What to Watch on Netflix in May 2024

We take a look at what the streamer is bringing to the table for TV and film fans this month.

Audio transcription

"As the weather warms up, many of you will no doubt be looking to spend more time basking in the sunshine. Netflix is trying its hardest to keep you plastered to a screen however and is doing so with a slate of new feature length films and exciting series making their arrival on the streamer. With a few to look forward to, here's what you should be watching on Netflix this May."

"One of our students, Finny Blake, was abducted.
What if I could help the police find Finny?
Does it work?
Not since I was a kid.
I'll scream. I'll scratch your face."

"This face?
Daddy, I had a dream about him.
What happened in your dream?
He was taken.
By a man with black balloons?

"We never release those details.
Don't hang up.
Who are you?

"You know all our names?
You're getting out of here.
Please, please, let the dreams be real.
See the wall in front of you?
I tore a long cable loose from down there."

"There's a combination lock on the inside of this door and door.
What's the combination?
I curved it in the wall.
Hang up the phone now! The tree, the door, the gate. I've never seen it before except in my dreams."

"You don't have much time.
You're gonna use a weapon. You raise the phone, step back and swing.
Look what you made me do.
Please hurry."

"You remember what I told you?
That someday I should stand up for myself.
Someday is today, Finn.

"There's a gun.
Shh. Run.
It's the quiet car.
You can't use your small inside voice in here, son.
There's a gun."

Talk to me.
I am ready.
You're getting the new and improved me.
Because if you put peace out in the world, you get peace back."

"I think you might be forgetting what you do for a living.
Take the gun.
Every job I do, somebody dies.
I'm not that guy anymore."

"Some conflicts require a gun.
Hey, this is nice.
Okay, what am I snatching and or grabbing?
A briefcase.
You said you wanted simple for your first job back."

"Doesn't get simpler.
You stabbed me?
We're ruining your life the way you're ruining mine.
Dude, I don't even know you.
There's nothing simple about this job."

"There's something else going on here.
Yeah, I'm not the only one on this train looking for this case.
Where's the briefcase?
Oh, it's not safe."

"It was just safe.
We are right on schedule.
Everything that's ever happened to you...
This is gonna sting, bitch! Has led you here."

That's a shit deal.
Oh, no, thank you.
You know what, do you have anything sparkling?
Yeah, it's the one."

"Thank you.
You sure you don't want to talk this out?
Not particularly, no.
I believe we have split the item of breakfast."

"In the early 1960s, the American morning was defined by milk and cereal.
And the two undisputed giants of the cereal world were Kellogg's and Post.
Major news from the breakfast world.
The Post cereal company has reportedly invented a shelf-stable fruit pastry breakfast product."

It's Post.
They did it."

"I'm about to find my crush.
The big red K that never stops glaring at me.
How do you think Post did it?
There's always a surprise inside the box."

"I hear they use xanthan gum.
Kellogg's is entering the race to reinvent breakfast with the help of Steve Schwinn, Chef Boyardee, and Jack LaLanne.
They're stacking the deck with ringers."

"You know Isaiah Lamb from Quaker?
You Kellogg's people.
We're about to have some very powerful people very upset.
You have to win."

"Are you making any progress?
It's not to scale, but...
What are you guys, five years old?
Little John John draws better than that."

"And I think there's something wrong with him.
Nobody said this was going to be easy.
We're talking about happy childhoods for millions of American kids.
The important thing is the name."

"Fruit Magoos.
Heat them up and eat them ups.
No sale."

"Oblong Nibblers.
Is this a joke?
Whoever gets to the shelves first is going to win this thing.
Give us the tarts, old man! What?
How did it get this far?
It's breakfast."

"Things happen.
Isn't this a cereal company?
Why did my husband explode?
England have a penalty in extra time that could see them through to the final."

"England have reached their first final since 1966.
I don't think I'd change anything about that date.
We're about to create history.
I'm really proud to be English."

"The excitement is building.
What a feeling.
There's happy faces.

"Best days of our lives.
We haven't even got tickets.
The whole country is united.
COVID had had people cooped up.
They're ready to go wild."

"People drinking heavily.
Taking cocaine.
We're just there for a good time.
It's getting out of hand.
There was limited police presence."

"It was just college.
And then it gets violent.
There are thousands of supporters without tickets.
They want to be in the stadium."

