Troubadour Generation Leather Backpack (Quick Look) - A Super-Functional Luxe Backpack

This calfskin leather bag features a variety of pockets, all while having a luxe style and being made of premium and high quality materials.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We've taken a look at Troubadour gear quite a few times here on the show, and every time the result has been the same."

"They make stuff that obviously sits at the high end of the premium price bracket within sort of the EDC space.
And if you're considering to buy one of their bags, you'll be paying a lot of money, but you'll be paying it in such a way where you can really feel what you're paying for."

"And that is really the case with this particular bag here.
It's called the Generation Leather, and it is, as far as I can see, one of the most exquisite and also most expensive bags that Troubadour has ever made."

"It is, well, as a direct sort of comparison from Danish to US pricing, because I can't really remember the concrete US dollar price, but it is at least $1,000. In Denmark, it's 7,000-something-ish kroner, and that is mainly because of the material that they use, the quality of the leather, which basically makes up the entirety of the backpack, from the frame to the entirety of the interior and exterior."

"It is an incredible piece of work.
But why is it in this bag?
Well, I have the luxury of basically just having received this.
So this is a first look."

"I had just had it out of the bag, but I just thought that it was such a nice way to package it and send it.
So it comes in a little cardboard box, obviously, but this is the way you pull it out of the cardboard box."

"So for one, you get this little carrying case with you, which I think is very nice. Obviously, it's not for the bag, but it's something that's, you know, the canvas itself is of pretty high quality, something that you could use for something else, but obviously it's also for them, a way for them to brand themselves in an additional way."

"But it's a nice extra thing to give the customer when they're paying so much money.
So obviously I should say that this is filled with these little airtight plastic bags, essentially a way to give you the impression of it being extremely full.
It makes the bag look better just straight out of the canvas bag."

"But at the other hand, it also looks like this pretty much all the time.
I've had the plastic bags out of it and it's because it has a very set frame, which is one of the major features, I would say. So we'll get back to that."

"So first and foremost, let's remove that and give you a sort of a more general idea of what it looks like when it's completely empty.
So by the way, it's very nice that they put this in as well because it also protects it when it is on its journey from them to you."

"But as you can see, it has a very set frame.
So it slouches ever so slightly forward.
But again, this lightweight foam here makes sure that it stays the shape that it is, regardless of how much do you have in it."

"And I don't know about you, but that means quite a lot to me because when I sit my bag down somewhere, regardless of what's in it, I would like it to stay where it is.
And a lot of bags, particularly those that sacrifice some thickness, basically, and doesn't have a set platform will immediately slouch over or backwards."

"So it's just a nice little convenience feature, I would say.
So the way that it is shaped, and it is very much akin to the Orbis bags that they've already made and produced.
We actually took a look at that in a separate quick look, but that is made straight out of canvas, like this really sort of thick, really nice mesh-ish canvas. But this is all leather and it's not just leather."

"I think that's very, very important to hammer home here.
What you're paying for is this premium European calfskin leather, which is tanned in the Netherlands using something called a dry tan technique.
Basically means that it is the most exquisite stuff that you have ever seen or even smelled in your life."

"It is fantastic and you can feel that right from the get-go.
We've had a lot of leather backpacks here on the show and you can feel that last sort of 30% quality alongside the price height when we get something that is really exquisite here on the show."

"And this very much fits within that framework.
So there are other small touches as well. You get this little strap here.
There is really, really thick straps here, making sure that if you're carrying a heavy load, then it's very comfortable even over long stretches."

"So even though this is very much sort of a boardroom-ish backpack, you could take this hiking and it would just do the job incredibly well.
Apart from that, you also have the Troubadour name in these small metallic letters here that are stitched and sort of sewn into the back."

"And obviously it also can sit over a carry-on luggage, which is a very nice little feature.
The zippers are both watertight and are just incredibly satisfying to open and close.
And inside you have the best of both worlds."

"So a big, really big, spacey main compartment alongside a lot of pockets, which are all very high quality.
I'm sure you could abuse the hell out of it without it sort of giving loose or anything.
So you have two big ones right here and a couple of small ones alongside a pen pocket."

"Then you have a pretty big space here, which basically almost goes down to about halfway of the full height of the backpack.
Alongside here, you have this really huge laptop compartment and there is also space in here for additional stuff like papers or whatever it is you need."

"But it holds up to a 16-inch laptop alongside the biggest tablet in the world.
It's basically the same width as the sleeve for the laptop, meaning that you can carry two if you wanted to.
There is also one big mesh pocket here at the back, which is also very deep."

"So there's an incredible amount of space here.
That leaves us to this small front pocket here, very nice as well, which is also propped up by this paper-ish material, which I'll just remove.
So again, what I would have liked here is to see a little bit more compartmentalization here."

"There are two pockets here and essentially only one because these are also for pens or for smaller items.
And beyond that, it's just one big thing.
So you would have your wallet here and your keys."

"But again, I would probably carry my Playdate with me here and I would also be carrying my AirPods or whatever and that would slouch around in here.
So a bit more compartmentalization here would be lovely, but that is basically my only criticism."

"It's a slam dunk. Troubadour makes fantastic stuff.
And this is just another one of those.
Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next one."





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