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      GRTV News - Next week's Pokémon Presents brings rumours of Gen 5 news

      The show will be taking place on Pokémon Day.

      Audio transcription

      "Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today is a bit of a strange day because we're kind of in this weird sort of limbo period right now between the Nintendo Direct or the Nintendo Partner Direct that's happening this afternoon, the Borderlands movie trailer debuting this afternoon, we've got the Elden Ring Shadow of the Ur-Tree trailer, gameplay trailer, debuting this afternoon.
      Which means in the time being, we do know those announcements have been coming and they have been sort of like announced that the announcement is coming, should we say, but we're not going to be talking about those things, so I don't like talking about the announcement of an announcement."

      "Today instead we're going to be talking about the announcement of a showcase that's coming. We've talked about a few different ones over the past couple of days.
      This next one is relating to a Pokemon Presents and it's quite an interesting one because it could have quite a few exciting repercussions, so let's dive on in.
      A Pokemon Presents is being held next week."

      "Pokemon Day news is coming.
      Just recently we reported on the news that fans are suspecting that the Pokemon Company has some information planned in regard to Generation 5 of the games, Black and White, for Pokemon Day.
      Well it seems there is at least some truth to that as now it's been confirmed that a Pokemon Presents is being held next week.
      Set to take place at 1400 GMT 1500 CET on February 27th, 2024, the show is said to include very exciting Pokemon news in celebration of Pokemon Day."

      "And this is the announcement here.
      Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents, tune in to our official YouTube channel at 6am PST on February 27th to view exciting Pokemon news in celebration of Pokemon Day 2024.
      See you there, trainers.
      And there was a little video here which I'm not going to really show because it doesn't really..."

      "You know, it's just a little nice little video to go with it but it doesn't really mean anything.
      There's no word on what exactly this news will be but past Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents shows usually include information on all facets of the company's business, meaning we can look forward to news on the TV, merchandise, card game and video games.
      So yeah, that's it for this episode of Pokemon Presents, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in the next one, bye for now."

      "So yeah, so the fact that we're getting a Pokemon Presents for Pokemon Day is really nothing surprising, this happens pretty much every year.
      But this one's quite an interesting one in a way that they've been teasing it for a while.
      We've seen lots of different things pop up on social media from the official Pokemon account relating to Pokemon Black and White, the Generation 5 games."

      "So we're assuming there's going to be some involvement of that there.
      We were kind of assuming that Pokemon would have been maybe a...
      sort of launch franchise for the Nintendo Switch successor.
      But considering that has seemingly been delayed to 2025, this upcoming Pokemon game might now serve as simply plugging the gap."

      "The big sort of franchise title, the big sort of main release of this autumn holiday period.
      As for what it is, we're not sure.
      You know, we're assuming that it's going to be some sort of remake or something like that of Pokemon Black and White, like they did in the past with most recently Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl."

      "But we're not sure.
      We're not sure.
      We're not too sure yet.
      Either way, that's coming up next week.
      Again, as we said, this isn't a Nintendo Direct related to the Pokemon franchise."

      "This is a Pokemon Presents.
      So don't be surprised if you see various bits of information in regards to new merchandise, a trailer for the next season of the show or something like that, the one that's only just came to sort of UK and international audiences."

      "Don't be surprised if you see that.
      Don't be.
      Don't be surprised if they dedicate 10 minutes of the show to talking about the upcoming Pokemon World Championships, the card game championships, because they often do that as well at these showcases."

      "So it's not going to be just about the games.
      It's going to be about various different parts of Pokemon business, but expect that to be coming soon.
      Otherwise, perhaps tune into the Nintendo Direct this afternoon.
      Pokemon isn't technically a first party franchise for Nintendo because it's owned by the Pokemon company, right?
      It's not a Nintendo owned franchise."

      "So there's every chance that there is a bit of Pokemon information coming out later this afternoon.
      But either way, stay tuned for that.
      Stay tuned for all of that.
      Otherwise, join us tomorrow."

      "We'll be talking either about the Nintendo Direct, something that happened in the record.
      There's a big bit of information that's come from it.
      Or otherwise, it'll be about the Borderlands trailer or the Shadow of the Earth re-expansion, most likely.
      So stay tuned for that."

      "Otherwise, that's all the time we have today's episode of GRTV News.
      So we'll see you on the next one.
      Take care, everyone.
      Thanks for watching."

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