Robert 'Wiggin' Aguilar on why Bestiario could become a beast in Kickstarter at the BIG Conference

Mythological fast-paced RPG Bestiario from Wiggin Industries is about to start its Kickstarter campaign but here founder Robert "Wiggin" Aguilar tells us why it's become so popular before that, with the push by El_Yuste, the art by Loulogio, or the inspiration by Yasuhiro Ohori's Alundra.

Audio transcription

"Alright, we are at the BIG Conference in Bilbao and we are learning about a project that you might be learning way more about in the upcoming weeks and months, which is Bestiario, which in its pre-campaign on Kickstarter is looking really, really interesting and nice."

"So thank you so much for joining us, Robert.
Why do you think you're being so successful so far?
Well, I mean, one of the things, clearly it's because we're working with a very famous Twitch streamer in Spain called El Yuste.
And also because we're collaborating as the main illustrator of the video game."

"It's a very, also a notorious person in the YouTube industry many years ago by the name of Loulogio.
And now he's, well, his artist name is Isaac Sánchez.
He released many, many comics already and he's been collaborating with companies like Sony.
And, you know, he's just been an amazing partner to be in this, you know, journey with."

"And, yeah, I think that these main factors made that the game is just exploding now on the network, social networks and so on.
I'm not going to say it's successful yet because I'm still like digesting the fact that we have like more than 1,300 followers already on the pre-campaign on Kickstarter.
And it's a scary thing. It's always scary.
But, yeah, I mean, so far so good. I mean, it's just been two days since the official announcement."

"And, of course, it's not just the push you're getting in the sort of viewability side of things.
It's also a very interesting concept.
So you guys are Persona fans, if I'm correct.
And you want to create a fast-paced RPG with strategic elements to it."

"And you have some inspiration. So what can you tell us about Bestiario in a whole?
So, I mean, as a concept itself, it's super attractive also for non-Spanish speakers.
Besides that it's a Persona, you know, like this calendarized items, you know, like, hey, you have to go by this day to this place and speak to this person.
But it's actually that it uses, you know, like the Iberian mythology and almost nobody is using it nowadays, you know."

"And we have a lot of like myth and legends in Spain, you know, like paganism was a big thing here back in the day.
And then it was just occluded and we have like a lot of beasts.
And we are used to, you know, like kaijus and like these Valkyries from the north and, you know, like British mythology and mythologic beasts.
But the thing is that one of the main inspirations for this game is Persona."

"And also the games from PlayStation 1, you know, PSX like Alundra, Grandia 2, you know, Breath of Fire, you know, all of these classics clearly influenced the creation of the game.
And for the art, we went beyond that and we actually took the inspiration of Mega Man Legends from the PlayStation 1.
We took that pixel art, 3D style and took it to the next iteration of Logic and added like shadows, real-time things."

"And it's looking amazing in the sense of like graphic.
And for the gameplay, it's, as you say, it's like a mix between a classic RPG where you have like to attack and wait for your turn.
But it actually mixes strategy a lot because you have to like create like formations for your players.
You have like combinations, real-time, like, you know, quick time events."

"So, yeah.
I can guess you didn't mention Alundra without any further reason.
You did that for a reason, right?
I mean, one of the main reasons is that Alundra is kind of like my childhood game alongside like Link's Awakening from the Game Boy."

"The funny thing is that some years ago, I just contacted to, you know, the creator of Alundra without even knowing that he would reply.
And, you know, Yasuhiro Ohori, the creator of Alundra, messaged me back like a few years ago.
And since then, we've been, you know, having this relationship, back and forth relationship like every year, now and then."

"We check up, how are you? How are things going?
But it's his inspiration.
Like, it's his influence.
I mean, he's obsessed with leaving a mark in the world in the sense of like remember the retro, remember the old school, remember, you know."

"And he's warm.
I mean, I met him in Shinjuku like years ago.
And it was just amazing.
And he took me through the entire Matrix software and inspired me to build something similar in here."

"I know it's ambitious.
I know it's crazy.
But I really, really, really want to follow his steps.
And, you know, maybe someday I will be able to collaborate with him in a project."

"And that would be for me like, you know, like I met Tezuka.
Also, he was super involved in Alundra, you know, as a, you know, like a narrative designer and so on.
So that game for me is just, I cannot explain in words, really.
But, yeah."

"That's really nice.
And we also love Ohori-san games as well.
So that's a nice source of inspiration that you guys have here.
So what's the status of the game?
You guys are going to run the Kickstarter campaign proper in February, if I'm correct."

"And then what to do from then?
What's the roadmap?
And how deep are you into the development of the project itself?
So we started like pre-production, pre-prototype production like six months ago when we started working with Juste."

"We did like a lot of like suggestions for the combat, for the world.
And now like four months ago, like that's when the project seriously, you know, kicked in.
And we focused on production and pre-production.
So now we are working on the starting point of like the trailer for Kickstarter."

