The Last of Us (HBO Max)

GRTV News - The Last of Us Season 2 expands cast with four new stars

Manny, Mel, Nora, and Owen have all been cast for the TV series.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to the first episode of GRTV News this week.
Today we're going to be picking up on something that took place right at the end of last week in regards to The Last of Us.
We talk about The Last of Us show quite a lot on GRTV News, but I think it's because it's quite a popular thing."

"But anyway, we're continuing that sort of effort today by talking about various new cast members that have been added to the crew for Season 2.
Four new roles have been filled for characters that you might recognise if you've played the games recently, should we say.
And they're coming from a variety or they have an experience in a variety of different other major productions."

"So with that being the case, let's dive on in.
Stars from Top Gun Maverick, Runaways, Uncharted and Heartland join The Last of Us Season 2.
We finally know who's playing Owen, Mel, Manny and Nora in the show.
The filming of The Last of Us Season 2 started a couple of weeks ago, so PlayStation Productions and HBO House decided to confirm some more actors joining the cast before they leaked."

"Max X account has announced that Danny Ramirez, Top Gun Maverick and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ariella Berra, Runaways and How to Blow Up a Pipeline.
Tati Gabrielle, Uncharted and The 100 and Spencer Lord, Heartland and Family Law have joined Season 2 of The Last of Us as Manny, Mel, Nora and Owen respectively.
None of these will spend much time with Pedro Pascal's Joel or Beryl Ramsey's Ellie in this season that is expected to start in early 2025 as they're all a bigger part of Abby's, played by Caitlin Dever at Life."

"So yes, you probably recognise these character names if you've played the second game recently.
They're the ones that sort of follow Abby along as she goes on her sort of revenge mission against Ellie.
Which means they do sort of have small involvements I guess with Ellie and I guess with Joel as well.
But they're only brief. For the most part, these characters, these actors, they're all going to be spending more time with Caitlin Dever's Abby as she goes on her mission."

"But yes, as Eric puts it in the news piece there, The Last of Us Season 2 is supposedly supposed to release sometime in early 2025.
So we're expecting, well, production is sort of ongoing and then we're expecting the season to drop in about a year's time.
And as well, because the second game is bigger than the first game, especially with more sort of exploration efforts and whatnot, I think there's sort of this mindset that it's going to be split into a couple of seasons."

"Which is probably a good thing because we don't have Last of Us Part 3 yet and if they're producing TV at this rate, we're not going to get enough time for the Last of Us Part 3 to come out and then for them to turn it into a TV series if they intend to do that.
Maybe they won't be Last of Us Part 3, maybe they'll stop producing the show, maybe they'll go into the Game of Thrones escrut with a TV show in the game or the TV show, the source material, should we say, or different sort of things.
I don't know. It's all very unusual the way they're handling this and the way they're going to go into the future."

"But yes, this is all the time we have on today's episode of GRTV News. We'll be back tomorrow with the next one of the week.
So until then, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and we'll see you all on the other side. Take care, everyone."





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