GRTV News - Game of Thrones is getting a spin-off based on Aegon's Conquest

A new Game of Thrones spin-off is heating up at HBO.

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"Hello there everyone, welcome to another GRTV News video, I'm Alex, as always taking you through the afternoons latest and greatest in entertainment, gaming, gear, tech, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here at GRTV News and we've also got it here in the wider Gamereactor Network, so if you like gaming reviews, news, more, we've always got it here for you."

"And it's Friday everybody, I hope it's the end of your working week, if it isn't, hang on, you've probably just got a bit longer left, but in any case, we're here going through another news story and I'll stop babbling so that we can get right into it.
We're going into sort of movies, TV shows sort of thing today, so we're looking at a new Game of Thrones spin-off that is heating up, I believe it's already been announced in the past, I think there was about 8 or 9 of these spin-off ideas that HBO was considering, but the one based on Aegon's Conquest is heating up."

"And it's the story of how the Targaryens, the people who own the dragons, finally came to Westeros and sort of made their dynasty.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, things are heating up and it's got, let me just get this name right, Mattson Tomlin, the writer who went uncredited in the Batman and is working on the Batman Part 2, he's worked on a bunch of other stuff, he's a respected writer and he's teaming up with HBO to write this series as well."

"Aegon's Conquest is going to be sort of like a prequel to the prequel show, House of the Dragon, as it's going to go 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones and discuss sort of how the Targaryens actually came to the continent of Westeros.
If you don't want spoilers, I'd say probably skip away now, if you're not a book fan, if you've not really paid that much attention to the show, because in fairness, Aegon's Conquest has been talked about quite a lot in both shows and most of the major events have already sort of slightly been spoiled for you."

"But in any case, click off now, but basically it's how Aegon and his sister-wives flew their dragons over, made every lord either submit via force or they came over and knelt before them, removing the kings, the seven different kings from the seven different kingdoms and making them lords, as there was one ruler under Westeros."

"Now the only country that obviously didn't submit was Dorne, but I'm sure that'll get shown in the series.
It's interesting that we're going further back in time for Game of Thrones, I think a lot of it is going to focus on the Targaryens and the dragons, because that's what draws a lot of mass viewership in."

"The CG dragons brings everyone in, whether you're there for the smart writing or whether you're just there because it's the show everyone's talking about, and I think HBO has realised that and they're focusing much more on dragons than they are on something like a Robert's Rebellion, for example, which wouldn't have any sort of dragons at all."

"It is going to be an interesting series.
It's going to push the boundaries, I think, of how much Targaryens people want to see, how much Targaryen content people want to see, because isn't it all kind of the same?
I mean, we're going to see the fall of- imagine we'd see the Doom of High Valyria, which is what made Aegon fly away, but apart from that, what else are we going to see?
It's going to be interesting to see Aegon's backstory and stuff like that, but I feel like a lot of this story has been covered so much that it's sort of- it would be like a Lord of the Rings project, working on the war to defeat Sauron that leads to the first movies."

"There would be sort of- it wouldn't feel like there'd be much point because you know exactly what's going to happen and when, but that might just be me being pessimistic.
Are you excited for an Aegon's Conquest series and what do you want to see from the Game of Thrones universe next?
Let me know and I'll see you guys on Monday for another GRTV News video."





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