Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

GRTV News - Warner Bros. left disappointed with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice sales

The game has fallen short of sales expectations, as confirmed by the entertainment giant.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of GRTV news. Today we're going to be talking about something that was started doing the rounds early or late last week, shall we?
It's in regard to Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, which is one of the biggest launches in February, despite the fact that it's not been out for a full month yet."

"Warner Brothers, who is sort of the parent company of Rocksteady, who developed the game, they've given their sort of take on the game's performance already.
Again, it's only really been out for a few weeks, but already Warner Brothers has stated in a financial call that the game has fell short of its expectations, which is not exactly surprising considering the, I want to say middling, but more sort of disappointing reviews that it got, as well as the fact that we're seeing very limited numbers of people playing the game on the platforms that we can see player data, for example Steam."

"So with that being the case, let's dive on in.
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League fell short of Warner's expectations. No figures were given at the financial call, but the comparison with the same period last year leaves no room for doubt.
This may not come as much of a surprise, but it seemed obvious to all of us that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was going to be a flop."

"In addition to all the design and gameplay flaws that we pointed out so well in our review, Rocksteady's game had a disastrous pre-release and neither console nor PC gamers stepped up to the pale to support the game.
I said it seemed obvious to us all, and now we have a proof of that thanks to a meeting with investors at Warner Brothers.
The company has reported that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has not lived up to our expectations since its launch earlier in the quarter, so our games business faces a difficult year-over-year comparison in the first quarter, said Gunnar Wiedenfels, CFO of Warner Brothers Discovery."

"This time last year, Warner Brothers launched Hogwarts Legacy, which became the best-selling game of 2023 in US based on dollar sales, and I believe it is the same in the UK as well.
So the year-on-year comparison may be even more painful, if that's possible.
The future of the game now looks even more uncertain, although it is hoped that the arrival of some DSL content such as The Joker or Mr Freeze will encourage some players to join the live service."

"In any case, it doesn't look like this squad will survive much longer in the current context.
So yeah, simply put, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League isn't doing very well.
We're not too sure how it's doing on consoles, because we never really get to see player data on PlayStation and Xbox.
That's something that's usually kept under wraps."

"Generally speaking, you can tell whether a game is doing well if you go into the store and you see it's among your region's top 10 games, which it's not exactly a very useful way to frame things.
What we can do though is we can go to Steam and use the SteamDBCharts platform, where as of right now, again, it's only been like three weeks since the game launched.
On Steam, there are less than a thousand people playing, and it's 24-hour peak."

"There's currently less than 400 people playing the game, and at its all-time peak, around launch, it hit about 14,000, which considering Helldivers is constantly having to update up its server capacity to over 800,000 at this point, an all-time peak on Steam of less than 13,500 is pretty dire.
Yes. And then there's also the user reviews, which says that 78.76% of the positive."

"But it is worth saying that to leave a user review, all you seemingly need to do is own the game.
So I wouldn't necessarily look at user reviews as a particularly reliable thing.
But yes, the long story short is that Warner Bros.' discovery in not too happy with Suicide Squad Killing Justice League at the moment, which is something I don't think many people would be too surprised with."

"It already seemed like the game was going to have a tough go of it, and that it was going to have to defy expectations, shall we say, to succeed.
But regardless, it doesn't look like the game is doing too well. Maybe they can change it around, but I still stand by the belief, personally, that as soon as Roxanne needs to basically say this one didn't work out, we're going to move on to the next game.
Similar to what I still hope Arcane do with Redfall, instead of spending years and years trying to fix that game, use your resources elsewhere, go back to what you know, and go back to what you're really, really, really good at for both studios, single-player stories."

"So hopefully that's the case. Otherwise, if they do try and turn it around, be sure to keep posting with more information.
We do know that Suicide Squad is going to be expanded with other characters like the Joker, Mr. Freeze, seemingly scarecrows in there as well.
But again, you can read more about that all on your local game rights region."

"But otherwise, that's all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News. We'll be back now tomorrow for the next one, so stay tuned for that.
Until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday, and we'll see you on the other side. Take care, everyone."





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