Film Frenzy: Episode 8 - Are there too many bad films heading to cinemas these days?

We discuss if there are too many popular bad films being made these days and not enough time and effort spent producing fresh, original, and impressive movies.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to what I think is the 8th episode of our film frenzy show.
Today it's just me and Alex again, you know, we're just down to the two musketeers I guess.
Yeah, the two bad boys."

"The two bad boys, exactly.
Yeah, today what we're going to be talking about is part of our first episode of this Ape Out series that we're doing, mini-series as part of the film frenzy show.
There's a lot of ape films, right?
We've got Godzilla, X-Kong, The New Empire which just came out over Easter weekend."

"We've actually got Monkey Man coming up this week I think as well.
No one talks about Monkey Man but it's not an ape.
Well, monkeys aren't apes.
It's not an ape but Simeon, right?

"The Simeon season.
Rai, mate, yeah.
And then later on we've got Kingdom, is it Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes?
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, I've been starting my re-watch of the trilogy with Rai the other week."

"Great film, excellent film.
They're all great.
But anyway, the reason why we're going to talk about them is not just because we want to talk about monkeys."

"It's because today we're going to be talking about the sort of term that we like to use quite frequently here at Game Reactor called entertaining slop, right?
Which is this idea here.
Yeah, good slop.
It's this idea that it's like, we know these films aren't going to be great."

"I'm not saying that Monkey Man or Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes isn't going to be a good film.
They have very good opportunities to be good films.
But when you look at a film like God's Other Ex-Kong, you're not going into it expecting to be impressed, shall we say?
You expect it to be entertained."

"You're not going to have tears in your eyes like, wow, this is cinema.
You know?
You're not going to be like that guy in Top Gun Maverick where he's got his hands on his chin like he's on the edge of his seat watching Tom Cruise do the first flip of the movie or whatever.
But that's the point, though, is that is there space in cinema for these kinds of movies?
Should we be encouraging these kinds of films to be produced?

I think there's I think moviegoers are getting smarter now.
And, you know, Oppenheimer nearly drew a billion.
And that's quite like a it's quite it's a tough watch in a way of like 10 years ago."

"I don't think you're getting people to the cinema to watch Oppenheimer because they just couldn't be bothered with a three hour thing unless it's like going to have action or it's going to have this or it's going to have, you know, or it's like the third movie in a trilogy like the Lord of the Rings ones.
I think people nowadays are a lot more tuned in and therefore, yeah, give slop as well because you always need slop.
If you just ate like lobster your whole life, you just ate lobster and then you have like, I don't know, like gruel once every two years you have gruel."

"You're like gruel is the worst and lobster is fine.
Whereas if you have a Big Mac in between your gruel and your lobster, you get to appreciate lobster more and you find out that like gruel is really bad, but you know why it's bad.
You know that it's not just the worst because it's not lobster.
You know, it's the worst because it's it's worse than two of the things."

"Now, do you get what I mean?
The point of good slop is to make you realize that there are films that are not just bad.
They are boring, which I think is worse than being bad.
Like Five Nights at Freddy's is the one I always go to."

"Whereas I had a laugh.
I loved watching it.
I thought it was hilarious.
Would I say it's the best film of the year?
No, it is like a five out of ten, but it is also very good to watch."

"Like you just stick it on and you're like, what?
Yeah, Five Nights at Freddy's, Fazbear's, you know, yippee.
It's the same.
I think we've got I've not had a chance to go to the West Coven."

"I've said to Ben that my my local cinema is very like it's it's lobster, you know, all the time.
They don't put on they don't put on any gruel, nor do they even let you have a Big Mac.
But I think that's an interesting thing for you to say, though.
But the way I look at it is the way that the box office is trending as of recent."

"Right. So you look at twenty twenty four and the highest grossing film of the year is Doom, right?
Yeah. You've got like six hundred million as well.
Yeah, it's about six hundred thirty million already.
So it's like I want it to have more."

