Joker: Folie à Deux

Film Frenzy: Episode 9 - Has Joker: Folie à Deux cemented itself as 2024's most anticipated film?

We discuss the recent trailer, sharing our opinions on the coming movie and whether or not it has the right to be classed as the most anticipated film yet to debut in 2024.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another episode of Film Frenzy.
It is our ninth episode and again it's just me and Alex.
There's a reason for that actually. It's because Magnus, it's actually his birthday today."

"I didn't know that until he told me earlier.
Aww, happy birthday man.
Yeah, he's enjoying himself while we're recording this.
How old's he today? We won't do that."

"I didn't actually ask him that but maybe I should have.
But yeah, today we're going to be talking about not only Magnus' birthday but also Joker.
Joker, Folie à Deux, yeah."

"It is, well we got a trailer for it basically this morning.
They said they were going to do a trailer on August 9th.
And they were like yeah, it's going to be at 6pm PT which is like 2 in the morning for UK.
So it's actually August 10th."

"But yeah, the trailer came, gave us a good look at the movie, gave us a good look at Joaquin.

"Phoenix's Joker and then Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn.
So, I don't know, what do you think about it? Are you excited about it?
I am, I think it looks great.
I find, wider point first, we're already off on a segue."

"Film Frenzy, you know, it's a wilder show I think.
It's really Game Reactor after dark.
Even though it's usually filmed in the morning.
But the thing I thought about, the first thing I thought when I was looking at the trailer is they call it a teaser and it's like 2 minutes."

"That's not a teaser.
But they had like a 10 second teaser for the teaser.
And they told you when the teaser was going to drop.
And I just am so bored of this whole trailer thing."

"And it's usually to do with comic book movies as well.
That they're just like, oh we need to drop, we need to have the hype train going for as much as possible.
And guess what guys, the trailer's going to drop tomorrow, this time.
And there's a teaser for the trailer."

"And there's a teaser for the trailer teaser that's up now.
And the trailer that you're getting is just called a teaser.
So there's going to be a full trailer soon.
But the full trailer is actually pointless."

"Because if you want to watch the film, you shouldn't watch the trailer.
Because otherwise you'll get spoiled for the entire film's plot.
And then, what?
You know, it's like the trailer industry, let's call it."

"Big trailer.
Big trailer, yeah.
You know, big trailer is too powerful.
I hate it.
Like, that was just a trailer."

"That's what a teaser, like it wasn't, to me.
I don't need teaser and trailer unless the teaser is like a minute or less.
I just need something that's like, okay.
Because I thought the trailer was really good."

"In terms of not giving away what the film is going to do plot wise.
But telling you, here's your main characters.
Here's the vibe of the movie.
And here's the sort of where we're picking up from last time."

"I thought it was really well done.
Whether you like the joke or not.
I think that's a good way to sell the film.
Yeah, no, you're right."

"And I do agree with you on the whole trailer thing.
I think Marvel are the biggest offenders.
You know, when they've got on the run up to a new show or a new movie.
They release those little 30-second trailers."

"And you're just like, what is the point of that?
Like, who's watching that?
And who's actually looking forward to watching those things?
Because they are just spoilers."

"But no, I agree.
I think it's strange the way that they do these things.
I hope they won't do it so much with Joker in the future.
Because it is a film."

"You know, it's not like a traditional comic book movie.
In the sense of like a Marvel film.
It's cinema.
Yeah, it is.
When it gets Oscar nominations."

"You can literally classify it as like actual cinema.
But no, I'm looking forward to it.
I think it's going to be good.
Regardless of what the plot actually explores."

"I think we can once again look forward to very good performances from Phoenix.
And probably Lady Gaga as well.
You bloody well hope so.
Considering Phoenix is getting paid like 10 times what he was paid for the first movie."

"True, true.
I mean, you know, I've seen some Phoenix films.
Where his performances haven't necessarily been the thing that's shined through.
I will say."

"I think Napoleon was great.
I think he's one of those where it depends if he's in it.
Because he can half-half something quite easily."

"Yeah, exactly.
But no, this one looks like it's going to be another one of those performances.
Like we saw with the first film.
Was it the 2019 Joker came out, I think?

"I don't think we're going to see it succeed as well as the first did in a box office sense.
I don't think it's hitting a billion.
No, I think it'd be lucky to get 500 million, personally.
Maybe that's low balling it."

"But just the way the box office has trended over the past few years.
I think it'd be surprising if it knocked Dune off its pedestal at the top of the box office this year.
So far.
I mean, granted, obviously, there's a lot of films to come out until then."