"There's people getting trampled on.
It felt like we were under attack.
My only thought was to protect my daughter.
There was blood and there was bandages."

"It's just like a bomb had gone off.
It's coming! What the hell is going on?
The eyes of the world were on Wembley.
What the fuck?
Hi there, are you Bridget Pierce?
You're the podcasters?
Yes, yes we are."

I'm a journalist.
I'm a journalist.
I'm still consulting on a true crime podcast in the Irish Andernoway.
I've always thought that Ireland was the most beautiful country in the world."

"All I see is shit.
Fields and fields of shit.
21 years ago, three people disappeared.
On the Irish night of the dead, Samhain."

"So cool.
Nice sunglasses.
Fuck off.
We've never even had a serial killer in Ireland.
We're a naturally good people."

"There's an island of nuns teaching yoga.
It just keeps getting better.
We need to find the real Vulcan.
Bad things happen here, just like everywhere else."

"I hear you're interested in the lads that went missing.
I know what happened to them.
They were attacked.
By horses.
You should never trust a horse."

"You lads seem awful interested in the past.
Our lives aren't fodder for your entertainment.
The three of you poking around and everything will lead to no good.
We are being threatened."

"It means there's a story here.
This is extremely good news.
Extremely good news.
This is my podcast, I make the rules.
What did you do?
Whatever happened that night is still important to someone."

"I came to Bodkin expecting a simple cold case.
What if the cold case...
...isn't cold?
You lads like a bit of a party.
Well, yeah, yeah, sure."

"For f**k's sake.
I can't believe my little girl's getting married.
He is the wedding itinerary for the week.
Looks like we won't get much time together."

"You're a part of the dance rehearsal.
Don't you see the asterisk that says mother of the bride?
Now I'm an asterisk.
RJ! This is my Aunt Janice."

"This is my Aunt Janice.
And you must be the mother of the...
Hello. I mean, hello.
Can someone please explain what's going on?
Once upon a time..."

"...your father and Emma's mother dated in college.
Wait, what?
I wasn't serious.
Are you serious?
My daughter has to fall for the son of the guy who ripped my heart out."

"You have to play cool.
Let him see what he's missed.
But don't let him know you care.
Whoa! What are you doing?
I'm leaving."

"The best thing you can do is relax.
Mixed doubles?
She doesn't like to lose.
Who said anything about losing?
I am so sorry."

"I'm a doctor. I need you to relax and breathe.
Hey, listen. Can I buy you a drink tonight?
Oh, thank you.
See you then.
You're welcome."

"I get that you were a thing in college.
But what's the big deal?
We were everything to each other.
And then one day he's just gone."

"Alright, everyone. Find your partners.
I don't have a partner.
I'll be your partner.
What is going on between the two of them?
Mom, are you okay?
Honey, I'm fine."

"It's time to take care of me a bit less and take care of yourself a little bit more.
I just want you to be happy.
Nothing says elegance like a black and white wedding."

"So your mother will be wearing this one.
While death destroys some of us, the idea of it saves us all.
We will mourn Zeus and the fallen."

"And merit will decide the next ruler of the heavens.
Save your brother.
Gaia told me to save Seraphim.
She speaks to me in my dreams."

"Don't you want to be free?
Once and for all?
That's what I'm offering you.
Why should I trust you?
Because those that ruined your life, ruined mine."

"We'll undo the injustices we've suffered and take our rightful place atop the throne.
No! All of this ends today, Persephone.
This is how you show the world who you really are."

"My name is Liko.
I came to Indigo Academy in the Kanto region hoping to learn more about myself.
I was so excited to see so many Pokémon I'd never seen before."

"My name's Roy.
All I really want is to be a trainer someday.
But not just any old trainer.
Our mission is to uncover the mysteries of Pokémon and of the world."

"I've got business with that girl here.
We do as well.
I don't know what I'm caught up in.
Like what's with the pendant?
And why are those Explorer people after me?
Come on, this way! If I don't take a leap, I'll never find what I'm looking for."

"I'm gonna be a Pokémon trainer and have some adventures! Dearest gentle reader, we have been apart for far too long.
At last, London's fashionable set has made its return."

"And it seems that our bon ton is moving with the changing tide.
So too is this author.
I cannot live at home any longer.
I must take a husband."