"It's not released in like one of the big territories yet or something.
I'm not sure. Like six hundred and thirty million doesn't sound like a lot.
But it's the highest grossing film of the year so far by over.
Well, by about three hundred million."

"And it's trailing. The one that's trailing it is actually Kung Fu Panda 4, believe it or not.
It's the second highest grossing film of the year.
I know it is unbelievable. And this is where like the whole, you know, good slop idea comes from again.
Because, yeah, twenty twenty four is box office is terrible."

"Like not as in like the films that isn't like it's not making any money.
It's more just that the movies that are coming out are like objectively terrible.
Right. We've had Kung Fu Panda 4, which people are saying is the worst Kung Fu Panda out of them all.
It's more. I think Kung Fu Panda 4, from what I've heard, I've not had a chance to see it yet because I didn't really get hype for it."

"No, I didn't even love Kung Fu Panda.
I love it more than like Shrek, which is bold because I think it just has those.
Especially in the first two movies, the character work is insanely good for a film that's called Kung Fu Panda.
Whereas the fourth one apparently is exactly what you'd expect from a film called Kung Fu Panda."

"You don't get like, holy hell, this guy committed genocide because he didn't want Panda to like take over his like lordship in China.
What the hell? Funny fart joke, you know, slapstick humor all the time.
No one really like cares about anything. The villain doesn't really have a backstory.
There's no sort of weight to anything that's going on."

"It's just a fun time, which is fine to take kids to the film.
But a lot of people who love Kung Fu Panda like it more than that.
So I can see why it's a success in box office, because it's like, it's like the Super Mario movie, where the Super Mario movie is like a six out of ten at best.
It's not great. It's very by the numbers, but it's great to take a kid to."

"To take it for a family day out. It's great. Keeps them entertained.
It was honestly, I felt like I blinked and the movie was over. It felt like a TikTok.
It's like 80 minutes of like blast, you know.
Yeah, it's really short. But then, but yeah, so you can understand why Kung Fu Panda is making the money it is."

"But the rest of the 2024 box office, this is where it gets really weird.
Right. Because Godzilla is already the third highest grossing film of the year at 200 million.
Which, you know, it's had a really good opening. People love Godzilla.
They love minus one. And then they get to see the sequel."

"Yeah. Where King Kong comes.
They love these movies. I've seen it. It's terrible. It's one of the worst films I've seen in a long time.
It's like unbearable to watch at times. I really do mean that.
Of the woman who's like consoling her like deaf daughter."

"Oh, the Volkswagen. And then the Volkswagen.
It's just like centre frame. I know. It's like purely lit as if it's a car advert.
I wrote a review on this film yesterday and I was I had to mention it.
I was like, how on earth are you letting that get through?
Like I look product placements happens in films all the time."

"And one of the ones that always gets a lot of attention is the one in Transformers 4.
I think with the Bud Light. Yeah. But like, it's funny the way they incorporate stupid and silly.
And it's like you understand it's a product placement.
But at the same time, it kind of fits into the theme of the film."

"But like this, this one in Kong is Godzilla X Kong.
It's just so like jarring. And it's so unnecessarily done.
Like I can't believe it went through. But anyway, the film's terrible.
That's the thing to say. Bad start to the simian season."

"Good slop or bad slop? Bad slop. Very bad slop. Bad slop. Not even like entertaining.
No, because it's like two hours long. It's like it's not a long film.
But there's times where there's times where you just you're bored.
Because because the thing is with Godzilla and Kong, right, is that they can't just have Godzilla and Kong fighting monsters for two hours."

"They need to have things in between. And because, you know, those monsters, they don't talk.
So there's no way to build narrative without having human characters there, really.
And the problem is the human characters are not entertaining at all.
Like they're the most. No, they're not. But they're like the most irrelevant people."