Like Deadpool and Wolverine.
That's probably going to be the big one.
Oh yeah, that's coming out this year.
Crave and the Hunter."

"Yeah, fair point, actually.
Can't forget about Crave and the Hunter.
We've been coming, yeah.
And then Venom 3 afterwards."

"The Last Dance.
The Last Dance, what a terrible name.
Like, you know, truly, The Last Dance, one of the best Netflix documentaries I've ever seen.
And what will definitely be the best film of the year."

"So it's got a great prestige, The Last Dance, as a name.
I don't know how that one got through screening.
Who came up with the idea of calling it The Last Dance?
I don't know, maybe it's just like that."

"So many, like, intern and executives stole the idea, probably, and they were like, I love it.
A lot of these are the Sony films.
I think the intern and executive are the same person.

"Wearing many hats.
But yeah, Joker.
No, it looks great.
I think it's going to be..."

"It's already, I think, most people's or one of most people's most anticipated films of the year.
But do we think it should fit that sort of category as the most anticipated film of the year?
Or do you think that, like, you know, a Deadpool...
I'm trying to think of other big ones."

"Horizon An American Saga, of course.
Can't forget that.
Yeah, the duo.
I think Dune has already filled that bill, to me at least."

"Like, that was the big blockbuster of the year, that it's like, go on, go see it.
The rest of it...
Yeah, I think the rest of the year is looking pretty...
I would say, yeah, sure, it's the most anticipated film of the rest of the year."

"I do wonder, because they're bringing Gaga in, and now we have a woman in the movie.
That's dangerous waters for Joker, considering 2019, you know, was the year of the incel rise, you know.
And so, if you bring in and you have a focus on a woman, and especially Arthur getting a girlfriend, as it seems like that's the case..."

"Alienate your audience.
That's going to lose him a lot of incel fans.
A lot of people will be like, no, sorry, I can't relate to him anymore, you know, because he can get a girlfriend."

"Yeah, so that's a big risk.
It is quite interesting the way that they're framing Harley in this, though.
Because I was expecting it to be the sort of traditional Harley approach.
Like, she's, you know, Dr. Harley and Quinzel, Joker sort of imposes on her, and the next minute she loses it."

"Well, I say she loses it, but she's already clearly unstable to turn into that person.
But no, this one, it's like, Harley is seemingly in the asylum with it.
They're both as crazy as each other from the get-go.
So, maybe there'll be some backstory that will get to that, that will explain why Harley is here."

"Maybe she was Harley and Quinzel beforehand.
I don't know.
But it's definitely like a more unique sort of origin story of the character than we've seen as of late."

"Begs the question as well, what...
Whether or, you know, what will happen with Harley in Matt Reeves' The Batman Universe.
Whether we'll see her at all.
Will we ever see a Harley, yeah."

"We've got Joker there, so maybe the partner in crime will be there.
Who knows?
We might not even go back to Joker.
We might not."

"We might not.
I think it'd be weird.
I think they'll save that for the third film, if they are going to go to it, personally.
They're just going to watch it, really."

"Because, like, you could have, like, Joker saturation.
Because, you know, we've had, like...
It's basically the same amount of Jokers as we've had UK Prime Ministers.
We're, hey, you know, getting political on the stand-up edition of Film Frenzy here."

"And like the UK Prime Ministers, they've all been of varying quality.
Yeah, varying...
Well, I think, you know, mostly incompetent would be the...
Apart from..."

"Apart from, don't you dare say Jared Leto.
Joaquin did a good job.
I never liked the Joker as just someone who is purely, like..."

"Oh, so relatable.
Like, he's such a relatable villain.
And, oh, he's so downtrodden by society.
I like it when he's a bit of, like..."

"Jared Leto.
A bit of annoyance.
Yeah, no, I like the Heath Ledger, right?
Like, that's the classic that you always go back to."

"Because he's really funny in that movie.
And, like, he's obviously, like, got the whole, like, menacing aspect down as well.
But he's also very funny.
Whereas, you know, Joaquin Joker, I nearly called him."

"Joaquin Phoenix is very, sort of...
I'm a serious character.
I'm, you know, I'm taken seriously.
And it's like, the Joker's a bit silly for that."

"Because you are putting on a clown make-up.
And you are, like, dancing around.
To Gary Glitter, of all people.
Did you see Alan Partridge in that movie?
I did see Alan Partridge in that movie."

"The star of the show.
Steve Coogan.
Making his debut.
He's definitely getting a shot in the head.
Oh, yeah, definitely."