"Does my lady have a husband?
I must take a husband.
Does my lady have a suitor in mind?
Is that her brother?
Under what foreign sun did you apparently get so..."

Oh, it's good to see you.
Is it?
Something wrong?
Seems as though every Bridgerton was born to attract notice."

"For some of us, notice is very slight.
If a husband is what you seek, let me help you.
Are we not friends?

"I should like to see your skills as they are, first.
How delightful to see you all.
The splendid weather we are having.
I would not be angry if you found me to be a lost cause."

"You must not say such things.
You are Penelope Featherington. Do not forget that.
She's not seeking a husband in you, I hope.
No, I'm only helping her find one."

"Since when are you worried about Penelope?
What this author knows to be true is that diamonds are not the only gems that sparkle.
Lord Debling."

"He is eager to take a wife this season.
You look especially beautiful tonight, Miss Featherington.
You have done very well.
You have done very well, Penelope."

"What more could you want?
Mother, do you believe the best foundation for love is friendship?
It is rare, but you must follow your heart.
What is the primary force that guides us along our paths?

"Is it our minds or our hearts?
What is the primary force that guides us along our paths?
Do you want something really fun?
Hello, brothers and sisters."

"The first content we have prepared today is...
Welcome to the A-show.
A-show does not require any skills or knowledge.
Are you okay?
Are you ready?
Let's go! This is the content, right?
Isn't it a little dangerous?
That's right."

"It's done.
This is so much fun.
Nobody wants to hear music from a plain old farm pony.
Hold up. Otis, what do I remind you of?
A pony with a large, edible mass growing out of its brain?
Come on. You can do better than that."

"I think you better go take a look at yourself.
I'm a unicorn.
I'm a unicorn! Look, look. There's a unicorn. I told you they were real."

"Can you learn to shoot lasers?
What color is your blood?
Can you do anything magical?
Uh, yeah. I can sing.
Sing for us! Something's moving."

"Something's there.
Something's blooming in the air.
I'm screaming.
Screaming at the top of my lungs.
Look at you. You're like a fluffy piece of cotton candy with legs."

Sign with me, and I could turn you into a star.
Just like Nikki.
You're just going to let people think you're a real unicorn?
People are finally giving our music a chance."

"Look out, Nikki, because you're about to get replaced.
Get out there and find that unicorn's dirty little secret.
Cut it! A lot of people told us we'd never make it because we didn't look like stars."

"Time for the world to see what you really are.
Oh, no.
I don't care what you look like. What you got to say from your heart.
Get off my face! Why are you pretending to be someone else?
I'm finally special."

"You were special before all this, Thelma.
We're just getting started.
AVAILABLE NOW Good morning, Atlas.
Time to wake up."

"I'm awake.
Agent Atlas Shepard has spent years of her life hunting the artificial intelligence known as Harlan.
Originally engineered to advance humanity, he instead nearly ended it."

"If you really want to try to capture Harlan, you need me on that mission.
Mayday! We are under attack! What do I do?
Strap in! Oh, my God! This planet is unstable and inhospitable."

"Atlas, my name is Smith.
Is that really necessary? You're a computer program.
No, I'm not.
No? What are you then?
I am a computer program named Smith."

"No one likes a smart-ass Smith.
We don't have much time.
Harlan's planning an attack.
Atlas, my primary protocol is to keep you alive."

"Same! I don't need your help.
I don't trust any A.I.
Smith! Atlas, this won't work if you don't trust me."

Let's do this.
This is what it feels like to be you?
This is what it feels like to be us.
It's beautiful."

"Don't worry.
We are simply the better versions of you.
If we don't stop Harlan, all life on Earth is doomed.

"You're in my head and the only thing you learn how to do is curse?
I'm an adaptive learner.
Let's go, bitch."

"And here with me live are the improbable survivors of the Jurassic World incident, the Nooblar 6.
These teens were tragically left behind while attending camp and presumed dead after the fall of Isla Nooblar."

"Then struggled to survive all on their own for nearly a year.
How did you do it?
We survived because we had each other.
There he is."

"Ben? What are you doing here?
Try not to freak out.
Someone is hunting us.
But why? Who would even want to do that?
I don't know for sure, but we need to warn the others."

"Before it's too late.





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