Evil Nun: The Broken Mask

Keplerians on Evil Nun for PC and other horrors at the BIG Conference

Keplerians was on a roll last month in Bilbao with the release of Evil Nun: The Broken Mask, and of Ice Scream 8. The former is the PC and console version of the extremely popular escape room horror on mobile, while the latter is the more all audiences-friendly co-op puzzler. Play the video for some gameplay from the PS5 game, or to learn more about Sister Madeline and about how to open the yellow door...

Audio transcription

"Alright, we are at the Bilbao International Games Conference and we just attended a presentation by Keplerians, which is a studio that is all about horror games.
And you were also about mobile horror games up until this point, when you guys introduced a PC version and console version of one of your successful games."

"So thank you so much for joining us.
First of all, let's talk about the concept of the games themselves and then about the version.
So what is Evil Nun about?
Yes, okay. Evil Nun is an horror game."

"You enter in a school and a scary nun is like watching you and if you interact with this character, she's going to kill you with her hammer and it's very dangerous.
You have to escape from the school and you have to make a lot of passes and investigations to find what is wrong in this school because it's a secret and you have to find a secret laundry and that's like the finale."

"You not only have to escape from the school, but you have to rescue these children that they are kidnapped in the secret laundry.
And it's a first-person escape room horror game and it's very well known.
I just learned about it because I'm not that much into mobile gaming, but it's very, very successful."

"So what can you tell us about the success story of the mobile games when you came up with the concept several years ago and how it completely exploded with social and reactions and how it worked?
Well, Evil Nun now got 100 million downloads, so for us it's a big success."

"But at the beginning, they were free. Alex and the other co-founders, John and Pablo, they were working in a flat, they were free together.
And they were in a crisis moment, they were not earning money, so they decided to do something different and they made a small benchmarking and see that there was a niche in horror games."

"So they decided to start developing this game and start also talking to the community.
So from the beginning, they started taking into consideration their interests, their opinions, and some YouTubers started recording the game.
So from then, we got a million persons and our communities are so big."

"Now in YouTube, we are about reaching one million subscribers on our channel.
And with that in mind, I guess it also impacted how you guys design your games.
Because as per your presentation, you were saying that the new version has some easter eggs that have been deliberately created for YouTubers or for players to find and to share, right?
Yes. For example, you have the yellow door that only opens in the PC version."

"So a lot of people are waiting for the PC version to come out to see what happened behind this door.
And you have a lot of new cinematics and new kind of interactions with System Island, that is the evil Nunchuckter.
And yes, it's been a long time making that effort to make this game, our first PC game."

"And now we are super happy with the results and watching for the next thing that we are going to do in Caprarians.
And the nun's theme is not a coincidence, is it?
No, no. You want to watch this thing, yes.
The three creators of the original game were in a school when we were young."

"So I need to think that kind of different things of the game are related to our childhood.
What can you tell us is going on there? Oh, he's about to play now.
So this is an episode-based game, if I'm correct.
And you have to solve puzzles and to survive at the same time."

"Let's wait for him to start playing.
So for players that may not be acquainted with the mobile games, what can you tell us is going on right now?
Yes, now the player is going to a religious camp.
And in the beginning, just in the beginning, you see a strange nun hitting you in the head."

"And then you appear in a kind of room that is very busy and very terrifying.
Because just in the next room, you can find the nun and she is always watching you.
Right in this moment, this is an example.
Right in this moment, you realize that you have to escape from this place."

"And what does it mean in terms of operation for you guys to have a new PC version, which of course also changes the business model for it?
You went for free-to-play with advertisement and now you are going for the more premium sort of type of deal.
So that we pay one time, we get the full thing."

"And how does it translate to, let's say, desktop and living room platforms?
Well, for us, it was a big adventure, this one.
It's the first time that we were developing a PC version and we are so new.
And that's why we decided that we publish the PC version on Steam and Epic, but take another partner in order to do the console ports."

"We are still learning a lot and now we are taking into consideration what are the next steps to do.
We need to analyze the different data and start thinking about what are the steps that we need to do to gather more audience, maybe involve some more content creators.
So let's see how it's going from now."

"And you previously mentioned that there was this horror genre niche some years ago, but during your presentation you said, well, perhaps it's not such a small niche anymore.
So you guys now are more like surfing a trend, but you have your own thing.
So there are many first-person horror games, there are many trends such as Poppy and other games."

"So how do you feel about the whole climate for this type of games?
For us, I think that it's a good thing because if there is a lot of terror on horror games and they are successful, your own game will be successful too because the market is healthy.
And if the market is healthy, probably your games will be profitable too."

"And this is...
Sorry, this is a team plus, this is a very mature game, this is very violent, but then you have another sort of branch in your business and in your, let's say, Keplerian's verse, in which you have some other experiences that aren't as violent or are more aimed at all audiences, right?
One of them is Ice Scream, in which we can see the nun as well."

"So you now introduced episode 8, who can tell me what is it about?
You maybe better.
Yes, this episode is the last episode of the very large saga.
And indeed, you can find a lot of things that end in a way that the player is going to be satisfied."

"So for example, the nun, evil nun, has been a very hard time waiting for her son to come from her.
Because they are like a very dark secret story that happened between them.
And now Rod, that is the main character of the game, is remembering all the things.
And in this chapter, it's going to be like the final end, and you are going to be discovering the final secret of the game too."

"And how do you guys work on the chasing mechanics?
So you have this sort of central or core concept of chasing games.
You are being chased, you have to solve puzzles and you have to escape.
That's sort of the motto for many of your games."

"And through time, you guys evolved the way the enemy behaves, or the protagonist, as you said.
So for example, I remember Alien Isolation being very innovative in the way the alien could find you no matter what.
Or you said that you, in some ways, improved the AI on the PC version of this game.
So what can you tell us about this evolution and how you are trying to scare players by chasing them in a more intelligent way?
Me too, yes."

"In a way, we want to make the enemy or the protagonist of the game more intelligent.
And because of that, the player is going to hide in some places that he knows are going to be safe.
But it isn't true.
Because our enemy is very clever and he's going to find it whatever the players do."

"And not only that, you can defend the enemy and make funny things.
But in the end, all the funny things are going to be like a dark thing because the enemy has no way to die.
And final one. You guys released Evil Nun already on the big screen.
And what about Ice Scream Episode 8? Is it going to release very soon?
It was released yesterday during this big event."

"Alex was making a presentation and then Rod appeared suddenly and he launched the game.
So the game is already on market so you can download it and enjoy it.
And Ice Scream is free to play?

"And Evil Nun on the big screen is on every platform but the Nintendo Switch which is going to be in January and it's about 20€, is that correct?
It's 19,99€.
Ok, that's right."

"Alright, thank you so much for your time. I'm looking forward to playing this on the big screen. Thank you so much.
Thank you."





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