XPENG G9 - EV Hour

The electric SUV from China is designed to get you from point A to point B without hassle. Here are our thoughts on the car.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor EV Hour.
This one is quite special, in fact, since this is the Xpeng G9.
I actually drove this car with my dad some months back because he's quite interested in buying this exact model and even though I only drove it for like 20 minutes with him, we both became infatuated with it and I knew already that this was going to be a special time."

"Now I've driven it for two weeks and I'm prepared to take a tiger's leap because even though that my experience is limited, I've driven quite a few EVs so far that is currently active on the market and this is the best one.
This is the best car of any sort, EV or none, that you can buy in its price bracket, in its price range."

"There is no parameter where this car is not the best and the one that I would actively recommend from now on to everyone I meet.
So this is going to be a bit of a love letter, why don't we get started?
Let's go."

"The comfort of these seats are just astonishing.
The overall ride, thanks in part to the airlift suspension, is incredibly comfortable across all terrain types.
The passenger's screen is a stroke of genius and reflected in such a way that it's never distracting to the driver."

"The seating position is high and it's elegant.
The rear seats reach Rolls Royce levels of spaciousness, it just doesn't stop.
By the way, did you guys notice that the car changed color over the course of the loan period?
Well, seemingly Xpeng cannot produce them fast enough, so we had to swap them out."

"Anyway, if you're worried about all the fundamentals, they are all here.
So that's up to 570 kilometers of range, depending on model and spec and weather condition and all that stuff.
Up to 300 kilowatt charging, which is extremely fast and even a massive trunk and a pretty big frunk as well, which is great news."

"The point is that on every single measurable parameter, the Xpeng G9 is either close to or the best in its price range.
And it is butting heads with cars that costs, well, a third as much or twice as much.
And yet it is still more comfortable, more beautiful, more streamlined, works better on us from a software point of view."

"It is simply a cavalcade of wins across every conceivable category.
So even when I put on my most critical journalist hat, I just couldn't help but fall for it.
I was just about to get in when I forgot about something.
It's even the little stuff."

"Do you know what I mean?
Because there's eight years of warranty.
There is a heat pump for when the weather gets cold as standard.
It's just, they just keep doing it."

"While the P7 could be considered a fantastic opening salvo from a budding new brand on the Danish or the Scandinavian market, this is just a masterstroke.
And I've come across this conundrum, which is that when people come up and ask me, well, what kind of car would you now recommend?
There isn't really a lot of headroom to suggest anything other than a G9."

"Well, it might be that you can't afford it, which is completely fine.
I would buy it if I could afford it, but I can't, so...
The G9 seems to be a full circle moment for Xpeng, which already has been on quite the successful journey, both here in Denmark and in Europe in general."

"And despite not being able to speak of long-term potential ailments yet, I can't say that it leaves one hell of a first impression.
I don't consider myself a classic car journalist, I just don't really think that I've earned that privilege yet."

"And I think that if some of my colleagues, using air quotes there quite deliberately, are watching my videos, well, they think that I might be too kind.
I get that, and I think that it's a partially valid criticism.
But I find myself at another set of crossroads where I just have to tell you guys how I feel."

"And I feel like that this is the best car that I have ever driven, and it is my inner car poster from now on.
The car that I quite semi-realistically will be dreaming of owning someday.
I'm not talking about the Ferraris or the Lamborghinis of the world, which I will never own."

"I'm talking about this someday going into a dealer and putting my money down for one of these.
Because this is my dream car, and I think that it is the best car in the world.
And that is with a bunch of caveats, though, price, availability, and longevity and sort of service options if and when something goes wrong."

"But with all those caveats in place, my point stands, this is my favourite car ever.
See you guys in the next one."

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