What to Watch on Netflix in January 2024

We take a look at the most exciting movies and showing making their debut on the streaming service in the first month of 2024.

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"While we've all had a busy December, the new year isn't slowing down when it comes to new content making its debut on Netflix. The streamer has a whole slate of original films and TV series planned, as well as bolstering its library with a slate of exciting other projects. With a lot coming up, here's what you should be watching on Netflix in January 2024."

"Michelle Keegan headlines this mystery series about a widow whose life is thrown into disarray when she sees her late husband on her child's nanny cam.
Michelle Yeoh stars in this action-comedy series about a ruthless Taipei gangster who travels to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother after his father is assassinated."

"This Netflix original anime sees a crew of adventurers exploring a dangerous dungeon in the hopes of finding one of the members' sister after she has been eaten by a dragon.
The second season of the tennis documentary show follows a variety of the sport's most notorious and iconic athletes as they compete in the top tournaments around the world."

"The third season of the animated children's show sees Sonic and the gang continuing to travel across the multiverse to protect it from the destructive Dr. Eggman.
Sofia Vergara leads the cast of this bio-drama about Griselda Blanco, a woman who became notorious in the 70's for being regarded as one of the most ruthless cartel leaders in Colombia."

"Kevin Smith's adaptation of the Masters of the Universe brand is continuing this month with the first season of Revolution, which will explore how He-Man and Teela work together to save Eternia from Skeletor after he defeated the iconic heroes.
This crime documentary explores how Ray Trapani became one of the biggest scammers in crypto history."

"Dan Levy finds himself in front of the camera and sitting on the director's chair in this rom-com also penned by Levy about a man who travels to Paris in the wake of his husband's death.
With part 2 debuting in theatres in March, Netflix is bringing the first chapter of Denis Villeneuve's epic sci-fi adaptation from 2021 to users around the world."

"Ben Schwartz returns as the Blue Blur in this live-action sequel from 2022 that also sees Jim Carrey once again back as Dr Robotnik and Idris Elba making his debut as Knuckles.
Kevin Hart stars alongside Gugu Mbatha-Raw in this action-comedy film about a master thief who teams up with his ex-girlfriend to steal $100 million worth of gold from an in-flight 777 passenger plane."

"It's finally morbid time for Netflix users as the notoriously bad Jared Leto-led superhero film from 2022 is coming to the streamer in the middle of the month.
Daniel Kaluuya is making his debut as a director in this film about two young men fighting for the residence of The Kitchen, a community who refuse to abandon their homes in a dystopian version of London."





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