Film Frenzy - Episode 2: Will Deadpool & Wolverine Save the Marvel Cinematic Universe

We talk about the recent slew of Marvel Studios' announcements and if they paint a brighter picture for the future of the MCU, following a more mediocre run of projects.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of our new Film Frenzy TV show.
TV show? It's not really a TV show, there's no TV element to it, but it's a new show and it's involving me and Alex again.
Today we're going to be talking about Marvel. Are you excited about talking about Marvel, Alex?
Five years ago, yes. Now, on this latest episode of Film Frenzy."

"I just thought I could get Rafa just one more time to give me the AI voiceover for the show title.
We're going to be talking about Marvel. Unfortunately, I know this is going to upset a lot of you.
This isn't going to be a Madam Web show. We haven't had a chance to see it yet.
We're recording this technically on the day. It could be a speculation Madam Web show."

"I actually might have a little quiz for you at the end based on Madam Web.
I can find an image that I found before.
Now you've got to stay to the end.
To see what this quiz is going to be."

"Unfortunately, that's there.
We haven't seen Madam Web yet. We're recording this technically on the premiere date.
It's the 16th of February.
We'll save Madam Web, hopefully, for next week. Maybe not."

"Depending on if any of us can be bothered to go out and watch the film because it seems like an absolute nightmare.
Today we're going to be talking about Marvel because it's been a big week for Marvel.
The past five days have.
We had the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer that came during the Super Bowl."

"The biggest trailer of all time.
In certain ways.
We'll put the quote, the things on that.
But also we had Valentine's Day which Marvel treated as the perfect opportunity to announce, well, confirm the cast of Fantastic Four."

"It's kind of been reported.
We knew it.
There was also the new X-Men 97 trailer.
I don't think we're going to talk about that today."

"I don't know.
I haven't seen it.
I haven't seen it.
I'm not really big.
I used to be like when I was like 13."

"I picked up like two comic books.
I was like Wolverine.
That's my favorite superhero because everyone was like, I was trying to be like an edgy kid because, you know, everyone was either Batman or Spider-Man.
I was like Wolverine."

"That's my guy.
Two months later.

"I think that's kind of the situation with this X-Men 97 show as well.
I think it looks interesting and I might check it out because it's going on Disney Plus, but I'm not.
I'm not really drawn to it.
I will say."

"It looks fine.
We'll see.
We'll talk.
Maybe we'll talk more about it in late March when it finally debuts and Disney Plus."

"But let's do this chronologically then.
Let's talk Deadpool and Wolverine to start with because this is the only big Marvel film of the year.
There's going to be other Marvel things coming out this year."

"TV shows.
I think Agatha Hark.
What do they call in that show these days?
Agatha the Duchess of Darkness or something like that."

"I feel like you've changed the name so many times.
I'm evil witch woman.
I've lost track of what this is actually called."

"It's like the Captain America one where they had to change it because of the...
They called it New World Order and then they also were like raving about how they were introducing the first Israeli superhero.
It's like, you know, especially today, I feel like introducing a thing that focuses on Israel and calling it New World Order.
Not the best PR move, if I had to say so."

"So good job they changed it, the name.
I think this is the perfect opportunity to once again bring up our sort of episodic or weekly mention of Advance Wars and how Nintendo delayed it because of the Ukraine war.
Yeah, because of Ukraine.
Well, we're all saying that's the case."

"It was never formally said that that's the case, but we're all sort of assuming it was.
But anyway, yeah, Deadpool and Wolverine, as it's called right now, right?
There's this rumor going around that Ryan Reynolds and whoever's producing this film, they're going to change the name of the film every time a new trailer comes out.
Which I think would be both hilarious, but also kind of counterintuitive, but..."

Because like, you've got a real, like, there's a lot of thing that goes into movies.
And I think what a lot of people need to realize is that if you change the title of something, there's about 50% of your audience that does have no idea what the new title is.
Even like with the trailer being the most viewed of all time, there's going to be like, you know, like families in the southern part of North Africa."

You know, the rural Texan families who go to their local Megaplex or whatever.
They buy the tickets for them and their 11 kids and they go, I want to see Deadpool 3.

"And the club goes, oh, sorry, man, we don't have Deadpool 3.
It's called Deadpool, the Wolverine and...

"And Grogu.
You know, Darth Vader or whatever.
And they go, well, Sarah, kids, we're going home.
And that's $10 million down the drain."