"So we are preparing everything.
We are building like you can't imagine like the things that are happening right now.
We are building an amazing cinematical trailer where we are going to explain the world.
We are going to show gameplay."

"We are going to show the combat.
So, yeah.
We are in a phase where things are going to happen really quick.
Quicker than what we expect really because it's February."

"It's not, it's super close.
Like, you know, December and then just around the corner.
And, yeah, we don't have time to react yet.
I mean, I'm still shocked by the acceptance of the game in the community."

"I mean, for me, it's really shocking to be working with influencers in this.
And, I mean, I'm a nobody.
I've been always a nobody.
But, you know, now it's okay."

"I'm, you know, I'm there.
And it's amazing.
But at the same time, it's frightening.
What about Kickstarter itself?
It was a different thing some years ago."

"Now it's a completely whole different story.
We've seen Mika smashing a record in 2023, which was out of nowhere, out of the blue.
So, how do you feel about the whole thing, about trying to promote this campaign and being successful as Mika has been?

"You know, like, what Mika did was something, like, out of the charts, you know.
Like, I think it was the most successful Spanish Kickstarter ever made.
And, yeah, I mean, the good thing is that now the guys from Chibig, which are, like, lovely, and, you know, like, we are collaborating very close with them."

"And they're giving us feedback.
They are helping us.
They are, you know, it's just being an amazing journey, you know.
And it's scary."

"It's really scary because Kickstarter, you never know.
I mean, your project might be, like, amazing.
I've seen, like, really, really, really amazing projects like GenoKids some time ago.
I pledged for it."

"And then they had to rerun the Kickstarter.
That game was amazing.
Like, visually stunning.
Everything was brilliant.
And then it failed the first iteration, you know."

"But, yeah, it's scary because that might be you.
And also for the, you know, like, psyche and on a mental level, like, it hits you very hard, you know.
If you fail and what if you deceive people, you know.
Like, the imposter syndrome always kicks in, no matter who you are, no matter what you do."

"That's been humble as well.
I don't know.
I don't know if I'm being humble or realistic or honest or, like, naive or whatever.
But, yeah, the imposter syndrome is there."

"It will always be there.
For me, I can't believe that I meet, like, I'm meeting all of these great people that are open to help me.
And it's super nice.
It's super nice to be here."

"Very nice.
Perhaps Chibig can share a bit of their witchcraft with Kickstarter and give you some.
Okay, final one.
The game is called Bestiario."

"I did enjoy the beast list that we found out in Super Mario RPG recently in the remake.
I enjoyed, like, seeing all the creatures, all the enemies, having them show their attacks and what were the weak point and the elementary weakness, etc.
So what can you tell us about the beasts themselves?
Which ones so far would you say are the main ones that you guys are using to introduce this Spanish mythology?
I can tell you quickly, like, we are using a beast called Urco, which is something like a hound from the, you know, like, depths of hell."

"Because it's pagan, so it's not really hell.
And she's actually the sister of the main character.
And the main character is a human being, Axis.
And, yeah, Lerez, the dog, they have, like, a special connection."

"And we are also using Boo, which is like an owl, like a kid's...
It's called asustaninos in Spanish, which is like a kid's...
Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Like, to frighten kids, don't go out at night and stuff like this.
But he's actually super nice.
Actually, his fear is, like, he will not be, like, a nice person.
You know, like, he will not become a nice person."

"We are using also some really...
And the team, really, I'm so proud of their ideas and their concepts and how they are approaching things.
Because there I have nothing, you know, I have nothing to do."

"Like, the influence is all them, and it's amazing.
They build these gamusinos, you know.
I mean, in Spain we have this concept, gamusinos, which they don't really exist."

"It's just, like, something that we say, like...
Go chase gamusinos.
They don't exist.
And we represent them in the game as a collectible also."

"So they will be around the world, you know, like, as Kodamas in Nioh and all of these things.
So you will be collecting gamusinos.
And I can't wait for you guys to see all of these things."

"And then the combat is fast-paced, as we said.
It's strategic.
So you use these beasts together with your party in some sort of Pokemon or Ni No Kuni way, or..."

"I mean, the scope of the game has to be controlled and depends on also how the Kickstarter goes.
We want to expand, obviously.
I mean, I'm not going to lie."

"We have this on the game design documents as well.
We want to use something like the personas in Persona.
We want to be able to swap and have, like, a beast combat or something.
It's going to be difficult."

"But, yeah, it's on there.
It's on the drawer.
If we have to use it, we will.
But right now we are going to just use the characters."

"We are going to focus on the scope of the game in the sense of, like, containing it as an indie RPG.
And an RPG is a very ambitious project, you know, and it's very expensive to develop."

"But, yes, I mean, why not?
I mean, if we arrive to the goal in Kickstarter, we will put, like, for sure these milestones, and we will do it."

"But right now, yeah.
All right.
Yeah, cool.
That's it. That's Bestiario for you guys.
Looking forward to learning more about it."

"Looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign in February.
And best of luck with it.
Thank you.
Thanks, Robert.
Thank you. Thank you, guys."





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