Do you think it's weird, looking back, that Robert De Niro was in that film?
It's really weird.

"It's, like, a homage to the King of Comedy.
Like, it's not weird that it's Robert De Niro.
It's more that it's, like, Robert De Niro."

"Like, they got Robert De Niro for this film somehow.
Well, they got Robert De Niro for, like, Angry Jackass Grandpa the Third.
Yeah, I get the feeling...
Like, he's always in one of those films."

"I get the feeling for those ones, though.
It's like they pay him a lot of money to do it.
You know?
They might have paid him a lot of money for Joker."

"They might have done.
But it's like he's not playing, like, a caricature of an old grandpa in this film.
Or in that film.
He's, like, playing a genuinely serious role."

Yeah, so...
I don't know.
It's strange.
But, no, yeah, Steve Coogan."

"Can't wait for that.
I really hope he plays, like...
He really leans into the Partridge sort of thing.
That would be really good, actually."

"If it was just Alan Partridge in Gotham.
I realise a lot of our audiences probably don't know who Alan Partridge is.
Very UK-based, that, isn't it?

"Look him up.
Yeah, look him up.
He's great.
There's a new TV show coming to BBC this year.
So stay tuned for that."

"A very sort of irreverent British comedy, I guess.
Do you think...
I've got a theory for you.
I've got a theory for Joker 2."

"Go on.
And, obviously, it's...
You know, they paid homage last time to The King of Comedy.
I think this time, Folly O'Do could pay homage to another great film in Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch."

"And it could be the case that Joker and Harley...
Because there's a lot of scenes where it looks like they're outside.
But Joker did murder a man live on camera last time.
Did he?
Well, I think he did."

"I don't think Robert De Niro's going to go, No, I mean, like, was that in his mind?
Well, yeah, but Robert De Niro's dead.
Well, not in real..."

"Well, isn't there, you know?
Not real Robert De Niro.
That could be in his mind.
But could he just be in the asylum the whole time?
And he just hallucinates this whole experience where he's, like, dancing on stage."

"And the Joker and Harley have their own show.
And Alan Partridge is there.
You know?
No, I think it's a very good point.
Could that be the case?
I think it could be the case."

"I think it's something that's very plausible.
You think it's Sucker Punches?
I'm going to go on a bit of a rant real quick about Sucker Punch.
Because there was that quote from Zack Snyder saying that he wanted more time to finish the film."

"Can we just agree?
Like, mate, just finish your film.
Like, if it's not ready, don't release it.
You know?
I'm sick of this."

"Every film that comes out for Zack Snyder, it's like, oh, that's not the actual cut I wanted to do.
Like, I'm not going to see any more Zack Snyder films at the cinema.
If they ever go back to the cinema.
Because it's probably not going to be the one that he wants to publish anyway."

"So, I'm, like, I'm past the point of caring with that.
It's going to happen again, most likely, with Rebel Moon Part 2, isn't it?
Where it'll be like, oh, there's actually a four-hour cut.
There's not even a Zack Snyder cut of Part 1."

"I know, yeah. It's bizarre.
So, like, can we all, like, Sucker Punch came, it went.
Some people liked it, some people didn't.
But let's not have a director's cut for Sucker Punch."

"Let's move on to something else.
But, no, yeah, back to the Joker thing.
I think that is probably what's going to be the case."

"Like, they're both sort of trapped in their own sort of, um...
They're trapped in their own mental asylum.
Not as in, like, the building."

"Yeah, their own Arkham asylum.
Yeah, their own mental Arkham asylum, if you know what I mean.
So, it's going to be interesting.
I did see a meme of Lady Gaga where it was like, you know, the films that she's been in."

"She's taken down Bradley Cooper.
She's taken down Adam Driver in Ferrari.
She's taken down...
Is she going to take down Phoenix in Joker?
Who knows?
I think she's a great..."

"I think she's actually a very talented actress.
She gets overlooked.
Like, she does some...
Hot take."

"Lady Gaga.
Quite alright, some stuff.
She gets...
I think she gets, um..."

"I think she gets a lot of bad press sometimes with some of the roles she's played.
Like, I don't know.
I think House of Gucci was a weird sort of casting overall.
You know, you pick up a lot of that."

"House of Gucci.
Yeah, it's like, you know, you pick all these sort of American actors to voice and be Italians.
Same as Adam Driver in Ferrari."

"I think Gaga has, like, Italian heritage, doesn't she?
Yeah, I know.
I just...
Right, for example, right, I'm watching this A Gentleman in Moscow show on Paramount, right?
Which is, uh..."

