Alogic 4 Port Rapid Power 100W GaN Charger (Quick Look) - Compact and Portable

This charger is able to provide charge to four devices at once, all while coming in an every-day-carry proportions. You can purchase it right here.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereact Quick Look.
I'm sure that this doesn't matter to a lot of people, but it does matter to the EDC everyday carry warriors such as myself that care a great deal about having an optimized everyday carry that means that I can work and I can work efficiently everywhere I go."

"And one of the aspects of that is having a good charger.
Because if we're just staying over at a friend's house, or we're visiting family, or we're going on a trip, or I find myself at a pinch where I need to do something really quickly on my laptop or charge anything that I carry with me every single day, I need a good charger."

"And I've been looking for these all over wherever I am.
And I obviously want the highest amount of wattage over the most amount of ports in the least amount of space, both dimensions-wise and weight-wise."

"So the thing is, I've been using this for a little while with it, which is ASUS's official 100-watt GaN charger.
Now obviously, these come in different shapes and sizes and weights, by the way, but I was immediately struck by how thin it initially is, or at least how the shape of it means that it's perfect for everyday carry."

"Now, it's obviously a GaN charger, and that's basically, it's not a new standard now, but it's a new way of using gallium nitride to basically shrink these, like we used to have incredibly large power supplies for just our laptops.
But now this can basically charge anything that you want on the go."

"It's perfectly fine.
There are a couple of compromises with this.
For one, you only get three ports, whereas in some cases you'd get four, more on that in a little bit."

"And while it does have a shape which is conducive to being carried in an efficient way, it's also thicker.
So we reached out to Elogic and got them to send us their RapidPower 100-watt GaN charger.
Now there are obvious benefits to this."

"For one, it is taller, but it's also thinner.
That means if you're carrying a messenger bag like I am, this takes up less space in that particular axis, meaning that it's just easier to carry."

"Furthermore, its weight is more, it's distributed in such a way that it doesn't bend as easily.
The thing about this is that it's so long from when it enters the plug that I find it to sag over time, which I would worry, at least again, over time, that it would ultimately get to a point where it sags so much that I would be scared of it breaking."

"But it's more evenly distributed over the entirety of the device.
But at the same time, it maintains a wall-hanged sort of design frame.
That means that there is no cable here that needs to go into the plug and then my cables, which goes into the devices that I want to charge."

"That means that it takes up less space and I have everything I need in this little enclosure.
That's very nice.
Furthermore, we get an additional USB Type-A port."

"I don't use USB Type-A ports that often now, but it's nice to have the compatibility if I need them.
And furthermore, both of these USB Type-C ports have USB power delivery maintained, meaning that they are all set to charge larger devices as well."

"That is regardless of their wattage, by the way.
It's delivered in such a way that there is a little status LED at the top, which basically tells us that it's now delivering power.
And the top one can deliver from 65 watts up to the maximum of 100 watts."

"Then there is an additional port below that, which is 18 watts.
And then these two here are 12.
Now, that basically means that if you're just charging one thing, which can charge up to 100 watts, like your MacBook Pro, for instance, one cable in, charge, then you're ready to go and you're charging at pretty much the maximum speed that you can."

"Then you can start to sort of part up that main estimate as you plug more things in.
But it's really a cool idea, and I think I've gotten a bit closer to finding the perfect GaN charger for my personal everyday carry."

"I do prefer it to ASUS's, but these are at least two very well-reviewed and well-received GaN chargers that run at 100 watts.
You can obviously go higher than that if you want.
But consider a logic if you're going for something like this."

"Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next one."





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