realme 12 Pro Interview - A closer look at the new smartphone

We recently attended the presentation of the latest phone model by realme at the stadium of LaLiga's Getafe CF, and then we were joined by Europe CMO Lilian to learn more about its photo features, its advanced tech for a mid-range unit, and the company's "niche to global mainstream" strategy.

Audio transcription

"Hi, Gamereactor friends. We just attended the presentation of the realme 12 Pro at the Coliseum, which is the stadium of LaLiga's Getafe.
And we got to see its new features. The phone just released and we're here joined by Lilian. Thank you so much for joining us.
Why do you call this the Portrait Master?
Because for realme 12 Pro series, we are using a flagship periscope telephoto."

"And this is the first time that we use periscope lens in a mid-range phones.
So usually when you see the markets, most of the periscope lens are about 1000 euros.
And we're bringing it to mid-range. And with this lens, we can do multiple portraits like in three times zoom.
And also six times."

"Besides that, you can also use 120 super zoom to take in photos from a very far away place.
And we also have some software improvement.
So we are working with Oscar winning photographer.
And he's also in all the way improving all of the softwares together with our product and research team."

"And besides that, we also have some algorithm to improve the photos, especially in the low light conditions.
So with all of this, we are calling this a Portrait Master.
But honestly speaking, our phone is just to provide some devices for people to take photo."

"So we encourage everyone to use our phone to be a Portrait Master.
So we hope that everyone can be a Portrait Master together with realme.
I'm into portraits myself.
So that's very interesting."

"And it's a really nice tech for a mid-range phone.
As you said, it's not common to see all of this.
What else can you tell us about, you know, the algorithm you said, for example, to get better blurred backgrounds or the Sony lens that you have included in the phone?
Or how, as you said, with the way you can zoom in and out, you can get different results compared to what normally is in the range of these phones?
Well, our product team has done a lot of research around the world to see what kind of portrait that people like."

"Because in different regions, you might have different preferences.
So we have mainly our young users' preferences.
So, for example, if you check our phone, there are several different filters.
You can apply to the portrait photos directly."

"And also we have the different color tone.
When you open the camera and take a photo, the system will detect what is the color tone automatically.
And then you will see that if you take a photo in, let's say, in a football stadium, then the color tone will be more green.
And then if you take a photo like in the sunset, so the color tone will more towards to the sunset color tone."

"So this is also something that we are trying.
And other than those, we are also having some special mode.
For example, the super moon mode.
So if you take some photos when the moon is coming out, the moon will be very, let's say, very, very clear."

"And it looks like a better moon.
And now that you unlocked, I'm taking a look at the screen itself.
So what can you tell us about it?
It's a curved screen and it's very bright."

"And again, it's kind of not common to see this on mid-range phones.
So this is an OLED Full HD+.
And we have this screen for this model because we noticed that especially for European users, they value this screen a lot.
And we are having the 950 nits for this one."

"And according to the feedback, our product has been released for one week.
And according to the feedback from our media friends and also our users, they like this screen a lot.
During your presentation, you mentioned that Realme is trying to go from niche to sort of a global mainstream type of target.
To be well known and to be, as you said, global mainstream."

"How would you say this model plays into that strategy?
Well, this one, let's say that Realme 12 Pro series, especially the number, it's one of the number series that we have.
And it's kind of represent our brand."

"The reason why is that if we look at the smartphone industry, we will find that most of the brands, they will invest more, whether it's the manpower or resources in high-end phone.
And the mid-range phone industry, it's kind of like being in the mid-range.

"It's kind of like being ignored.
And we don't want that to happen because the truth is that the majority of the users are in the mid-range segment, not in the flagship level.
So we are spending a lot of our time and resources in mid-range phone.
And that is why we are having this, let's say, the cutting-edge technology in this part."

"So it's the first time that we use the Periscope.
The flagship Periscope in the mid-range.
And also, we are using some special design.
I was going to ask about the vegan leather."

"So that doesn't look like mid-range either, right?
What can you tell us about this finish and sort of the material you guys are using here?

"We are using the vegan material.
And it's also the silicone materials that we are using.
So it doesn't only make you feel it's premium and comfortable, but it's also eco-friendly."

"And if we look at the camera here, we have the circle shining part here.
And this is the concept from the luxury watch.

"We are working with a luxury watch maker from France.
So he share a lot of concept from the luxury watch industry with us.

"And we are using this concept in our phone to make this phone feel more comfortable and premium.
So I think you are into this kind of design."

And of course, you guys released the 12 and the 12 Pro."

"But you, as you mentioned, you have other ranges or other sort of models, the GT and different.
For those that don't know about Realme, how would you defer these different models?
What's the difference?
And what can they look forward?
What are two if they look for different models other than the numbered models?

We actually have three series.
The GT and the- GT series, which is the most high-end part."

"And we focus more on the performance for those who want to try those top technologies.
And we have number series.
And number series focuses on the photos to capture the real.

And number series is the essential plus.
Because for C series, there's a huge foundation of the users.
So we are providing the good quality and also the good design for those."

"Besides these three, we just newly add a new series, the Realme Note series.
And it's the very entry level phone for our users.
And for that series, we are highlighting the quality.
Because in very entry level phones, there's a lot of things that we noticed that is not right because the quality in that segment is not that good."

"So when we noticed that, we said, okay, we need to develop an entry level phone for people with good quality.
And during the presentation, we also saw that you are running this partnership with Getafe CF."

"So what can you tell us about that?
Because it's very recent.
It started in January, if I'm correct.
And it's written on the jersey as well."

"So what can you tell us about this ongoing collaboration with La Liga Club?
Yeah, of course.
In Realme, we value the localization a lot.
And when we enter Spanish market, we find out that sports, especially football, is the most popular here."

"If you want to have more competition.
If you want to have more communication with the young users, sports, the football is something that you cannot skip.
And in Realme, we aim to provide tech experiences that consistently exceed the expectations for young users worldwide."

"And together with Getafe, we can make this tech experience more entertaining.
So we use our phone to capture more amazing.
And exciting moments during the sports, especially those winning moments.
And with the Zoom, it's easier to zoom into the players."

So finally, the 12 and 12 Pro just released, as you said, a few days ago.
What are the launch details, the price point, and how can people get their hands on these phones?

"Actually, talking about the price, we have released this phone once.
And today is the first sale on Amazon.
And I tell you a good news that like several minutes ago, my team told me that our 12 Pro + is on the top one on Amazon in smartphone category."

"And Realme 12 Pro + is on the top four in the smartphone category.
So we are super excited about this news.
And it also proves that our audience do like our phones, especially the 12 and 12 Pro.
So very excited that people are into this phone."

"And if you go to Amazon today, you will still find a special offer.
So our Realme 12 starting from 299, 299 euros.
And our Realme 12 and 12 Pro + starting from 399 euros.

"So these are the special offers that will last several days.
Several days more.
And main seller is Amazon, main retailer, right?

"All right.
I think that's enough.
Thank you so much for your time, Lilian.
And looking forward to trying it out and look forward to read our review of the phone at Game Reactor."

"Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you."





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