Star Wars Outlaws

Gaming Gossip: Episode 10 - We geek out over Star Wars Outlaws

Ben and David come together to chat about the upcoming action-adventure project, what we hope it will include and offer fans, and also what it's near arrival means for Ubisoft's 2024 portfolio and the coming Ubisoft Forward.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to, I think this is actually our 10th episode of Gaming Gossip. Bit of a milestone! Exciting, really exciting.
We're celebrating it by doing it without one of our core members because Alex isn't here. He's, I'm not actually too sure what he's doing but he's not here today.
So it's just two out of the three members of the bad boys today unfortunately. It's just me and Dav."

"And here, as we've done multiple times in the past, we're going to be talking about Star Wars again because, well, we love Star Wars.
But mainly because there's an actual, like, plausible reason for doing this.
Star Wars Outlaws has just received a new story trailer and it's sort of giving us an exact, a teaser is when it's coming.
I say a teaser, we know when it's coming. It's going to be exciting. It's coming up very soon and there's a bit of a few repercussions involved with how Star Wars Outlaws is coming."

"So we're going to be talking all things Ubisoft, all things Star Wars Outlaws and most likely getting sidetracked as usual.
So, Dav, tell me, are you excited for Star Wars Outlaws?
I'm excited about a Gaming Gossip episode that is fully focused on the Star Wars for a change, you know?
Because every other episode we would sort of take a detour to, at the end, talk about the Star Wars anyway."

"So I don't know if this happens with film frenzy as well, but it's nice that we are honest for once and we say, hey, let's talk Star Wars because that's what we want to do every single week.
I am excited about the game. I am surprised it is making it to this year.
It's coming out this year and even earlier than I personally expected, you know?
Story trailer means the game is around the corner."

"Last year, when we saw it for the first time in LA, you and me, we said, no way this can make it in 2024.
From what they showed, it was like a vertical slice. It was a very concise, very compact portion of the game.
Even if it's not fully open world in the massive sense, like with the recent Avatar.
But, you know, you can take your ship and visit other planets and big areas."

"So I really wasn't expecting it to be ready this year.
But it looks like the force is strong with that one because they are there.
They are ready and it looked good, but I'm looking forward to seeing more and to playing more of it.
I mean, more. I didn't play it. Nobody played it so far."

"No, that's the strange thing is that it's coming soon and yet no one's played it yet.
But maybe this is what we should expect going forward with massive.
I mean, they kind of did this with Avatar, right?
I mean, again, it was a similar sort of situation with Outlaws."

"They announced the game quite considerably far away before it was going to actually make its debut.
And then on the road up to launch, like a few months beforehand.
I mean, Grand Avatar was a little bit different because it was coming out in the holiday period.
And they wanted to show it off the Ubisoft forward of last year."

"So it had about like, you know, sort of a five, six month period where it was allowed to start getting hyped up.
But yeah, this is sort of the way that Ubisoft massive seems to do things.
They don't show off games very much. They don't let people play the games very much.
And then they hit you with a story trailer a couple of months before it's set to come out."

"And then that's it. You know, we're here.
So I would expect that we're probably staring down some some form of impressions at some point, because it would be very strange, I think, for Ubisoft to debut one of its sort of tentpole releases of the year without letting anyone play it.
But yeah, it's going to be exciting."

"I think this one is quite an interesting one because it sits in that sort of same action adventure sort of category that we were talking about a few weeks ago, I want to say, when we're talking about Skydance and Marvel 1943 Rise of Hydra.
But in the massive way, right?
Yeah, but in the massive way."

"We still don't know what that is.
We know how massive it is with open worlds.
And this is no avatar, right?
It gets you closer to the character, closer to two characters with a sort of pet."

"So it's not the same as big open world action.
So what do you expect in terms of, you know, the uncharted side of things?
Like, is this smaller sections with combat is closer and then you have to solve?
I won't call them puzzles, but you have to solve like mechanisms to make your way through smaller areas."

"And then there's the open side of it.
I think I'm expecting it to be more akin to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.
Obviously, Survivor went that sort of step further with how much bigger its worlds were and the way it did things.
But I think it's going to be more akin to Fallen Order."

"Sort of tied to worlds, tied to storytelling.
Obviously, the key thing here is that it's not about a Jedi.
It's not about lightsabers.
Well, we don't think it is."

"Maybe there'll be some sort of plot twist later through the game or something when you find out.
Oh, they're actually a force using it.
I don't know. Maybe. You never know with Star Wars.
But it looks to me like it's more of a like a rooted sort of bounty hunter type game."

