Razer Aether Lamp Pro (Quick Look) - Enhance Your Immersion

This lighting solution from Razer uses multi-zone light systems to provide an array of colour and RGB effects that can be matched with movies, games, and music.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Game Reactor Quick Look.
There are two tendencies currently within tech and that one is that we need smarter homes where everything needs to obey a phone app or voice commands through a Google Home system or Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, whatever it is that you end up using."

"And also when speaking to gamers directly, they want RGB.
They want lighting within their rigs, in their keyboards, in their mice, in their monitors, and it needs to speak together in order to create a coherent effect that you enjoy and in some cases sync with the games that you're playing."

"Well Razer has decided that those two tendencies need to combine into one product.
So this is the Aether Lamp and it is made by Razer, so it is supposed to be in your gamer room.
And Razer is very clear about that in their marketing material that they send over."

"So in the press photos, you have a serious gamer with his Razer mouse, Razer keyboard, his monitor, and all of the lights rigged in his PC gaming setup, desktop of choice, and all of that is synced together using Razer Synapse.
And in between all of that is this, this lamp, which both is a smart lamp in the sense that it works with the Razer Gamer Room app."

"That's one thing that's basically sort of Synapse where you can make coherent lighting effects that, you know, work across different sort of kits that you might have in that particular room.
But it also is matter compatible and works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can set it up in Google Home, give it a name, and have it turn on alongside the rest of your lighting kits, basically, when you want to turn on your office or gamer room or whatever it is that you end up calling it."

"So it is very much sort of a cross-section product in between two different use case scenarios, the hardcore gamer and the person who wants a matter compatible lamp on his or her desk that needs to turn on whenever the voice command is prompted.
So, does it work?
I suppose in a very simple term, yeah, it works."

"It turns on and off.
There are effects both here on the top of the lamp, which basically means that you can set a particular RGB effect.
There is some sort of smoky hallucinogenic stuff."

"There is pulsating.
There's one button basically that sets it between different particular patterns.
There is this really, I will say, nice stepwise counter, almost like a digital crown on a clock which circles through different lighting versions of that particular effect."

"And then there is a third button for lighting intensity of that particular effect.
There are other nice features too.
There is a lovely sort of rubberized standoff here at the bottom to make sure that it doesn't move about."

"It's weighted in a nice way that means that it doesn't feel too plasticky and it's basically lit with USB Type-C, meaning that you can lose or damage the power cord that you have and just replace it with another one and whatever one you use can be sort of hidden away by this little cutout here, meaning that there isn't a cable flapping about."

"All of that is very nice, but it's very hard to see why you would need something like this because you would have to assume that the person who already is invested in the Razer ecosystem has RGB lighting within the desktop case, in the keyboard, in the mouse, behind the monitor."

"There are so many ways in which to create, let's say, creative lighting effects without buying an additional lamp just for that purpose and while I would say that this is, if this was just like had a regular like lighting set that it was just, you know, a warm orangey like yellowish glow and there are certainly that both in the Gameroom app and also if you circle through the RGB elements, it's suitably anonymous to not be called ugly, but it's certainly also conversely not pretty either."

"So it's not about how pretty the lamp is.
It's about whether or not it can create a light effect that you think jives with your personal style and again, going back to the original argument, you would probably have enough lights to do that for you already."

"This is also $80.
You can get very decent, lovely, smart lamps as well for $80.
For instance, Razer just made a monitor light.
They just had one from BenQ earlier, which is a bit more expensive than that, which is something that you fix to your monitor and then casts light downward."

"There's also RGB on that and it just feels like a much more natural extension of the Razer lifestyle than this, which looks a bit like a fancy IKEA lamp and you could probably get one that looks a lot like this for a lot less.
Thank you so much for watching."

"See you on the next one."





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