"And they're just like cliche characters. And it's just boring.
And then the plot is like it's going for this point now.
I've never gone to these films for the plot. Right.
But the plot is at this point now where it's just like."

"It's beyond the point of comprehension. It's just so weird and stupid.
There's this idea that all these monsters live in the world, all these titans.
And Godzilla is just there to keep the peace, essentially.
When one gets a bit too big for his boots, Godzilla goes and shuts them down."

"He's like a bouncer, essentially. Right. He's the UN.
Yeah. He's like. Well, he's like what the UN wishes it was.
Yeah. Yeah. But the point is in this film, right.
They know that the Scar King monkey is coming back. Right."

"He's been trapped in Hollow Earth or whatever.
Why is he like not just a Kong villain? Like why is he so powerful?
I don't know. I don't know. Like you watch the film. Right.
And he's like he's really no different to Kong."

"He just has a crystal that allows him to. I don't want to spoil too much.
But he has a crystal. Well, not the other apes.
But another creature. Right.
Is it the. There is another. There's another creature."

"There's another creature. I've seen this.
The other creature is really the powerful thing.
But the other creature is not inherently evil. Right.
It's just Scar King can control it. And that's where the magic crystal."

"Yeah. With his magic crystal. It's weird. But the point.
But anyway. Right. So Godzilla knows that this is comedy.
It's like sensitive with his like special Godzilla sense. Right.
The Scar King in this other monster is coming."

"So what does Godzilla do? He just he just fucks up around the world and kills a bunch of titans to absorb their power.
Like there's all these other big titans in the universe.
You think like, oh, one day it's Godzilla versus Tiamat or something."

"Oh, great. And Godzilla just goes over, murders it in literally a 30 second clip.
And you're like, oh, OK, well, I guess I guess that one's done.
I guess the third film ain't happening. Yeah, it's like it's the most weird thing.
They just and it's called Godzilla X Kong."

"And Godzilla's in it for like eight minutes. Yeah, that's what I didn't like.
It's just as soon as I heard that, I was like, what's the point?
It's bizarre. And it's just it's just one of those films that you're watching and you think like if this was 90 minutes long and it was 45 minutes of pure action mixed up with a few other things, I'd understand it."

"But like it there's times when you sit in the cinema and you're genuinely bored, like you're genuinely bored of what you're watching.
It's it's it's horribly done. It's a really, really awful film.
But anyway, the first Godzilla X Kong."

"The one where they were fighting. Yeah, because like there was.
It was just like there didn't need to be a narrative for Godzilla.
There didn't need to be a narrative for that film. It was just all these two.
They're both alphabets. No, I can't either. But they're like, you know, they're both alphas. They want the territory. It's just a fight."

"You know, it's just like primeval sort of battle, right?
This film, it's like, no, no, no. We need them to team up to fight this new alpha villain that wants to take over and enslave humanity.
And you're like, why? Why does this need to be the game?
It's bizarre. It's a horrible watch. And I really recommend people don't go and watch it unless like you live and breathe Godzilla and stuff like that."

"I'm going to watch it when it comes out on like digital, I think.
Oh, yeah. Don't go to the cinema. Don't go to the cinema for it.
Cinema is like, it is like expensive.
It is. It is. And you have to, if you're going to pay for a ticket, you want to pay for something you want to watch."

"Yeah. That's key.
I think like good slop to me is stuff that like, because I would say that you never get bored in something like just a comparative.
It's like the Michael Bay Transformers movies."

"Like they're really bad. Fast and Furious.
They're really bad. Like some of the Fast and Furious, I would say from five onwards, you never get bored.
No. They're bad movies. Yeah."

"And Michael Bay Transformers is the same because like the action choreography in some of the Transformers fights is like really well done.
Yeah. It's really, really, really well done. Yeah.
And with Godzilla, I can't really remember like any sort of, Godzilla X-Con, I liked the movie, but I can't remember any of the like fights."