"Or rather there's an outlaw that's being pursued by the Empire.
But it's an interesting time period as well.
You know, set between Empire and Return of the Jedi.
The Empire is at its sort of full strength."

"Meaning you've got nowhere to run.
They're always there. They're always on your tail.
So it's going to be exciting.
But I think one of the really exciting parts about this game as well, though, is how massive it's going to approach."

"It's sort of, I don't know, galactic travel, right?
It's sort of space travel.
Because we've seen a glimpse of it in these trailers so far.
You know, you jump into the ship and it's all seamless."

"It's not like a loading screen.
You jump in the ship and you fly off into space.
I think that's going to be really exciting.
It's going to be a good example of what these sort of current gen devices can do, I think."

"So I'm looking forward to it in that regard.
But I don't know.
I think it's setting the pace for what Ubisoft has in store.
You know, we often overlook Ubisoft a little bit, I think, as a sort of a major publisher."

"Because they're very similar to or very samey with what they do.
Every year is the same sort of thing.
Yeah, either Far Cry or Assassin's Creed is what we expect from them.
Yeah, we get used to it."

"And I think we take them for granted a little bit.
But when you see how certain other publishers are taking things, especially this year, right?
You know, Nintendo and PlayStation are scaling things back a bit this year in regards to the way they do first party.
Xbox has a few exciting things."

"But we're not looking at it like, wow, this is a tentpole year for Xbox.
A lot of things are coming out in 2025.
Yeah, and then Ubisoft, they've got Outlaws.
Well, again, by the time the Ubisoft forward comes along, we're probably going to see Assassin's Creed Red."

"Codename Red.
I can't remember exactly which one they're going with here.
Split the Cell maybe.
Different games like that."

"So it's going to be a big year for Ubisoft.
I'm not saying all of these are going to come out in 2024.
No, exactly.
We've been discussing this year for a bunch of episodes here at Gaming Gossip."

"When is this going to release?
But at the same time, it's like perhaps what you said about the timing and when are press going to get their hands on the game, etc.
Makes a lot of sense.
And it's slightly different to other years precisely because we're not being hit by AAA games every single month."

"Same as last year.
It was crazy.
So perhaps that's part of the strategy.
And it's just a one off.
It's not something that they plan to do with every single major release for Ubisoft."

"Perhaps they are being very, very careful with timing.
And another perhaps is that they have to deal with Disney and Lucas and Star Wars because of the license and the timing we are in right now.
Right before the Star Wars day.
Not right before, but it's a couple of weeks away."

"And they have their own announcements and their own boss to it.
Like people are going to be consuming new Star Wars things in a month's time.
So we'll see about that."

"But perhaps that plays into their strategy as well.
And when you look at the sort of overall Star Wars approach to things, June is going to be busy because we've got the Acolyte.
So, you know, it's not just games that Star Wars has planned for us this summer."

"It's also TV.
And we've seen it sort of with the way that Disney does things with their big franchises, particularly Marvel and Star Wars.
They like to have something coming out on a monthly basis.
Not necessarily something new, but like new episodes in a show or something like that."

"So we know that there's going to be the Acolyte in June.
And that's going to run for probably till August.
And then there'll be something else.
You know, we haven't."

"We'll probably hear more about this stuff at Star Wars Day.
There'll be.
What's the other shows?
The one with Jude Law in it as well."

"They're like Rogue.
No, not Rogue Squadron.
That was the one that got cancelled.
Patty Jenkins directed it.
It was a film."

"Skeleton thing.
Skeleton crew.
That's it."

"So there's a lot of works right now that I would assume they'll probably line a few of them up for later this year, especially as we're barreling towards the end of this sort of feloniverse inclusion.
And given that the movies are coming out in 2026."

"So on this year's Star Wars Day, we should expect like the things that are coming out in 2025 as well.
Like perhaps Ahsoka, the new season.
Perhaps we're going to have a teaser or the final decision on whether we're going to get a final season for The Mandalorian.
Other than the, like, yes, as you said, like where the feloniverse is going to collide with the movie."

"I don't know about you, but I think the good thing about this game is it's canonical, of course, and we'll see if we will get any cameos or like if it's going to add some lore to what we know from the Civil War, right?
Survivor and Fallen Order.
And perhaps, of course, the third game is added to that a lot in terms of the sort of the cells and the faction that made up for the rebellion, etc."

"And for the alliance.
But we will see.
You said it's between Empire and Jedi.
And this has been defined as female Han Solo, which is something I don't like."

