Google Pixel 8a (Quick Look) - AI-mazing

To mark its arrival, we've got our hands on the latest smartphone effort from Google, which features a new and improved camera, more powerful hardware under the hood, and a boatload of AI features too.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
It's Pixel Time! Yeah, it is Pixel Time a couple times a year, so in the fall we're probably going to have the launch of the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro, but for now we have that occasion where people that want a Pixel but don't want to spend as much to get it, they get their day in court."

"And that is exactly what we have here.
This is the brand new Google Pixel 8a, a possibly for affordable.
So the first thing that you probably should know now that it is called the Pixel 8a affordable is that this is the same price."

"I believe that retail wise in the US that means $599.
Now that isn't necessarily cheap anymore, but it is cheaper than a lot of the mainstream flagships that you're going to get, and whereas the Google Pixel 8a experience just a couple of years back was more, let's say, that you'd have to be inclined to be ready for compromise."

"There isn't really a lot of compromises left.
That already started with the Pixel 7a last year, but this, the 8a, is very much, I think, very close to a full flagship experience in almost every conceivable way.
And the fact that you're just paying less for it is just very nice indeed for all consumers."

"So what exactly is it?
So first and foremost, can we appreciate this form factor?
Like I'm probably not going to be using this phone as my daily driver, but I want to when I hold it in my hand."

"And I think that's, there's one, like for one, it now has this matte sort of frosted glass back, which I think looks great and it works very well with the central camera visor over here, but it's the rounded corners, man.
We used to have them on iPhones back in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 days before everything became these weird slab boxes that we now still have, even though Apple have also started to round out the corners of their phones."

"This just feels so much more welcoming, so much more pleasing to hold in your hand.
It just, it very, very much proves to me as a concept that the rounded edges must come back.
It's just a very like curvy, nice piece of metal to hold."

"And I hope that others are taking notice when they take a look at the Pixel 8a.
The screen here is the 6.1 inch.
Yes, now it's 6.1.
It used to be like that they were kind of smaller than your regular flagships, but this is iPhone size 6.1 inch."

"It's an Actua display.
It's 1080p, so that's 1080 by 2400.
It's an OLED.
It runs at 120 Hertz.
It has Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and it runs at up to 2000 nits."

"Now it'll hit 1400 nits pretty regularly with peaks to 2000, but that is flagship level straight up there.
There is really no plastic, at least from what I can tell.
It's 188 grams, mostly aluminum, and as I said, the frosted glass back here is just very nice."

"It feels very, very sturdily built, and it also has IP67 dust and water resistance now, so you don't even get to skip on that.
The battery inside is slightly bigger, so 4,492 milliamp hours.
It also gets wireless charging, so basically everything is in there now."

"You can get it at 128 gigs.
That's UFS 3.0 storage, so not sort of the more speedy 4.0 or above storage options that you can get, but now for the first time, you can also get it in a 256 gig option, which obviously will cost you more, but if you think that 128 is just too little, well then you can get that."

"You also get 8 gigs of LPDDR5X RAM, so not even like a cheaper, slower form of RAM.
Also good.
And inside, in terms of chipsets, you get last year's Google Tensor G3.
Now there is a lot of chatter about the Tensor chipsets in general, but I think most can agree that they have gotten better, so to get last year's G3 is probably a really good idea and probably be a really speedy experience."

"Furthermore, you get 7 years of OS updates from Google, which is exactly what you want.
So the thing is, there's also the camera, but the thing is, these lenses don't really matter much.
What you're coming to the Pixel for is the automatic experience that you get from when it uses all of its software-based tools to clean up the images, provide high dynamic range, and basically just make sure that you have a very smooth-looking image after the processing has done its thing."

"If you don't like that and you're a purist, then you probably won't get a Pixel camera, regardless of what kind of lens is in there.
But if you like that punchy look, that high dynamic range look, contrasty look, that Pixels can manage to provide with their tools, well, then you're going to get it for cheaper, which makes a lot of sense."

"I will say that you have a main shooter that's 64 megapixels, it's the Quad PD lens, and that is accompanied by, luckily, a 13 megapixel ultra-wide running in an FOV of 120 degrees.
Now, that is not the widest, it's certainly not the highest megapixel count, and there's no stark zoom, optical zoom to speak of here, but then again, it's all about automatic performance with Pixels, and this does provide that, I'm absolutely sure of it."

"So the thing is, all of this for $599, I think, is really a compelling package.
I really wish that the Pixel A line kept its lower price point for when it was introduced like five, six years ago.
Back then, you could get, I think, maybe a 3A for $349, or maybe it was $399, I can't quite remember."

"Since then, prices obviously have climbed.
But even still, this is like a perfect introductory phone for so many reasons, and there is not a compromise in sight anymore.
So it's this, or one of the cheaper Samsung Galaxy A models, or the Nothing Phone 2, but this is a Pixel."

"People want Pixels, and now you can get it for less without sacrificing anything.
Thank you so much for watching, see you on the next one."





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