"I can't remember any of the, like the moments.
And the only thing I remember from like the Godzilla X-Con New Empire trailer is the skirking, like flinging half of a building.
Yeah. Someone with his big chain whip or whatever he's got."

"Yeah. He barely fights in it. So don't expect to see.
They think they're like, oh, we'll save it. We'll save it. We'll save it.
And it's like, no, I want to see it.
I want to see it like now and then I want to see it like develop."

"I don't want to see the only fight be at the end.
Yeah. You want to see like the beginning, middle and end of the story can be entirely based around the fight.
It's like how like Mad Max Fury Road is in one chase scene, essentially."

"Yes. Excellent. That film.
No, it's like that. That's a good thing to bring up, though, between, you know, Fast and Furious.
And what was the other one we mentioned then?
Michael Bay's Michael Bay's Transformers movies."

"Yeah, because like I went to see Ghostbusters Frozen Empire.
Right. Like two weeks ago.
That film is not it's like objectively not a good film.
Right. It's it's it's not a great film."

"It's very repetitive in the Ghostbusters sense.
But it's fun. You know, you come out of watching Ghostbusters Frozen Empire.
You like it was the same Ghostbusters I've seen years and years and years.
Time and time again. But like I enjoyed it."

"And that's one thing you don't get from Godzilla.
So I kind of understand where you're coming from with.
There needs to be good slop to tell you and let you sort of appreciate what else is out there."

"But yeah, that being said, this year we've had the Mean Girls musical.
We've had Argyle. We've had Madden.
And we've had the Bob Marley one love biopic, which I don't think anyone's talked about."

"And that's the fourth highest grossing film of this year.
So, like, at what point do we say to these production giants, please stop making terrible movies, make less movies, make better ones and go from there?
Those are bad slop though."

"I think that's the is that good slop has heart.
You can tell someone tried.
You know, good slop is like it's solvable.
Like someone gave like someone gave a damn, even though they knew it wasn't going to be good."

"They still gave a damn.
Whereas like you watch something like the Bob Marley movie and you're like, this is quite devoid of.
I mean, it looks like Kingsley Benedict is a good Bob Marley."

"But apart from that, I can't say anything that like, you couldn't say about any of these other musical guy focus movies.
And the Mean Girls musical as well.
It's like, it feels like a cash grab more than it feels like something that has genuine."

"And I'd never say like, I think the actors always bring like the heart to it.
Like the actors in the Mean Girls one were like, they were trying apart from the girl who plays Katie, cause she can't sing. Why is she casting it?
I think she's also Australian anyway."

"So it is kind of hard.
Is that Angourney Rice?
The one from Spider-Man and all that?
Yeah. And in the Nice Guys.
And she's like a really good actor, but she's not a very good singer, especially not in an American accent."

"And so it was really bad, but you know, the rest of them are trying their best.
And so you can't really hate on them, but it's the people that behind the movie that you, that I always think they're the ones who decide whether it's good slop or bad slop."

"Because good slop, when you've got heart in the, in behind the, you know, behind the director's chair or something like that, someone who really cares about the movie and cares about what it wants to be more than what it is, I think is, is, is the definition of good slop to me because as well, it can just be a good time."

"It can just be, you know, but then again, I feel like you can make bad slop, good slop, depending on your viewing experience, like Black Adam at four times speed."

You just put it on like five times speed.
You have no idea what was going on.
You get the occasional, the rock saying conduct or whatever."

And then the bit where he's like four heads really big cause he's flowing down.
And that's basically the movie.
Like you have no idea what's going on, but my God, is it a thrill ride?
Like Pierce Brosnan just is like a bare one minute on the next."

"Spoilers for Black Adam, but nobody saw it anyway.
I went to see that one in cinemas as well.
How was it in cinemas versus four times speed?
It was one of those films where Black Adam was one of those really awkward ones, no way."

"Like you knew the DC universe or extended universe, whatever the hell they used to call that one.
Like you knew it was dying, right?
It was on its way out."