It sounds like a bit, but it's very real.
It's a very real thing that would happen.
It is.
And well, to be fair, we just encountered that a moment ago."

"We're talking about Agatha because we don't know what the actual name of the show is because they've changed at different times.
But no, it is true.
We're assuming it's going to stick with Deadpool and Wolverine.
It might end up being Deadpool something else and the multiverse of madness."

"I don't know.
They could call it anything.
But it's the big Marvel film of the year.
That's the main thing to talk about."

"It's coming out.
That isn't Madame Webb.
Well, we're not counting it.
It's the big Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of the year."

"Madame Webb, is it part of it now?
What's going on with Spider-Man in that Sony story?
All right.
Madame Webb."

I get it.
Let's hijack it.
I think how do we divide this?
Deadpool is the Marvel movie this year."

"And Madame Webb is Marvel cinema.
It is a film, you know?
The difference between, oh, you go to the movies or you watch cinema.
Fair point."

"You engage in cinema.
It's like, you know, theatre versus a Punch and Judy puppet show.
That's a reference that anyone that's not UK would probably not get."

"But I understand.
That's why I threw puppet show in, you know?
But no.
If that's the case though, right?
What do we do with like Craving the Hunter?
Don't watch it."

"Just sit and don't watch it.
So, but anyway."

It's the big Marvel Cinematic Universe of the movie because Madame Webb.
It's like the Sony Spider-Verse.
The Sony one."

"Which is weird.
Which doesn't have Spider-Man in it.
It doesn't have Spider-Man in it, but it's also kind of connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe now because Venom had that crossover at the end of, oh God, was it No Way Home?
It was Endgame, I think, wasn't it?
I can't remember."

"It was a Marvel film a while back.
It was one of them.
Where they brought Tom Hardy's Venom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, technically tying it all together."

"But then he disappeared again, right?
And then also Andrew, oh, Andrew Garfield isn't, is he part of that Sony Spider-Verse?
Yeah, technically."

And then he comes back for a third one.
It's all like, because also if you obviously, as I'm sure you've just had like, it's must have the Friday fog or whatever, because you forgot that in Morbius, there was also a cameo for Michael Keaton's, what's his name?

"Vulture, yeah.
There was also a cameo for that, but led nowhere.
Everyone was thinking that was going to be Sinister Six or something, didn't they?

"And then it didn't go anywhere.
No, it's strange.
It's the worst movie of all time.
Well, it was until Madden Web.
Same to the end."

"Same to the end.
Same to the end.
I found my quiz image.

Deadpool and Wolverine to me is a big deal because it kind of feels like it's going to be the...
The match."

The match that reignites the Marvel fire, should we say.
Or rather that's the way it's kind of being framed.
I think a lot of people are excited for this film."

"Will it be that film is a different thing.
You know?
I mean, Ben Reynolds, yes, it's got Hugh Jackman.
Yes, it's got these big names and it's looking like it's going to be quite funny compared to the way that Marvel films have gone as of late, whether the humor isn't really funny."

"It's just like they kind of just work a bit of humor and it just offsets the rest of the just garbage in it.
But yeah, it looks like this film is going to be one that stands out.
It's going to have to be because it's the only Marvel Cinematic Universe film of this year."

"And if I had to guess, I would say that it's already a sure five billion dollar owner, which is probably a big thing to say.
But I think that this is probably the first Marvel movie that's going to crack the one billion dollar margin since God was the last one that did it, Spider-Man."

I think so.
I think I don't think I'm not sure it cracks a billion.
I think it hits that Guardians three sweet spot of like eight hundred and fifty million or something."

"Some ridiculous number that we go.
There's not really that much there, is it?
We're so used to the over scale of like ten billion dollars at the box office."

"Being the only money that you can actually make.
I think it falls somewhere under there because I'm not sure.
Like I think there's a lot of people that have fallen off the Marvel train now and we'll just wait until it comes out on Disney Plus or they'll just not watch it or because there's no I think what it used to be was it was appointment viewing because there was these big story beats that you knew you were going to get."

"Whereas now it's like, do you want to see the next Deadpool story?
Because it's not it's not a Marvel story.
It's the Deadpool story.
Do you think, though?
That this this is because of Reynolds and the fact that he can sort of make any film he wants and it makes a ton of money at the box office and then you've got Jackman."

Or for Netflix.
With Jackman coming back as Wolverine as well, which is kind of an event in itself, you think that those two points are enough to go."

