JBL Quantum Stream Studio (Quick Look) - Perfect for Streaming

This triple condenser microphone offers four voice pick-up patterns to give you plenty of flexibility with how you incorporate it into your streaming setup.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We've been dealing with some new initiatives from JBL as part of their Quantum series, which kind of started its life as JBL sort of hit on gaming accessories in general."

"And it's been, I'm fair to say that Kim has actually loved some of their headsets and some of the stuff that they've been able to do with their engines, sort of their sort of pseudo 3D positioning audio and noise cancellation and just simply sheer audio quality.
They've been able to do great stuff with that."

"But then not too long ago here on this desk, we had the small DJI mic competitor basically, which did sort of offer up a more competitive price point, but also offered up less functionality overall.
So it's not just, you know, these flagship high quality level items."

"That leaves us to the JBL Quantum Stream Studio, which is by and large, JBL's sort of mainstream microphone play in the gaming sphere, because, I mean, it's not like that this is bad or anything like that.
But if you look at this, then you'll pretty much see a lot of other USB type C-esque compatible mics that is just generally used for gaming."

"And it doesn't do anything inherently new.
It does give you quite a few pickup patterns.
So there is four selectable voice pickup patterns, which is selected through this little knob right here."

"So you have your very, very sort of omnidirectional, directional, those kinds of things, which basically means that you can tune it depending on how many speakers there are or what kind of noise profile there is around you.
Point is that you're able to adapt it to a given scenario, which is always very nice."

"It seems to be a pretty bog standard condenser capsule style mic.
And I bet you that both in terms of the frequency area that it's able to capture, the kilohertz and the bit audio depth is all going to be just fine.
Again, we'll be examining this in a full review, but it looks fine."

"And I mean, the entire capsule here seems to be either some sort of really thick plastic or some aluminum alloy.
In any case, it's not that heavy.
It has standard industry threading, meaning that you could both have it on this little stand and utilize the USB type C port here at the back."

"Or you could put it on a boomer arm, maybe to get it out of the way easier when you're actually using it.
It is USB type C, meaning that it will get its power from that main coupling.
And you do get a pretty nice and pretty long USB type C braided cable with your purchase, although it does end in a USB type A. And we are getting to a point where some laptops or even some desktops might just run out of USB type A at some point in the near future, meaning that C to C is here to stay, and it would be nice if JBL could follow the flow on that."

"Now, obviously, there are some of the sort of main key things that you'd expect out of a USB capsule style condenser microphone.
So there is tap to mute here at the top.
There is a little settings panel here at the bottom, which is very nice."

"And there is RGB.
We're not going to power it on this video, but as you can see right here, there is an indicator here at the top, which also is the one that indicates whether you're muted.
And then obviously, this gain volume knob or a selector knob, depending on what kind of setting you're into, will also light up."

"And this can all be set up through the quantum engine because this is compatible with that, obviously.
Now, there is also a dynamic range compressor in here, meaning that you're probably going to get a cleaner audio depending on various situations."

"And obviously, voice monitoring through a headphone jack, meaning that you can hear yourself ever so slightly so you can tune it correctly to make sure there are no peaks or pops.
So not too bad, but also nothing that is out of the ordinary in any way."

"So we're going to have to put it through its paces to see if it's worth anything.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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