Ridge Keycase (Quick Look) - A Slim and Secure Organiser

This gadget brings together all of your keys into one secure and slimmer form.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Not so long ago, we took a look at our first product from Ridge.
It's basically a manufacturer that you haven't been able to escape for the past couple of years because they've been really good at honing their marketing skills by partnering up with the best channels on platforms like YouTube and promoting their products that way."

"And it also seems that these YouTubers really enjoy using Ridge products, so there probably is something about it.
But we thought the same, so we contacted them and they sent over some examples of what they can do."

"We already took a look at their wallet and the little AirTag holster that you get for the Ridge wallet.
Really cool stuff.
And it overall completes the mission, I think, of slimming down what you carry every single day without sacrificing any of the functionality that you need."

"That is also true for the key case.
Now obviously, like the Ridge wallet, you can get this in a whole host of different colors and materials.
This particular one is powder-coated aluminum, but you can also get it in titanium or carbon fiber."

"You can really get it in leather finishes, which would be cool, but I'm not sure how it would be in such a small surface area.
But the point is that there is a little piece of tension plating here.
There is a patent that is pending from Ridge on this tension plate, which is really cool."

"You get a little clasp here, basically meaning that you could keep it in some way.
You could even keep it on a shirt collar or something like that.
But more importantly, you could keep it in a specific pocket in your bag.
And it holds from two to six keys with a really large tension screw here that is very easy, both with the tool that Ridge sends you, but also if you lose that tool, which is something that I've experienced with other key holders like this, that if you lose the tool, if they've made sort of the screw head proprietary in some way, then it can be really, really annoying to either loosen it up or tighten it down, depending on how much resistance you want when you're selecting your key."

"But I, for instance, have these keys right here.
I've kept it loose, so when they are out of this little tension loop here, they do flop about, which is fine because I keep selecting them again and again.
But if I fold them down, well, then it tenses up and it becomes a little bit tighter."

"It's something that you can very quickly adjust, again, with the little tension screw there.
Furthermore, there is this little loop here towards the bottom, which is part of the central structure, and they sent over a little AirTag holster again.
Again, I think I have like four AirTags."

"I bought a four pack, maybe, I think, because I just wanted to be able to find my most important possessions, which are my keys, my wallet.
I have one in my backpack, and then that's basically it.
That's the most important things that you don't want to lose, and you want to know where they are if you do lose them."

"So I use it not only for if they get stolen, I've never had my keys get stolen before or sort of lost them out and about town, but if I can't find them at home, well, then I use the find feature from Apple, which works very well.
It has also come partially to Android, but it works very well within Apple's ecosystem, obviously."

"So they have this cool little holster here, which obviously exposes quite a lot of the AirTag, but there are several versions of this that can either cover it up wholly, or if you want to basically show that you have an AirTag, which I'm not particularly interested in, but this was the one they sent me, and obviously a little tag for our door here at work."

"This is just so much more organized than I was used to, and there's a lot of keys in, I think, a very small physical footprint.
It's 85 euros, which is a lot, but it is also precision manufactured in such a way that is immediately apparent when you take it out of the box for the first time."

"So it's obvious that Ridge is the kind of company that do take extra time.
In an upcoming video, I'll also show you the packaging, because that is also something that they seemingly have put a lot of effort into.
So for much more on Ridge, we've already done the Ridge Wallet, and we're not done yet."

"Thank you so much for watching."





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