GRTV News - Riot has finally revealed Project L's official name

2XKO is a 2v2 tag-based fighting title.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to the final episode of the GRTV News this week.
Today we're going to be talking about something that kind of was a little bit surprising that it was announced honestly.
Even though there wasn't an announcement related to this announcement shortly before this announcement was announced."

"But yes, today we're talking about Riot Games. They have various different games in the work.
They're going to have less games in the work than we're used to because the Riot Forge Division is seemingly being sunset.
And they're focusing less on these sort of smaller adventures and experiences from other developers.
But they are still doing a lot of in-house production and one such game that is on its way is Project L."

"Or at least it was Project L because now it has an official and proper name that we can tell you about.
So that's what we're going to be talking about today.
Riot's Project L finally has a title and it's definitely unique.
The League of Legends developers 2v2 tag-based fighting game is kind of appropriately called 2XKO."

"Like two times knockout.
Anyway, the last time we heard anything noteworthy about Riot Games Project L, the upcoming 2v2 tag-based fighting game was when the studio showed some gameplay and revealed its EVO plans back in August."

"So it's understandable if you don't know much about the game, but you'll see it a lot more this year.
Right, it's finally announced that Project L's actual title will be 2XKO.
This announcement is accompanied by two videos.
The first one shows off some of the cool characters and environments in the game, while the other one is mostly executive producer Tom Cannon telling us they learned a lot from the playtests at EVO and that even more demos and playtests are planned both at events and digitally throughout 2024."

"Now again, I'm not going to actually show it here, but you get the sort of gist of what it is.
You know, it's a fighting game like we've seen before.
It's that sort of, I don't want to say 2D, but 2D sort of format to it where you play on one plane, but it has a sort of almost associated type of art style."

"And unlike games like, for example, Mortal Kombat and Tekken and whatnot, this game is strictly 2v2.
So you will need a friend or you will need an ally or you will need a computer, I guess, an AI to help you out along the journey.
And yeah, it's about pretty much the same as any other fighting game, otherwise, by the looks of things."

"But yes, 2XKO has been officially, I guess, unveiled in a way.
We actually know its official name finally.
There's a few other bits of information that we do know about the game, including that it won't be coming this year.
It's going to be set for a 2025 release date, although we're going to be getting various bits of information and trailers and whatnot about it throughout this year, maybe even some opportunities to play it so we can tell you about our experience with it."

"It will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC when it does eventually debut.
And while it is being developed by Riot Games, it has been published in the Riot Forge division, which was the publishing division that also did little smaller games, like, for example, the A Mage Seeker game, Bandle Snatch that recently debuted, those sort of games."

"Again, I don't think we're going to be seeing many more of them anymore because it looks like Riot Games is consolidating its wider releases now.
But again, as we know more about 2XKO, we'll be sure to keep you informed and updated.
Otherwise, this is the final GRT News from me this week."

"So I hope you enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you all on the other side.
Take care, everyone.
Thanks for watching!"





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