Insta360 X4 (Quick Look) - Ready for Anything

This mobile and versatile camera solution is designed to be rugged and robust with a lens that can not only capture in 8K/30FPS quality, but also in 360-degrees.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look, it's Insta 360 time and by that I mean this, this is inside this little pouch here is the brand new X4 which is a 360 degree camera, a category which has seen its popularity explode due to some of the footage that you have seen online which can look really incredible in this 360 degree mode but also for some other reasons which we'll get to."

"The fun thing is that I really like these sorts of things, I love it when DJI or Insta360 sends over these things because for a one man production army such as myself making the EVR videos which takes up a large portion of the video site traffic that we get these days, well having these kinds of tools in my tool belt, particularly if I can get them to work as I want them to work, well then it's just a lot of ease of use and while there are a lot of people helping me edit and export and do all of the technical stuff, actually capturing the footage is mostly on me because I have to sort of squeeze it in between the regular office hours that I have here."

"So the brand new X4 is set to introduce some massive sweeping improvements to the 360 camera world that we're known for today, particularly by introducing up to 8K shooting resolution, that is very interesting but to me what is more interesting is what the X4 basically just gives you right out of the box."

"So for one, you do get this little carrying pouch which I always love it when you get something that helps you protect it in hostile conditions basically and where the two 360 degree lenses which work together in order to stitch the image, well it's very important that they remain as scratch free as possible which is also why you probably won't be able to see this but there are two glass or plastic domes on the actual lenses right now, you can remove them by simply sort of going counterclockwise here, let me see if I can remove it, there we go and you get these in the box as well, very helpful and the first thing you should do is just probably just put them on because there's really no reason not to and you clean them the same way that you would clean the actual lenses."

"So this is what the camera looks like, oh by the way, before we go down with that, I don't know if you noticed but have you seen this sort of exoskeleton thing?
This also comes with the actual camera.
Now I would still say before we get into the actual specifications of the thing that while Insta360 are very good sometimes at giving you accessories you need in the box in order to fully utilize your product such as with the Go, you don't really get that here."

"Now you get the exoskeleton and you get the lens protection and you get the little pouch but this little selfie stick here you don't get and this is the invisible selfie stick, I think this basically uses industry standard threading so you could buy another thin selfie stick if you had that but this is being marketed as the invisible selfie stick because the way that these two cameras stitch a 360 degree reality around itself it also through software knows how to remove the bottom of that image so that you can't see the selfie stick even like looking below the camera which these lenses obviously are able to do."

"So not including that is very dumb and if you go to their site you can see that there's a lot of different bundles like a snowboard bundle or a bicycle bundle like basically things that means that you get suction cups and you get very like particular styles of mounting hardware that means that you can put this on helmets or on motorcycles but I would argue that some of that stuff needs to be in the box because out, just out of the box it's not very useful to just hold it like this."

"You can but it's definitely the stitching and the removing of the selfie stick which makes this footage extraordinary at least if you want 360 degree footage because there are alternatives.
Before we get into that there are some really strong improvements to hardware here so now it's a 2290 milliamp hour battery meaning that you can go for like more than two hours I think 135 minutes is the main thing that Insta360 is claiming which is very impressive for this amount of sort of high scale footage."

"It's also waterproof down to 10 meters which is great like a lot of these kinds of hardware should have some sort of waterproofing certification which it does.
It consists of these two main lenses as I said that stitches the image together because this lens can shoot at 90 degree angle all the way up out to here and then the other camera takes over and then there is clever software basically means that that stitch is very natural so you can actually see that it doesn't film all the way around."

"So these two lenses are a I think it's a two by a half inch sensor it's f over 1.9 and it films it can record in up to 8k 30fps which for a lot of people is very impressive means that there's a lot of granular detail particularly if you choose to zoom or pull your digital lens note towards a very specific object in this 360 degree sphere but it can also for more let's say mundane use to 5.7k at 60fps very good and that is by the way in full 360 degree mode."

"It also has the things that we know from the X series so that means flow state stabilization means that there is some built-in gimbal action going on meaning that these micro starters probably won't be there in the actual footage and something called horizon lock which basically means that it won't alternate the horizon when you pop the camera like this from one angle to another it will maintain a stable flow state within that horizon lock very very good but the one cool thing that I probably will use this for for the EVR videos is 360 degree reframing that means that if I put my little selfie stick on this and let's say that I'm driving I'm driving in somewhere safe where I don't hassle others or where I'm not a danger to myself or other drivers I should say I pull this out of the window and I just film a little bit it's the main point at least so now I open up my program on my computer or I use the Insta360 app on my phone and I can basically point my digital camera at the object within the 360 degree sphere that I want to film so instead of having this 360 degree fisheye footage I can now have really traditional framed footage I've just selected what I want to look at the digital me selects its eyesight it's really cool and it means that there's so much more freedom for framing so hopefully I can get it to work it is not cheap this base version which is this mind you which is very less usable is 589 euros that is that is a lot and this is great but it's a lot it's particularly a lot when they don't throw in this which I think they should so for much more on Insta360 stay tuned to GameRant."






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