Journey AXIE (Quick Look) - A 3-in-1 Wall Charging Wonder

This handy device enables you to easily and effortlessly charge three devices at once all via using one plug socket.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quickbook.
Journey is a manufacturer that we've worked with a couple of times and what they specialize in is to take different sort of sets of functionalities that we have from our everyday carry electronics and then combine them in funnier ways."

"So they made a huge mouse mat which also had a MagSafe charger in it for instance.
They also made a laptop carrying sleeve which also basically had a MagSafe charger in it.
So about you know squeezing in these small extra ideas within the stuff that we already carry with us and around us and that is very much also the headline for the Axii which is inside here."

"But first can we just marvel at the fact that for a price of around $140 which isn't cheap but really isn't a lot either you get this really freaking sleek carrying pouch.
There are magnets in this little closing flap here and it's just I don't know if it's sky high quality but it's definitely not like shit."

"So it is really cool to see them add meaningful extras when you buy a product like this.
It really means that it feels like that you're investing in something which is you know that you're being taken care of as a customer.
So furthermore inside here we get the various bits and bobs that you'll need."

"You get more than just this particular plug accessory.
There are those for the UK market and US as well.
So if you're traveling with it which I think is the intended purpose then you are very well catered for in that particular regard."

"So this is the Axii itself.
Now let's just plug in this EU based charger here which means that it kind of looks like a large-ish MacBook charger but then again you could also have it completely removed if you're living in the US and by this point you can just sort of fold out this little standard US charger here which is probably nicer because you can fold it back in when you don't need it but you do have this so I don't consider it much of a loss."

"So the point is what is it?
Well there is this little cable flap here and you can remove that so you have your standard USB type C charging here so now it looks like a wall charger for a laptop doesn't it?
And it is to an extent."

"Now the main thing here is again to combine different products into one so that you save the hassle of carrying around different things for different purposes.
So as you've probably guessed by this little circular pad here that is a MagSafe charger.
Point is that let's say that you want to charge a couple of things at once well you would plug this into a wall and this into a laptop or an iPad or something like that and at the same time you can attach a phone for charging wirelessly with the MagSafe magnets."

"Pretty cool right?
It is really cool but the coolest thing is that if you are away from the wall this is a 10,000 milliamp hour power bank so this works away from the wall as well just for charging with the USB type C cable and wirelessly through MagSafe."

"That is an incredibly cool little thing for a number of different reasons.
For one usually you would carry a charger for your laptop and a power bank for those emergency situations.
Now you don't have to."

"The second thing is that if you mainly charge your laptop or your iPad or whatever through this then the power bank will always be charged when you are away from a plug and it is ready to top up your AirPods or your phone or whatever the case might be.
And it's not just limited to that because you both have a USB type C cable here which is the one that is automatically stored with the device but beyond that there is an additional USB type C port meaning that if you utilize the MagSafe pad here, the USB type C one on here and the other one you can charge three things at once."

"Very very cool.
There is also a nice little battery indicator here on sort of the spine of the device which tells you the basic charge level of the power bank inside like how many milliamp hours are left to be able to do what it needs to do."

"There is one big caveat though because I use a MacBook Pro 14 inch.
The charger that I get in the box for my MacBook Pro is 100 watts.
You can get 100 watt chargers that are very small now.
We've featured a couple on the show."

"One of them from Asus is very small and this is big.
This is big because it needs to fit a 10,000 milliamp hour power bank in there for sure but when you're plugged into the wall and let's say that the power bank is at 100% meaning that everything this takes from this plug in the wall, it should deliver to its main sort of charging destination."

"This only does 35 watts meaning that if you're pushing a MacBook Pro with just basic Adobe Premiere stuff, it will probably still de-charge, use power rather than being charged.
35 watts simply isn't enough.
Journey is very open about this on their website and they say that this is for a laptop mainly meant for the most basic of MacBook airs because they get something akin to a 35 watt charger in the box which is a lot smaller because it doesn't have a 10,000 milliamp hour power bank of course but I think it's a weird missed opportunity to not try and up the wattage of the charger so that I would be able to use it professionally while also having a power bank."

"35 watts is just not enough.
That is not even considering something like a MacBook Pro 16 but even for those of us that have a MacBook Pro 14, it's just not enough so 75 watts, 100 watts if we could even if we sacrifice some of the portability and the weight would have been preferable to me because we're already putting it in like a big flappy carrying case so we're not really thinking about space saving stuff here, right?
So a missed opportunity but a really cool thing that shows that Journey is really on a good journey where they're definitely figuring out cool ideas for us to take with us on the road."

"So for much more on them and other stuff, stay tuned to Game Ractor.





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