"Maybe this is the time to get back into the Marvel Universe, because I don't think that a lot of the films beforehand did that like Guardians.
Its whole thing was like, this is the end of the Guardians, right?
Or this is like the end of this version of the Guardians."

The Marvels.
It's like it's a weird sort of crossover between TV and film.
You have to watch two TV shows to watch this movie and another movie to watch this movie."

"And Thor's like, is this the end of Thor?
No, no.
He's just kind of moving on to the next chapter of his life.
Like a lot of these Marvel films haven't felt like they're going anywhere."

"Deadpool kind of to me kind of feels like Deadpool's coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Wolverine's coming to Cinematic Universe.
We're going to get a bigger tie in of X-Men.

"I think that's correct.
A lot of the multiverse issues it's facing.
Is this the time to come back to Marvel?
What do you reckon about that?
Fantastic Four's coming in."

With the mutant stuff.
It's just a bit like, I don't know.
I might just be over it.
I might just be fully over the whole comic book thing."

"The only thing I can like, I want to see comic book wise now is the Batman part two.
Because they make those films, films without worrying about what sort of comic book it ties into.
Or this, that, or the other.
And like maybe I'll watch the fourth Tom Holland Spider-Man when that comes out in like 2028 or whatever."

"But like, I don't know.
Maybe I'm just too much of a Marvel doomer now.
I think I will watch Deadpool and the Wolverine.
But it won't be a sort of, oh, I'm back in now."

"It will be, I want to watch that one.
And then I'll maybe, you know, see you later for like Fantastic Four maybe.
But I'm not really, I don't know.
Not really a Fantastic Four guy."

"So let's move on then, right?
Because I think, you know, the Deadpool trailer to me was a weird one because I think it was interesting, but it never really showed anything.
I think that's a good thing because a lot of Marvel movies have shown everything in the trailer and then kind of ruined it.
And you go into the film and it's like, oh, well, I've seen all this stuff and this is all the best parts."

"So Deadpool, I think, I think we're due another trailer eventually that's going to show off Wolverine because everyone knows he's in the film at this point.
So you expect to see him in some form.
But I think that they're going to keep a lot of the film close to the chest.
But let's jump ahead then to 2025."

"Where obviously the talking point at the moment is Fantastic Four because we had this casting confirmation.
We've got Pedro Pascal playing Reed Richards slash Mr. Fantastic.
So all you John Krasinski fans can finally suck it.

"Get a life.
You've got Vanessa Kirby playing Sue Storm or the Invisible Woman.
Then you've got Joseph Quinn, who's doing Johnny Storm, a.k.a.
The Human Torch."

"And finally, even more spack rack, who's doing Ben Grimm, a.k.a.
The Thing.
It's quite an unusual cast when you lay it out like that.
The chemistry will be interesting to watch, I think, because the like so whatever you will about the Fantastic Four movies beforehand."

"But every time it felt like they've got this team of people that are sort of in similar ages as well.
But they always sort of had like in the OG movies where it's they're all quite old.
You know, the real sexy cast.

"The real sexy cast.
Michael Chiklis being the sexiest of all of them.
I can't believe they got that real that real thing suit."

I love those movies.
And they had they had.
What's his name?
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm."

"There's a bit where he's like skiing and he just goes like flip on.
Like hands in a hot tub or whatever.
It's honestly like just they had heart.
They had heart."

"And they had something that wasn't good.
But it was something good.
But it was something tangible.
Whereas like I just worry that this one is going to be like, yes, chalk it up."

"You know, there's no vision because it all has to be the same sort of like if you look at something like even Multiverse of Madness, which people like, oh, my God, Raimi.
You can see Raimi's touched it.
But it's still like this.
This bog standard Marvel product at the end of the day."

"But anyway, back to Fantastic Four.
I think the casting is interesting.
It is sort of a wide array of like different experiences.
Different sort of like where you know these people from."

I just hit my finger on my desk.
And like what I found really funny was that they've got the painting of like even more background to show that it's him in the like in the like promo image while he's sitting reading the paper as the thing.
And it's like you imagine if you went through if you like got really badly burned, Ben."

You know, I'm not saying this isn't a threat or anything.
Come to your house and set it on fire.
And you got really badly burned."

"And I, you know, I next time we see each other, I give you like a big, a big gift.
And I go, here you go, Ben.
So sorry about your accident.
And it's a picture of you from when you weren't badly burned."

"I would be quite offended if that was true.
Or I'd be like, oh, thanks for the reminder.
But yeah, I think this cast is like it's a good cast.
That's the thing is Marvel aren't just going to hire like random whack job number three for the role of Doctor Doom."