"Ewan McGregor, Mary Elizabeth Winston are both in it, and it's about sort of a gentleman that's...
During the Russian Revolution, he's been confined to a hotel for being, like, an aristocrat essential."

And it's set in Moscow, and everyone just talks in a British accent.
Like, no one even tries.
I like that."

"But, yeah, I know.
It's like, it's weird because no one's leaning into it.
But I don't know whether it's weird or that no one's leaning into it.
It's just like a bunch of..."

"It's just like a British drama set in Moscow during the Russian Revolution about Russian aristocrats.
Or whether it's weirder that they're not...
Or whether it would be weirder, should I say, if they were to voice Russian accents, which then would you not just get Russian actors?
I don't know."

"It's like, it's this weird thing...
It's a bit like Shogun.
Where the main guy in Shogun is like, I speak very good Portuguese."

"He speaks English the whole time.
You know, like...
You know.
And they speak Japanese, obviously, in the Japanese bit, but otherwise you're expected to..."

You're expected to believe that, like, he's speaking Portuguese, but they're all speaking English.
And it's a bit...
It's like an avatar where he's like, the, you know, the Na'vi language just became like English to me."

And they all start speaking English.
It's so weird when they do that, I do think."

"But no, I think she's...
I think, again, yeah, Lady Gaga, I think she's actually a very talented actress.
And I think this film is going to allow her to probably shine in a way that we haven't seen since A Star Is Born, where she got a lot of acclaim."

"One of the worst couples that you know are begging for Halloween costumes right now.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
But to be fair...
Oh, my God."

"I mean, you know, it's...
It's weird because I don't think we necessarily saw as many Barbies this year as I thought we would.
Or last year, should we say?
I think it's because Barbie was summer."

"And the way that, like, the content farm works now is that, like, stuff is only relevant for, like, a month.
Yeah, but, like, when Suicide Squad came out and that film was absolutely abhorrent, when that came out, everyone was all over the Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn for years."

"I think Suicide Squad was August, though.
I just think it's weird because Barbie was, like, the biggest film of last year.
And, like, it comes to Halloween, it didn't really feel like everyone was like, yeah, I'm going to do Barbie this year."

"I think it was because no-one was as ripped as Ryan Gosling on the Ken side.
Yeah. Yeah, you've got to have a Ken, haven't you?
You've got to have your Ken. You've got to have your Ken bod.
Who's Barbie without a Ken at the end of the day, right?
That's literally the idea of the film."

"What's Barbie without a man standing next to her?
Yeah. Well, you know, it's like the old saying of, like, every great man has a woman standing behind him.
Every great woman has a Ken doing nothing on the side."

"I'm going to go say that I hope that people don't dress up as Lady Gaga or Harley Quinn this Halloween.
I hope instead that we see a lot of bald women dressed up as Furiosa. Give me that instead."

"Yeah, that'd be good.
Bald women with a prosthetic arm.
Your time is now.
Rise up.
But yeah, no, it's going to be exciting, I think."

"I think that it's...
I don't know whether it's necessarily actually my most anticipated movie of what's left in 2024.
For the simple reason that there's some actually really big movies coming out later this year."

"Like, for example, they've actually confirmed that the...
Venom 3?
Yeah, Venom 3.
No, they've actually confirmed that the Lord of the Rings War of the Roaring animated film is set for this year."

"Which I still didn't think was actually going to happen.
Yeah, they've confirmed that recently.
I think it was like as part of the...
You know, the Sony rescheduling or whatever they did."

"2024 film, yeah.
Which is weird to me because I still didn't even know this film was real.
I thought it was just like a concept that they were leaning toward, but I guess it's happening."

"Development of the film was being fast-tracked by June 2021.
Yeah, they've committed to a holiday window.
War of the Roaring.
Helm Hammerhand."

"Dunleading. Dunleadings.
What the hell is that?
I don't know what the film's going to necessarily be about, per se, other than, you know, the War of the Roaring."

"Well, I've got the premise right here.
Set 261 years before the events of the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring, the War of the Roaring tells the story of Helm Hammerhand, a legendary king of Rohan, who must defend against an army of Dunleadings."

"He becomes the namesake for the stronghold of Helm's Deep.
Dunleadings are a tribe of men who come from, who speak Dunlendish.
Yeah, because that helps."

"And they are focused on, they have a culture of agriculture.
I don't see how they're going to really pose a threat.
It's not really selling me on the plot right now, this.
Sorry about this, I feel like I'm ruining it for everyone."