"It's like the extended Snyderverse, isn't it?
Cause they kicked Snyder out after Justice League.
Then they trawl on with like four more films.

"And that's the thing is that when, when you know a film is irrelevant, it's kind of hard to go into it and think to yourself like, Oh, this is, this is interesting."

"Even if, even if there's some characters that you're like, Oh, that's, that's quite a cool character.
If they have no future and you just watched it for the sake of watching it, the film has to be like a really competent and coherent story to make it as a standalone package and not something as part of a wider universe."

"But Black Adam, isn't that Black Adam is like the next piece in the puzzle of the DC extended universe.
And when that there's no solution to that puzzle.
So it's just like, it's just like, it's just, it's like, you've got a jigsaw and you've opened the box and there's, there's supposed to be a thousand pieces and there's actually 38 of them and you're trying to solve the thing and it's, there's no, there's no solution to it."

"But that's probably the same with Aquaman.
Oh yeah.
Like it's Black Adam because Black Adam is a villain.
He's not meant to be like, he's a Shazam villain as well."

"So he's not really meant to be the A game player that the rock wants to be.
So you can't really put him in that realm.
And yet the rock was like, no, I'm facing Superman."

"No, I'm doing this.
I'm doing that.
Go on then, Dwayne.
You know what I will say though about this year, the box office, right?
Cause for some reason we're talking about Black Adam, which is like 2022."

"I would say that this year, movies have been better on streamers than they have been at the cinemas.
I think we've had more better movies come to streamers than we've had come to cinemas."

"Because I think that aside from Dune and probably The Beekeeper, which was a Sky movie anyway, you know, I don't know what the equivalent would be for Regis Dark Sky.
I don't think there's been any like standout films."

"Whereas I think, I think Damsel on Netflix was a surprisingly entertaining watch, like the epitome of good slop.
And I think Roadhouse is the exact same."

"Roadhouse is a really, it's a really, really good film.
I've just seen all the interviews of like where Conor McGregor allegedly looks like he's on coke."

"Oh yeah.
He definitely is.
Well, allegedly.
We don't want to get any, get him back whilst he's a character."

"That's all I've seen of Roadhouse.
It's like a remake, right?
It's a modern take on it.
And it's, the original one was all that sort of like artsy, sort of like almost footloose with fighting, right?

"That's sort of what the original Roadhouse was.
This one, it's like an ex-MMA fighter that's a bouncer and criminals and all that stuff."

"It's really, it's honestly really, really good.
And Conor McGregor, he just plays himself, but he is like excellent."

"He's the star of the film.
He's unbelievable.
He's like, he's a, it's a great film."

"I recommend people watch Roadhouse.
It's, it's genuinely fantastic.
And yeah, I think that, I think it says a lot about this year's box office when the streamers are putting out more interesting movies and the production giants are putting into cinemas."

"It's so weird that people aren't watching Dune now.
I know we went over Dune before, but like, it's the only film worth watching that's out right now."

And it's still not got even the, like I was expecting a Billy for Dune.
Well, the thing is, it's the only thing out right now."

"Yeah, it is.
It is.
But the thing is as well with Dune is that if it came out last year, it would already be the seventh highest grossing film of the year."

"And like last year had some really big movies as well.
You know, not ones that you normally look at and talk about, but like, you know, Barbie, Mario, Oppenheimer, Guardians, Fast X, Spiderverse, Wonka, Mermaid, Mission Impossible, Ant-Man, John Wick, Migration, Five Nights, you know, Creed, Flash, there's loads of big movies."

"And the fact that Dune would already be the seventh highest grossing film of the year shows it's done quite well.
I don't know why it wouldn't do any better though.
I can't understand that either."

"Especially when you see how many people are like sort of talking about it and flocking to share their thoughts about it on the internet.
It's one of the best like cinema experiences I've had in ages.
Oh yeah, yeah."

