Fallout (Amazon)

GRTV News - Fallout will premiere even earlier than expected

Amazon has revealed that the anticipated show will be arriving sooner than planned on Prime Video.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV news. Today we have quite a quick one for you actually. Essentially one of the biggest things that's happening in sort of the gaming sphere this week is that the Fallout TV show is making its debut."

"It's because of the state of April in regards to sort of game releases and events and stuff like that and you know big announcements that we know are coming. Fallout is probably sort of the behemoth of the week in many ways and a thing that most people are anticipating.
And clearly Prime Video understands that because they've actually brought forward the premiere date or I guess the premiere time for us in Europe a little bit forward again. So you know it was originally expected to come out I think maybe on April 12th and it was brought forward to April 11th. It's still April 11th for us in the UK and Europe but in some regions it's now actually April 10th. So yeah a little bit of a change of time. So let's dive on it and see exactly when the show is going to premiere on Prime Video now."

"So Fallout will premiere on Prime Video earlier than planned. Some of you will be able to watch the highly anticipated show on Wednesday which is tomorrow. The first teaser trailer for Amazon's Fallout show revealed that all episodes are set to arrive on Prime Video on the 12th of April but the premiere was later moved forward to the 11th of April."

"Now it's time for a second move and there's even more good news. Amazon has announced that Fallout will now premiere on Prime Video at 2 a.m. BST 3 a.m. CEST on the 11th of April.
So I'm probably not the only one in Europe that will be a bit sleep deprived on Thursday morning after binging the first season's eight episodes straight away. So yes it is still April 11th for us in the UK and Europe but this is a key bit to take from it as well as it's now it's now April 10th at 6 p.m. PT for those living on the West Coast of America and I guess 11 p.m. ET for those on the East Coast. So a little bit earlier than expected. But yeah unlike some Prime Video shows and some shows that are on streamers in general these days Fallout won't be doing a weekly release thing so we're not going to see something happen like what happened with Invincible for example where they released four episodes on a weekly basis then they took like a three, four month break and then they released the final four. No Fallout's not doing that. All episodes are coming on its premiere so on Thursday morning for us in the UK and Europe you'll be able to jump onto Prime Video and check out the entirety of the first season of the show. With it coming up very soon you can expect our reviews to land relatively soon as well. We'll be covering the show rather extensively so stay tuned for that and otherwise yeah make sure to let us know what you think about the show. Are you excited for it? I'm really excited for it. I think this is going to be a really interesting sort of premise and I think it's the sort of thing that we really need as well. It's not like a TV adaptation or a movie adaptation of a game that it kind of feels like we don't necessarily need it right now like we've seen with potentially The Last of Us. I think that was one of those ones that's really well done but I don't think it necessarily needed that adaptation. We haven't had a Fallout game in ages and it doesn't look like we're going to get a Fallout game for a while either so this feels like a really fitting adaptation especially one that's going to sort of push the narrative forward as well. So yeah let us know what you think about it below and otherwise let us know are you going to be staying up for it? Are you going to maybe get up early to watch Fallout? I'm not personally I watch it on Thursday at a reasonable time but let me know what your plans are. Otherwise though be sure to tune in tomorrow where we'll most likely be talking I would assume either Star Wars Outlaws or Joker Folly and Deer so yeah stay tuned for that. Otherwise thank you for watching and we'll see you all on the next episode."

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