What they also have down here is a little storage unit for your dongle."

"That is, by the way, something that Razer and Logitech, or mostly Razer, just categorically sacrifice.
So it's nice to see it return on a product like this.
It also has 4,000 Hz polling rate, which is actually really good."

"And you get two extra side-mounted mouse buttons here, which are very clicky.
And so are the general mouse buttons in general.
Now, obviously, you can see here below the exoskeleton that there is the transparent plastic in the shell below."

"And that obviously means there's going to be a lot of RGB.
So we're going to have to test this fully and get back to you with a complete verdict.
Thank you so much for watching. See you."





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