"And I actually like the actor this time around.
I think Humberly is going to I think the name of the character is K-Vess, right?
I think she's going to add a nice flavor to it.
But what if there is some connection to the films?
I don't expect that much of the Force or Jedis or anything, but, you know, she's going to be bounty hunting."

"And there is still Jabba and there's still Solo around and the people surrounding Solo.
So what do you expect in that regard?
I mean, there's got to be some sort of cameo appearances at some point, right?
I mean, even when you look at the Jedi games, like there's always that looming threat of Darth Vader showing up at some point."

"He's going to be freaking tricky to beat him.
But there's got to be something, right?
Even if it's just, I was going to say Greedo, but Greedo doesn't make it through A New Hope.
So there's got to be some sort of bounty hunter, maybe Boba, right?
Maybe Boba will show up."

"I mean, Boba and Solo is frozen, right?
Like for this time period, which is actually, correct me if I'm wrong, it's several years, isn't it?
Yeah, I think so, yeah.
It's a couple of years where Luke becomes a master, you know, and the start of the third film, Solo is still frozen."

"Luke arrives at Jabba's and then they do the whole thing and then they free him, right?
But what if, as you said, Boba, you know, drops Solo at the palace and then he has some missions, probably going to be your rival in this game.
You know what would be really nice, right?
Is if they showed us a new side to Leia, right?
During that sort of phase where Leia was trying to rescue Han."

"It'd be cool to see a sort of a grittier version of Leia as she's sort of adapting to this role, sort of away from royalty and becoming more of this sort of gritty, sort of, I don't want to say bounty hunter, but, you know, she falls into that role, doesn't she, during her rescue of Han.
So it'd be interesting to see if they look to incorporate her."

"But again, yeah, I think it would be disappointing to a lot of fans if we didn't see some characters making their debut, or not debut, their return.
Like, even if it's, I'm trying to think of some of the other bounty hunters, Bosk, or IG88, or any of these other like real quirky characters that majority people probably wouldn't know how to name until they played like the Lego Star Wars games.
And Bane, when was Bane dealt with?
That was the Boba Fett, the Book of Boba Fett, if I'm correct."

"So Book of Boba Fett is, of course, after the Empire.
So Bane is going to be a thing.
And we've been told that syndicates are going to be there, of course.
Like, I think the whole story will revolve around syndicates and how this cave lady is going to deal with them and with her own path, right?
So Bane could be like a boss type of thing for sure."

"And you can't kill him because we've seen how he's killed in, spoiler alert, in the Book of Boba Fett.
A show that you can sort of take it or leave it, in my eyes.
I think it was one of the low points of the Feloniverse.
I liked the character."

"The live action character rendition to what was a fantastic character in the Clone Wars.
But yeah, Book of Boba Fett was a little bit too Power Rangers, sort of Robert Rodriguez type of thing.
So with Star Wars Outlaws on its way and coming soon, what do we think this sets up for the Ubisoft 4?
What we expect from the Ubisoft 4?
Because I think that going into this year's Ubisoft 4, before they said that this story trailer was coming, I think we could all assume that Star Wars Outlaws is going to take a big portion of it."

"That we'd see Assassin's Creed and a few other things.
But like Star Wars and Assassin's Creed were probably going to be the meat of the bones of the forward.
But now that Outlaws is coming earlier than we thought, it doesn't just line up for these things."

"You're assuming it's coming out like around June, for example, right?
Like before the summer, because we're getting the story trailer and it wouldn't make sense otherwise, right?
And you already mentioned Assassin's Creed Red, right?
What else? I think it's... but I might be wrong."

"It's a little bit too early to know a bit more about The Division.
Because that's been announced, but in a very, very early stage.
And even though we've seen how Massive are more than capable to deal with two AAA really big projects at the same time, I was, again, I'm shocked at them being able to pull this off the year after Avatar."

"It's crazy how that's productive and that's... we'll see about the quality, right?
But it's really crazy. But that's only Massive.
So The Division is also a Massive thing.
So what else can we look forward to?
More Prince of Persia, for example."

"More... I'm playing the latest one, by the way.
It's a bit glitchy on the Switch, but did you enjoy that one? I really enjoyed that one.
The Lost Crown, yeah, I thought it was good, yeah.
I thought it faced a few sort of the Metroidvania issues that Metroidvanias have."

"But otherwise, I think it was a solid game.
I think that, you know, when it came out at the start of the year and everyone was sort of hyping it up as like, you know, this is already a game of the year contender.
I think it was good, but I don't think it's going to be in that conversation."