We're hearing rumors as well.
But yeah, Galactus is going to be the big villain, which to me is an unusual thing as well."

"Because Galactus to me feels like one of the sort of.
Saga villains.
It doesn't feel to me like a villain.
You just slap in like they did in Fantastic Four to rise of the Silver Surfer."

It's like, oh, the Silver Surfer is the bad guy.
He's a good guy."

Flip it.
It's this cosmic cloud that's the bad guy, which is an awful villain because you can't like associate with it."

"Actually, it's incredible because it just shows that the villain is, you know, the world or climate change or whatever.
Head of the game.
But yeah, it's an interesting cast because you've got like Pedro Pascal that's done everything at this point.
So you kind of I don't too worried about him."

"You got Vanessa Kirby, which she's done a few serious, a few different like sort of franchise roles.
But she's in Napoleon.
And in Mission Impossible."

"But she's also a very serious actress.
When you think of Vanessa Kirby, you don't think of these sort of like.
You don't think of Marvel films."

"You think of the crown.
You think of these sort of roles that she's done in the past.
It's quite a different one for her.
Then you got Joseph Quinn."

"She did Hobbs and Shaw.
She did.
She did do Hobbs and Shaw.
That was a silly film.
But it's kind of like the outlier."

"But then you got Joseph Quinn.
You know, he's just he did one good role in Stranger Things and now all of a sudden he's Johnny Storm.
And it's like."

"I hated that role as well.
It was so.
I think it's because I'm too old probably to be watching Stranger Things now.
But you could just tell the exact people who loved Eddie as soon as he came on screen."

With the whole like.
And he's like, isn't he like canonically like 20 with these high schoolers?
Well, I just got a weird vibe from him."

"And he's like hanging around with 13 year olds.
And then you got even Musk Batcrack, which, you know, when you immediately think of it, you think of the bear.

He's got so many different franchises already that you just get to clock with.
He's already a Marvel veteran from The Punisher.
And he's also in Star Wars."

He's in Star Wars.
He plays one of the characters in Andor, believe it or not.
I've not seen Andor."

"I really want to watch it.
But no.
He's a veteran of these roles.
So I'm not too worried about him either."

"But it's all a very strange cast in many ways.
But the interesting thing about Fantastic Four, though, is that it's coming out basically in the Deadpool window just a year later.
So I think everything we're seeing with the way the marketing Deadpool is just going to be copied and pasted for Fantastic Four next year."

"So I would already assume that we're going to get a trailer for this film during the Super Bowl.
It's the same month as Superman as well.
It's July."

"And the new upcoming Jurassic World movie, which we thought we'd never get.
Yes! Another win.
Another win.
More dinosaurs! You know what?
I don't want to see any more Marvel movies."

"The time of the comic book movie is over.
I want to see more Marvel movies.
I want to see more big lizards and big apes.
The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailer."

"I don't know if you've seen that.
That looks like the best movie.
I'm not going to swear, but it looks like the best movie I've ever seen in my life.
And then they've got Godzilla X Kong."

The New Empire or whatever it's called.
The New Kingdom.
And when a guy gets a whip around a building, like an office building, he just throws it at Kong."

"Kong just obliterates it.
Can you imagine working in that top floor office?
You just see the big ass whip come around your office building and you're like, well, no time to call my loved ones."

"I'm just about to die.
Kong's got the upgrade as well now.
Kong's got the bionic arm.
He's got the..."

"What's the Nintendo Power Glove?
Hey, Kong's going Thanos, right?
Then there's going to be the massive sort of collaboration."

The Monsterverse.
Do you think they'll have the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes tie in?

"Because it looks like they do.
Boop together.
That would be the big stick as well."

I want to watch those movies again.
That's going to be a topic of conversation anyway for the coming..."

"Well, in the coming weeks, because we'll do something...
We're going to ape out.
We're going to do a big ape out."

"I mean, Godzilla X Kong, The New Empire is late March.
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is early May.
So we'll have probably two separate episodes dedicated to those ones anyway.
Two ape outs."

"Two ape outs.
But yes.
Last final thing then."

Before the quiz.
Before the quiz actually.
Quick final thing."

"We've got three Marvel films next year, right?
We've got Fantastic Four.
We've got Captain America.
Whatever the call it's called now."

"Brave New World, I think.
Not New World Order.
We can't call it that.