"A king that's fighting an army of farmers.
Like, okay, great.
I think it's basically going to be a bit of British history because it seems like the Dunleadings are going to be based on the Celtic Britons and the Riders of Rohan are based on the Anglo-Saxons."

"So for all the British history buffs out there that will already know this, you know, that's basically going to be like every time that Wales try to invade, or what did Wales ever try to invade?
Well, probably England trying to invade Wales, Wales trying to get the land back and England portraying themselves as the victim."

Which we've been doing for thousands of years.
Yeah, get used to it.
Because we're really good at spinning."

"Yeah, that looks good.
I think that'll be a really interesting film.
As good as it's going to be, it's going to get beaten by Mufasa, the Lion King story, whatever the hell that is."

"The live action film they're doing this holiday as well.
There's a lot of really bad films coming out this year.
A lot of real unoriginal sort of ideas.
And yeah, Joker's going to be up there as one of the more anticipated ones."

"But there's certain films that are coming out this year that to me kind of intrigued me a bit more.
There's a new Yorgos Lanthimos film coming out, right?
With Kinds of Kindness."

"Kinds of Kindness.
That's going to be exciting.
If it's just a fraction as good as Fury Road was, then we're in for a scorcher there."

"And again, I think a lot of people have high hopes for Deadpool.
Just because it needs to be something special, I think.
I don't know about Deadpool.
But yeah, there's a lot of anticipated films coming out."

"I don't know whether Joker's necessarily the cream of the crop anymore this year.
Well, Joker, I've never liked Joker.
Because in 2019, I thought, wow, that was a good film."

"And I can't wait to see him, you know, the fact that they've given Joker a backstory before Batman.
And then we're going to see Robert Pattinson's Batman go up against the Joker."

"Wow, that's going to be amazing.
And then they tell us that it's a spin-off thing.
It's like, what's the point in having the Joker?
What's the point?
The point of these characters is that they are unstoppable force, immovable object."

"You know, as Daheed Ledger said, they're destined to do this forever, which is very ironic considering.
But, you know, they are really intertwined."

"That's the point of them.
Yeah, I get what you're saying.
It feels weird.
And it's sort of like the same problem with Venom, but Venom's stupid."

"So I don't mind Venom, because it's like a Michael Bay transformer.
It's just explosions and Eddie Brock and, you know, eating chickens and whatever."

"Whereas they're trying to portray Joker as like cinema.
It's like, well, you've missed the point of the character.
I mean, we also do have a few other big films that are coming out."

"Some of them, you know, obviously for being a game-related publication like we are.
Starting at the Hedgehog 3 is probably going to be quite popular for a lot of people."

"Borderlands movie, which I'm unsure about personally.
Could be one of the...
It could be one of the worst movies in a very long time."

"Yeah, or it could be a lot of fun, you know.
It's going to be one or the other.
There's no in-between for Borderlands.
I would rather it be one of the worst than it be really boring though."

"Like really just like a mid, you know, quippy, boring action film that doesn't get remembered.
I'd rather it be absolutely horrible."

"And then otherwise...
There's an animated Transformers film coming out, which could be interesting, I think.
But the two sort of big ones other than that that I think are going to contend with probably Dune, Furiosa and Joker is going to be, if it actually comes out, Megalopolis."

"Hell yeah.
If it comes out, I don't know.
And then as well, there is Gladiator 2.
The baboon scene.
That's going to be the entire movie for me."

"I'm going to get up and leave as soon as that happens.
So I don't know.
It's a big year for movies in many ways.
I think that it's also going to be one of those years that we won't see a huge box office spree."

"I don't think many films are going to crack the billion dollar mark, personally.
If any do.
Your best chances are probably Sonic."

That's probably it to me.
Deadpool, yeah.
So it's going to be one of those weird sort of middle ground years."

"Either way though, make sure you check out the trailer for Joker.
Let us know what you think about it.
It's coming out in..."

"Is it October 4th, I think, for Joker?
Which is perfect for Halloween.
That's why I'm saying the couple's costumes are going to be insufferable."

"Yeah, especially with Saw being delayed.
Because we know there's a lot of crossover between Joker and Saw.
The Joker-Saw-niverse."

"It's coming.
Alright, this has been episode 9, I think, of Film Frenzy.
We'll be back next week, hopefully with Magnus."

"We'll see.
Happy birthday, Magnus.
Yeah, happy birthday, Magnus.
This one's for you.
Alright, thank you for watching episode 9 of Film Frenzy."

"We'll see you all on the other side.
Take care, everyone.
Thank you."





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