"I totally agree.
I think it has some personality to it in terms of the special abilities and the whole setting.
And that's a must for Metroidvanias to stand out.
Because normally, you know, they're copy-pasted from a previous template."

"But this manages to sort of show their own thing.
So what else do you expect from them?
Perhaps a new Rabbids game with Nintendo for the new system.
Perhaps that can be teased."

"I mean, it wouldn't be the first time where they announced something with Nintendo, but they announced it on their own space.
So if by that time, and I hope so, we know that the new console is coming out Q1 2025, I could see Ubisoft like joining the party and showing something of their own for the Switch successor."

"What else?
Yeah, I would really like that.
The only thing that worries me a bit about the Rabbids game is that we saw that there were those sort of reports relatively early on when it came out that it wasn't selling as much as Ubisoft hoped it would."

"But I think that was because they kind of forced it out the door to fill a...
And it had less. It really was successful at the end of the day.
Yeah, I hope they do more of it though.
Because I think that evolution from Kingdom Battle to Sparks from Hope was massive."

"Yeah, no pun intended. It was.
Yeah, it was.
But no, the thing that I really expect them to finally do at this Ubisoft forward is to put a firm date on X-Defiant.
Because I was speaking to Alex about this. I think it was in our last podcast episode, right?
I was like, you hear all these rumors about how this game is working and why it's taking so long to come out."

"But like, there needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
We need to say it's coming out on a specific date.
And that's that because it's just costing more and more money for Ubisoft to keep changing and keep developing this title."

"Slap a date on it and say it's coming out, I don't know, September 15th or something.
That's that. And move on.
We really don't want...
But like, just get it out the door, you know?
We really don't want it to be another Skull & Bones."

I mean, they're coming from that one.
So perhaps that also has to do with the strategy that we mentioned before in this show."

"That showing a little bit less.
I mean, of course, I don't think Star Wars is going to be the same case scenario.
But they learned a couple of lessons from that one."

"And from calling games not triple, but quadruple.
Sort of 4A.
It's a Guillemot thing, right?
Yeah, I know.
Like, you think he's been a CEO of a game company."

"A big game company.
And he still pulls this one out the bag.
Like, it's just a disaster, isn't it?
The PRs just must have had their head in their hands when he said it."

"They were like, God, he weighs a little bit old school.
And I like that.
It's what Kutaragi would say back in the day, you know, from Sony.
It kind of harkens back to the 2000s."

"And it gives us, you know, some food, right?
Yeah, for sure.
For thought and for discussion.
Anyway, really looking forward to watching the full trailer."

"And to playing the game, hopefully, before the forward.
So, if our calculations, if our maths are there, like, we should, right?
We should be able to.
Oh, yeah."

"It would be strange now if Ubisoft didn't put a release date on it.
If they've done this before with all these other story trailers in the past.
That they've done it, like, you know, two to three months before release, they put the story trailer out."

"And then this time they go, here's the story trailer.
It's coming in 2024.
Everyone would be like, what?
What's this?
Microsoft pulled that off before."

"And other companies did that as well.
Like, yeah, it's pretty much there.
But I think it's when the calendar is pretty packed.
So, I'm totally with you."

"I think that's going to happen.
And it's going to happen in a few hours.
That and I'm expecting on the Ubisoft forward, a release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2."

"I'm thinking sort of November 15th, 2024.
So, stay tuned for that.
Definitely going to happen.
Complete faith that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be announced with the release date this year."

"So, put your money down on that.
Isn't that the same date as Silksong?
Isn't it released?
Perhaps they will collide."

"Same date, so.
Yeah, it's going to be crossed over.
Yeah, it's going to be the event of the season.
But, yeah, big thing."

"So, stay tuned for that Ubisoft forward.
And otherwise, yeah, stay tuned for the Ubisoft, the Star Wars Outlaws story trailer to, you know, get confirmation on something we're already expecting to be showing up."

"But, yeah, this has been episode, again, episode 10 of Game of Thrones.
I think it's 10.
We're rallying these out.
This is like Star Wars."

"So, we have plenty of episodes already, like trilogies and stuff and prequels and spin-offs.
So, yeah.
Yeah, we'll figure that out, a spin-off one day."

"But, yeah, lovely as ever to talk with you about games.
You too, man.
Yeah, we'll be back next week.
So, join us for our lucky 11th episode."

"I don't know why it's lucky.
I just for some reason stopped playing there.
But, otherwise, yeah, thank you for watching the 10th episode of Game of Gossip and we'll see you on the next one."

"And may the force be with you."





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