GRTV News - Dead Space 2 Remake is not in active development

Some are saying it was, but got canned, EA is saying it never made it that far.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News, today we're going to do a bit of a double whammy in a way, talking about EA and Motive and a bit of DICE and a bit of Battlefield and a bit of Dead Space 2 remake potential, what could have been, I guess."

"Yeah, there's a bit of overlap between these things, so that's what we're going to do, a bit of a double whammy here, sort of killing two birds with one stone and talking about both of these things and because there's a fair bit to get through, we're going to kick right off and dive straight in, so yeah I know what you're thinking, oh this isn't actually about Dead Space 2 remake, well it kind of is and I'll explain why when we get down to it."

"So first things first right, Battlefield 2042 won't get any further seasons right, DICE will continue to support the game with minor content but no more major seasonal additions will come.
EA and DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will no longer be getting any further major seasonal additions."

"Following the arrival of Season 7 Turning Point, DICE has come to its own turning point and decided that its focus must be placed on the future of the franchise, meaning no more seasons will be coming for the shooter.
This doesn't mean that the game won't be supported any further, DICE notes that additional challenges, events, modes, maintenance and such will still be coming, but it does seem like the days of massive updates are behind us for Battlefield 2042, this is what they said."

"So while we've enjoyed and are proud of creating these seasons of additional content for Battlefield 2042 and it is now necessary for us to turn from the present to the future, what this ultimately means is that Season 7 will serve as the final season for Battlefield 2042.
After Season 7 concludes, we will continue to support the game with new in-game challenges, events, modes and of course ongoing maintenance, but we are moving away from delivering official seasons."

"EA has also used this announcement to welcome the team of developers at Motive Dead Space Remake into the fold where they will be helping DICE, Criterion and Ripple Effect create a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer experiences and single player.
Now is this bit here worth keeping in mind?
Because while it just seems like Motive are going to be helping EA, or helping DICE we say develop Battlefield, it seems like it's a bit more than that because we also have this."

"So don't expect a Dead Space 2 remake anytime soon, there might have been plans to remake the sequel though but it was reportedly cancelled and EA denies it.
Just a few months apart, The Callisto Protocol was released in late 2022 followed by Dead Space Remake in early 2023 with the former being developed by a newly formed studio, Striking Distance Studios, largely made up of the same people who developed the original Dead Space."

"The EA team that made Dead Space Remake was instead the studio Ubisoft veteran Jade Raymond founded almost 10 years ago, Motive Studio.
So while The Callisto Protocol underperformed commercially, the Dead Space Remake did reasonably well although EA never shared any official sales numbers."

"So fans have been requesting a remake of Dead Space 2 as well but beyond vague rumours and comments from developers that are interested in remaking part 2 we haven't heard anything definite.
So is the game coming?
Unfortunately it doesn't seem so as we recently reported that Motive would instead contribute to the development of the next Battlefield and that they are also working on an Iron Man game but maybe it was previously planned to be released at some point."

"So yesterday journalist Jeff Grubb said in the Giant Bomb Cast podcast that the development of the Dead Space 2 remake has been halted in the concept phase because EA didn't think the first game was selling enough.
This in turn led EA to refute the statement to IGN stating that they don't normally comment on rumours but there is no validity in this story."

"So that could have been the end of it but the fact is that Grubb stuck to his guns and followed up with a new statement writing on X.
Dead Space 2 was definitely being planned, it had a codename and they are making it now.
So regardless of which party you believe in there seems to be no Dead Space 2, something even journalist Jason Schreier confirms in a Bloomberg article."

"Nevertheless EA knows that the fans and media would be extremely upset if they heard that EA has stopped the development of Dead Space 2 which makes one suspect that it is in their interest that the story does not spread.
We'll see if any possibility involved developer eventually gives us the truth via LinkedIn or social media."

"What do you think about the matter?
Was Dead Space 2 Remake in development but was cancelled by EA or was it never even considered?
So yeah, bit of a strange scenario here.
So Jeff Grubb comes out and he says Dead Space 2 Remake was in development but EA can't do it."

"EA comes out and says, not the case, there's no truth to the story, no validity to the story.
Grubb then replies and says no, Dead Space 2 is in development, it even had a codename but you cancelled it.
And then Jason Schreier comes out and says basically the same thing as well, that there's no Dead Space 2 in development as of right now and that the franchise is on hold."

"So all because of the fact that the remake of the first game apparently didn't hit the sales targets that they were hoping it to.
This has then obviously impacted how EA uses Motive as a developer because if they're not working on a Dead Space 2 Remake while they are working on this Iron Man game, they're also using Motive to help DICE and Criterion and Ripple Effect develop the next Battlefield."

"And talking about Battlefield, EA is also sacking off Battlefield 2042 now.
It's had it's time in the sun, they're scaling back development efforts on that game and instead putting more resources into Battlefield, whatever Battlefield 2025 will be.
Which is rumoured to be coming out in late 2025 as well, so it's a lot of different things happening at EA right now, it's difficult to tell what the truth is when you've got two journalists saying one thing, EA saying another thing, no developers have spoken up just yet."

"With all this being the case, we will hear more about what the situation was with Dead Space 2 at some point because I remember during the preview phases for Dead Space Remake, I had a chance to speak with developers at Motive and they were very excited about also being able to do a Dead Space 2 Remake if given the chance, so it definitely seems like something they wanted to do but something they're not going to be able to do anymore."

"So again, let us know what you think about it, no doubt we'll hear more about it in the future, no doubt somebody will perk up and share some official information from inside EA or inside Motive, but until then, let us know what you think about it.
Would you have liked to have seen a Dead Space 2 Remake?
I think we would have all liked to have seen a Dead Space 2 Remake and potentially then a reboot of Dead Space 3 or something, but yeah, let us know about it in the comments below, otherwise we'll be back tomorrow for the last GRTV News of the Week, so stay tuned for that."

"And yeah, we'll see you all on the other side, take care everyone."





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