Pedestal Plug-In Lamp & Power Base (Quick Look) - Light Wherever You Need It

This lighting solution is designed to be carried around and plugged into whichever power socket in your house you need to generate light from.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereact quick look.
Today it is again all about Pedestal.
They sent over a brand new stand which we're going to show you in a separate video."

"We also just did something on their new sidekick table which is magnificent and I urge you to check that out on Pedestal's website.
But beyond that, they're also trying to move into other product categories in order to better convey that what they are attempting to build is an ecosystem."

"And they are doing that mainly through magnets but it's also just making sure that the area around your TV viewing experience is a nice one.
So a sidekick table makes sense, power bars make sense and so does lighting.
And this leads us to this which looks incredibly simple and in some ways it is but there is some Pedestal trickery going on."

"So for one, this is called the plug-in lamp and the reason it's called the plug-in lamp is that it is a plug.
That basically means that you could just buy this base if you wanted to and you can either go with contrasting colors or something that, you know, accompany the distinct color of the plug-in lamp itself."

"It is very, very simple but just incredibly nicely made, that's one.
They use high quality materials.
It is all very sustainably sourced and put together and you can feel it very much directly when you're just holding it or moving it around."

"So that's one with a very tactile switch here which has this really competent click action where you can also by the way dim or turn off the light if that is what you want.
Now obviously this doesn't make it smart, you would need to be for instance in the base and then put into let's say a Philips Hue plug or whatever it is that you're using in your smart home but beyond that, it's an aesthetically pleasing and very tactile motion which I really do enjoy."

"So if you just wanted one of these, you plug it into its base and then it becomes a unit in and of itself.
For one, it has a pass-through plug right here meaning that you could charge your phone from this lamp which I think is just a really awesome idea."

"I know it probably introduces sort of this massive, for some people at least, eyesore.
I think it's functional and sort of very direct in a very sort of Scandinavian design tradition way which is nice but it also just again introduces core functionality.
You don't have to fiddle with your plugs down near sort of near your like floor sills or whatever."

"It is right up here, up on a table for instance and it's easy to use for whatever reason and of course it passes power directly from the plugs in your house meaning that you'll get the full wattage from that as well.
Very nice."

"Beyond that, the key thing about Pedestal's ecosystem is magnets.
So that means that if you remove this cover here, right here, well then it has a magnetic base.
So we just demonstrated that with the Sidekick table but obviously now it is very firmly in place here meaning that it's a much more stable place for you to insert a charger to charge your phone or whatever the case might be, your laptop and it just means that there is more space to utilize and I just absolutely adore that."

"So the Sidekick table wasn't really cheap.
This isn't cheap either but I think it's around $60 there or thereabouts, perhaps a bit less if you're buying them separately but obviously that is going to increase if you want both and I think both of them regardless of whether you want contrasting or the same color, they just belong together so nicely."

"So if you end up just wanting to do this into a wall or whatever, it's a perfect nightlight by the way for children if that's what you want.
It's just, I mean, I do think that they belong together.
So for much more on Pedestal, we have covered the Sidekick table and we will continue to pump out more stuff for you."

"Thank you so much for watching."





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