"Like it has to be seen in cinemas, doesn't it?
It's the best way to watch that film.
You just watch it on like a big screen."

"So I watched, one of my friends got into the, they were like, they heard about Dune 2 and they were like, I want to see Dune 1 first."

"And we watched it in front of like a, like a big telly, but it's just a TV.
You're still not getting the same like sort of overwhelming aspect that cinema gives you."

"One of my friends was like, it's boring.
It's like two hours of nothing.
It was a set up movie.
Yeah, the third movie was good as well."

"In retrospect, the first movie does have about, I don't know, 60 minutes, 70 minutes of like steady sort of character development, but the book's the same."

"The book's the same.
So, you know, it's an interesting one.
But no, I think, yeah, I'm starting to get to a point with cinema though, where I'm thinking to myself that we need to have like a ratio of more like one to one slop to quality films."

"Because right now the ratio is so skewed.
Like we get so many, regardless of whether it's good or bad slop, like we get a lot of slop and very few genuinely good films."

"And I admit, there are some really good films that come out that nobody wants to watch because they are those sort of art housey things.
You know, I mean, like Anatomy of a Fool was up for a million awards."

"I don't think anyone went to see that at cinemas.
It was on at my lobster cinema.
It wasn't at mine, I'll tell you that."

"But that's probably because it's a French film.
You got a big mass for a gruel cinema.
Well, we've got a cinema that's attached to a bowling alley, so that says a lot."

"But yes, I think that's my sort of take on the matter.
But yeah, I don't know.
We'll talk more about monkeys, I guess, in the future of Film Frenzy."

Are you going to be seeing Monkey Man, do you think?
Monkey Man, maybe."

"Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, definitely.
I've been watching, I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes recently.
What a picture."

"What a movie.
A great picture.
And then Dawn and War, they're not as great as films, but they do a lot of work for the world building."

"I don't know.
I just think it's like, I wish there was some kind of award for someone who's given loads of time to one specific character."

"Because Andy Serkis, he's been, that man was an ape for nearly a decade, well over half a decade.
He was just full ape mode."

"I don't think there's a better motion capture artist in the world than Andy Serkis.
Which is unbelievable because he's like a fantastic actor as well."

"Yeah, he doesn't get enough credit, I don't think, Andy Serkis.
Even though he gets a lot from Gollum and from Caesar, I don't think he gets enough as not only the motion capture actor, but the actor outside of it."

I mean, he was brilliant as Alfred in the Batman as well.
No one talks about that very often.

"Which is weird because I was looking at all the Batman films recently.
If you actually look at all the Alfreds, they're getting increasingly younger and sexier."

Which, whenever we get the next Batman film, Batman's probably going to be a teenager and Alfred's going to be like a 28-year-old man or something."

"Well, it's like the same with like Spider-Man and Aunt May, right?
I don't know what that's all about."

"I don't know why we're going under that trend.
Maybe that'll be the topic of the, Yeah.
Maybe we'll talk about that in the next episode."

"Why is Alfred and Aunt May so damn sexy?
Get them out of our games.
Get them out of our movies.
All right.
Well, I think it's time to wrap up where we go for a while."

"So, this has been Film Frenzy episode eight.
We'll be back next week to talk about something else.
I'm not too sure what we'll talk about."

"Who knows?
Something will happen.
It's been like a month now until the next ape.

"When does Monkey Man come out?
This week.
Monkey Man is, I think, April 5th."

I don't know whether I'll be seeing it.
It probably won't be at my local cinema.
I might go try and see Monkey Man then."

If you do, let me know.
I'd like to watch it."

"It looks like, you know, sort of, John Wick.

"So, it looks good, but I don't think my cinema will have it, which is a shame.
But anyway, we'll talk more about that next week."

"Otherwise, Alex, as lovely as ever to speak with you, and, yeah, we'll pick up again next week."

"Take care, everyone.





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