Stuart and Lau The Cary Briefcase Single (Quick Look) - A Timeless Take on the Essential Everyday Carry

This briefcase is made to be lightweight and water resistance, and features space to securely keep and protect your valuables and electronics.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to quite the special Gamereactor Quick Look, I'm Maunus and today we're taking a look at a product from a brand new manufacturer that we've just started working with called Stuart & Lau."

"You may not have heard of them, but they make pretty awesome stuff, particularly if you're the kind of person that needs a marriage between something that is light for your everyday carry but also providing you with innovative functionality and strong build quality as well and I'm so happy to say that this, which is the carry, and the carry comes by the way in a couple of different varieties, this is the single, you can also get it in a slim and you can also get it in a double, which basically means how much width you're prepared to accept in order to carry the things around with you that you need every single day."

"This is the regular single and I'm so pleased to say that Stuart & Lau have really nailed this down here.
They called the carry their essential classic choice and it is also a classic choice for me because if you're looking for this kind of everyday carry or bag, which is not a backpack but a shoulder strap bag, well this will be the one that I will be recommending going forward because it's such a strong collaboration between something that is aesthetically pleasing and something that is inherently pragmatic and functional and we'll get to why."

"So first and foremost, I love the way this look, this navy tan combo I think is very classic in its sort of aesthetics but below sort of that, you know, boardroom meets a more sort of relaxed setting, there's real strong materials here which a lot of people that transport really expensive consumer electronics are going to enjoy."

"So first and foremost, they have their own proprietary Duralite fabric which is essentially this completely watertight or water repellent outer coating.
When you look at it from afar, it looks like it's a canvas bag but it actually isn't.
It kind of feels like the material that you would make raincoats out from or like thick sort of wintry jackets."

"It's really cool and it's raining like a storm in Denmark today and I've been walking about with it and it completely brushes off and protects the valuable consumer electronics inside.
So I think that is a really strong indication that this Duralite fabric really, really works."

"They call it a high tenacity twill with waterproof backing.
That is a lot of fancy words but the thing is you can feel it.
You can both feel the quality and you can feel the water repellent coating there.
So it really works."

"But it's not just this Duralite fabric that's really cool.
These zippers here, I don't know if you can tell whether this picks up on camera but I've never seen these zippers before.
It's a new, it's a Japanese UKK Xsella zipper and they're both so incredibly thick like regular YKK zippers which we've seen on some of the backpacks that we've tested but they sip on or off so incredibly, I want to say seamlessly."

"There is a glide to it and a quality to these bits here which seems like they're milled from one piece of aluminum or something like that but it's just, it's quality.
It oozes quality and it really, really works to not only create, I would say, the necessary sort of certainty that you're protecting the things that you care about and that you need for your work or but at the same time providing you with sort of a unique aesthetic dimension."

"It really is something quite special.
Finally, we have these leather accents here.
So these straps that go down here as well as these handles and you get this with you as well which is obviously the shoulder strap which has this lovely sort of extra little pad here where it says Stuart and Lau right there which, you know, feels like it's very high quality."

"These are Italian full grain leather accents so really, really cool.
There is obviously a whole host of different pockets around that you can store different things in.
I'm going to take a brief look because I've used this for my everyday carry for a little while and I will give you just a brief rundown of what I carry around."

"I have my iPad mini, I use that all the time.
I have my Nintendo Switch Lite, I use that for play when I'm stuck somewhere.
There are pen slots right here, down here for an Apple pencil that I use every now and again and a regular pen."

"I have my chargers down here but this is all sort of par for the course really.
I mean all of this is very high quality but the point is where is the laptop?
Well, it's in this sleeve right here but this is actually a separate sleeve that is sort of designed to be built right in and the cool thing is if I just pull, I can remove the entire sleeve from the bag."

"So not only do you purchase a Stuart & Lyle carry single bag when you slap down the cash, you also get this sleeve here and this sleeve works pretty independently.
There is the strap here so that it fits on I would say maybe carry-on luggage or something like that."

"It has this lovely Stuart & Lyle leather accent and these are pockets.
So I can just take my iPad mini and my Nintendo Switch Lite and I would be able to carry this around let's say from meeting to meeting and this would be in your own office or something like that."

"It's a really cool idea and something that I hope that they stick with.
Obviously these zippers right here also has this water repellent sort of jacket on made with rubber and I think that really works well but what keeps it in place are these two little knobs which basically can slide into a little like sort of set cubby hole so that it stays in place."

"It's actually a really cool, really simple idea but when you are out and about, it doesn't really jostle around which it would do if it was a regular sleeve you bought for your laptop to have inside your own bag.
It's a really nice innovative take on something which could be a lot more advanced and involved several purchases at several retail stores but now you get everything in one go."

"Now I have to say I've been completely blown back by what Stuart & Lyle have been able to make here and I can't wait to take a look at more stuff they do because they obviously have an angle, they have good ideas and it's very, very clear when you take a look at this.
So thank you so much for watching."

"See you on the next one.
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