Dead by Daylight

GRTV News - Vecna from Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Dead by Daylight

A new killer is on the loose, and it's the Undying King.

Audio transcription

"Dead by Daylight News Now, yesterday, last night, we got two big updates from two very different companies.
Behaviour Interactive had a big stream talking about Dead by Daylight."

"And earlier in the day, Ben covered some of the Amazon news.
So, a Tomb Raider series, a Spider-Man Noir series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith getting a Season 2, a Legally Bond prequel.
All that sort of good stuff was announced from Amazon.
And then Behaviour Interactive also had a lot of announcements."

"So it's a bit of a weird two-type of day, really.
But yes, Vekna from Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Dead by Daylight.
He is going to be more in terms of the D&D representation of the character than the Stranger Things representation of the character.
And he's going to be coming out towards later this month, towards the end of this month."

"We're also getting two new survivors.
You can see here, sort of the bard-looking guy, I guess, is going to be struggling to survive against Vekna, who's going to be the new killer.
Also, I'm just going to cover the whole sort of broader Dead by Daylight stuff that got announced.
There was a new roguelite called What the Fog?
Which is another thing of basically, do you remember when Dead by Daylight had their own dating simulator?
It's sort of a bit like that, completely different from the main game."

"It's a cutesy, roguelike sort of thing that's co-op.
And it's free if you create a Behaviour account, if you want to go do that, I guess.
There's also a tease of a Castlevania crossover coming in August.
So that's pretty cool."

"And it's three quite big announcements for Dead by Daylight.
It's one of the sort of quietly biggest live-service games out there.
I mean, it's definitely the biggest name in this asymmetrical horror sub-genre that we see a lot from nowadays.
And, yeah, I think it's pretty cool stuff."

"I mean, Dungeons & Dragons has been getting a lot of different deals.
There's the Dungeons & Dragons Lego set.
There's the Dungeons & Dragons sort of like new edition coming out soon, I think.
And there's also the Dungeons & Dragons sort of craze has been sparked by Baldur's Gate 3, you could say, really, with video games."

"Obviously, I imagine these crossovers were planned way before that.
But I think we're going to see a lot more Dungeons & Dragons pushing into different media now.
And it's pretty cool to see Vekna.
I mean, it'll be interesting to see him get so violent because DVD can be a pretty violent game."

"And D&D, even though it sort of can get violent, obviously it's dependent on your imagination.
But usually it's sort of marketed as almost like the PG version of a lot of these tabletop role-playing games as it's meant for everyone.
So, yeah, it'll be interesting to see.
Let me know what you think about Vekna coming to DVD."

"Are you going to be playing him?
Are you going to be playing as the bard who's definitely going to get killed?
Let me know all that and more and I'll see you in tomorrow's GRTV News video."





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