"Whatever it's called.
But that's the February one, I think.
Then it's Fantastic Four in July.
And then I think we cap off 2025 with Blade."

"Which ones...
If they can actually get that done.
Well, assuming there's no change to the schedule right now."

"Out of those three, which one's the one that sort of stands out to you?
Blade would be the most interesting.
I think it's just unique.
I'd agree."

"And it probably will be a lot more grounded.
Fantastic Four, it depends.
I'm not excited for the new Captain America because they've just killed all hype for that character."

"They really had something interesting with the way that they left it in Endgame.
And then they were like, oh, let's just have him have the suit at the very, very end of his spinoff show and then do absolutely nothing with him afterwards.
There's a lack of care for their characters after Endgame."

"They don't really seem to give them arcs anymore throughout the movies.
It's like they only exist within their movies, which what used to be quite interesting was all these people you know are doing all these different things outside of their own individual films."

"Yeah, I would agree.
And I think Blade's the one that stands out as well.
I think Fantastic Four is going to be all right.
I'm kind of looking forward to see what it's going to be."

"But Blade to me is the one that you go...
Kind of like Deadpool in a way, right?
Like Deadpool, you kind of expect it to be different to the former Marvel movies in a way because of the characters so R-rated in many ways."

"Blade is like a mature franchise in Marvel.
So you expect it to be a little different.
Yeah, you expect it to be a little different to say the Marvels where you...
I watched that film."

"CGI punching.
I don't want to talk about the Marvels.
I adore Brie Larson as an actress.
I think she's a fantastic actress."

"They left her to die.
They left her to die.
So Marvel, with only Samuel L. Jackson at her back, she's been just left to be ripped apart by the Marvel fans."

"And it's not her fault at all.
She does what she can with those scripts.
God damn, that film is just tragic.
She seems to be a really nice person as well."

"You never know what's going on with celebrities if you don't freaking know them.
Don't create a parallel social relationship.
She's the queen of Animal Crossing.

"She was one of the only celebrity guests on the Game Awards where I was like, yes, she makes sense to be there.
She freaking loves Animal Crossing.
Anyway, right."

"Let's cap it off then.
Madame Web quiz.
Hit me.
There's one question."

"I mean, it's not really...
Basically, it's a sort of...
I don't know if you've seen...
I hope you haven't seen this online, but all of these events, Ben, in the Madame Web plot..."

"Spoilers for Madame Web, by the way.
If you really want to...
Click off now if you want to see this visual experience for yourself.
Big warning, Rafa."

"Big, big spoiler alert, Rafa.
Big spoiler...




All of these events, bar one, I need you to find the odd one out in these events that canonically happen in the Sony Marvel movie Madame Web.

I'm gonna read them out for you.
Madame Web is born in a cave in Peru with the help of magic spider people.
The three spider women never get their powers and are only seen in their costumes during dream sequences."

"The villain of the movie is killed by a large Pepsi sign.
madame webb becomes wanted for kidnapping by the nypd madame webb runs down the villain in her car twice peter parker is born but not named and madame webb inexplicably splits into three ghost-like copies of herself towards the end of the film which one does not happen in madame webb the only one i'm fairly certain does happen is the peter parker being born one i think i've seen or heard about that i i think you've i think you've already thrown a curveball at me i reckon all of this is true you are correct they all happen in madame webb they are all they're all right oh i'm gonna go see this film over the weekend i've got to need to see this i've got to go how how on earth you write something like that what a disaster i hope it makes a billion at the box of the same people who wrote this the same people who wrote gods of egypt yeah this is gods of egypt uh dracula stories untold what else did they write about they did morbius right i'm pretty sure they did morbius as well what a legendary run at the cinema you know they're like they're like the homer and aristotle of today they really are but yeah it's um i think we'll do a dedicated sort of video on madame webb next week or when you see us in the next episode of the show because i think we just have to talk about it we can't i hope it makes a billion dollars i really do maybe maybe next episode right spoiler alert for what next episode will be it's probably going to be madame webb and avatar the last airbender and we'll probably talk specifically about both of them so um i think it's a good time to wrap up unless uh you found the other final name i can't find it we'll wrap up then we'll wrap up so this has been episode two of film frenzy we'll be back soon again spoiler alert is what it's going to be madame webb avatar the last airbender if you want to hear more about them our opinions in those sort of films and tv shows then be sure to join us for that when the next episode arrives otherwise thank you for watching the latest episode of madame webb and avatar the last airbender stay webbing"





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