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These gaming mice is designed to give their users the competitive edge.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look, I'm sure that you'll be joining me in a non-controversial statement I hope when I say that the market for sort of performance oriented mice are very saturated at the point where it's very difficult for us to find mice from Razer, from SteelSeries, from Corsair and find something that is truly awful."

"There is a lot that truly excel which does what it says on the tin essentially, so it's also very difficult for a semi-new manufacturer, at least in terms of what we've been taking a look at as a media, to come in and offer us something uniquely different.
Glorious, this new manufacturer that we've started working with, does not do that."

"This is very by and large stuff you've seen before, but that does not mean that they aren't worth taking a look at or worth a purchase if you like what you see.
Now I should stress right off the bat that they've sent us four mice and they are all very very similar to one another, but the way that you can see it is this, the O models are well more ergonomic in design essentially, or sort of the D, the D models are more ergonomic in design, and these O ones are sort of ultra-light, more claw-like in their grip and slightly smaller, but the way that they vary in terms of what kind of polling rate you can expect, what kind of weight you can expect, it is all very close to one another and I'm not sure that that was the right way to go."

"If you're struggling to differentiate your products, neither in design, these are perhaps the dullest mice that I think I've ever seen in my life, particularly in this price bracket because some of these are like 150 euros or something like that, so they're not cheap either, but there's no differentiating factors in the aesthetics dimension of it, which perhaps is a bit of a shame."

"I'm not saying make them full of flame accents and weird textures, but just something because this is just a matte black clamshell style, there is no rubbery side grips, it is just a black piece of plastic.
It may be a very well-made black piece of plastic, but that does not change the fact that there's nothing that differentiate this from something much cheaper, at least on the aesthetic design-wise side of things."

"So in terms of, let's start with one of these, again, you can either go with D or O Pro and get something which is either claw grip or more ergonomic.
This is obviously a tad more ergonomic, but I don't know if maybe I can show you, I don't know if these pictures show this properly, but you can definitely see that there is a more ergonomic left side for you to more naturally rest your thumb on the left side of the mouse, which we've seen from countless other mice also in the gaming space, or you can have something a little bit more smaller and more claw grip-like, but the point is that what you get, regardless of which one you get, is a mouse which weighs in at around, I think, either 57 grams for the lightest one and 62 grams for the heaviest one, so that is very close to one another, and very competitive as well, I should say."

"You get mechanical optical switches, which is nice, this is speed switches, and they are, do feel, very responsive, tactile, and speedy, so that's good.
You get the BAMF 2.0 sensor, which gives you around 26,000 DPI, that is neither the best nor the worst, which I'm not sure is good or bad for Glorious, but it is definitely good, it's up there, 26,000 DPI is nothing to scoff at."

"It is wireless, but it's not wireless through Bluetooth, there is no Bluetooth on any of these models, which I do think is a missed opportunity, and the other thing that this does not have, it does not have a way to store the dongle inside the mouth shell as well, also, I think, very bad, and if we call that out when Razer do it, we have to call it out when Glorious does it."

"They're all wireless, which is great, and this, these, I think, it kind of varies a little bit, but 80 hours of use on a battery charge should be within range, within expectancy.
You have a standard USB Type-C port to charge, and it's not sort of sculpted in a way that makes the cable that comes with every one of these proprietary, so that's really good."

"They range from, I think, 150 euros, again, to 120 euros, not cheap.
The main differentiator, apart from what separates the D and O ones, are, well, whether or not you want a higher polling rate, because if we take something like this, well, this has either, it's a weird thing, we discussed it, maybe Glorious will be sending us an email after this explaining to us why it's very natural to do this, but these are more expensive because when you wire them by using a USB Type-C cable to connect to your computer, you unlock a higher polling rate."

"That basically means, again, more responsiveness, an easier way to track individual movements, which works in tandem with the DPI in order to make the mouse feel more responsive and more accurate.
So when you buy the slightly more expensive version, you unlock either 4K or 8K."

"That means 8,000 hertz polling rate.
Why would you put a smaller hertz polling rate on there?
If it theoretically can go to 8,000 hertz polling rate, you must be able to, well, naturally expect it to be able to select a lower hertz polling rate."

"If it does 8,000, it should be able to do 4,000.
Again, we have seen 8,000 hertz polling rate mice before from Corsair and from Razer, I believe, so this is not unique either, but if you're really serious about your gaming and Glorious does claim that they are an eSports brand, I mean, this is called an ultralight eSports mouse, well, then you might want the higher polling rate and you can get that, not wirelessly, but through a cable, so it's good to have them there."

"So they're kind of light, they have good optical switches, they have a seemingly good build quality, nice battery life, so there is a lot of stuff going for them.
I will still say that I think this is just too dull and I would need it to be less dull in order for it to sway me away from any of the established giants out there, a Logitech Superlight, a Razer Viper."

"There's just a lot of good competition on the market, which have had a lot longer to establish itself.
So for Glorious, I would say that having something that differentiates itself visually would be a good idea."

"It's also perhaps a good idea to include Bluetooth and a way to store the dongle, so that you always know that you can use it wirelessly, regardless of, you know, you don't have to store your dongle next to it and Bluetooth is fine as well.
Thank you so much for watching."

"See you on the next one."





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