Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i (Quick Look) - Built for Creators

This 16-inch laptop is designed for creators and features a 13th Gen Intel CPU and a GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
I've been on the lookout for more alternative laptop setups recently and I spoke to a rep from Lenovo and we basically came to the conclusion that we had to test the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i which has two screens."

"That means that you can use it in wildly different setups basically in order to improve the amount of screen real estate you have at any given time.
But there was a mix up so they sent over the Lenovo Yoga Pro 9, not Lenovo Yoga Book 9i.
That is very confusing and I don't blame the reps for that because the naming conventions at Lenovo is absolutely hideous."

"Even researching notes for this one, the Lenovo Yoga Pro 9, we came across so many different variations that it was really hard to find the one that actually was this one.
But that does not mean that we will not take a look at it and it also does not mean that this is not impressive in its own right."

"It's just impressive in a very conventional way that we've come to expect from these pro level laptops.
Now if you're on the lookout after something sturdy, after something which has Windows 11 and something that provides ample versatility without adding too much bulk, this might be something for you."

"For one, it has a sort of a teal color which I think is very nice and it's an aluminum unibody meaning that it has an Apple Book-esque feel and it's completely rigid without again adding too much bulk.
This weighs 2.23 kilograms with a 70 watt hour battery and it just feels very nice in general."

"It's also part of Lenovo's CO2 offset service which basically means that you can pretty much count on it being at least to some degree manufactured and designed with some thought paid to the environment and sort of the environmental hazard of producing consumer electronics.
It is overall pretty inspired hardware."

"There are these soft edges all around.
It stands on these big rubber standoffs that means that this exhaust here has the space in order to push out that air which is very nice.
There is a really varied array of ports here."

"So we get Thunderbolt ports, we get HDMI, USB Type-A, a proprietary Lenovo charger which you can also use obviously.
The USB Type-C can be used for power delivery which is very nice and over here there's an additional USB Type-A and full SD card slot which is very nice."

"There's also a privacy slider for the webcam, all welcome additions that I really, really like.
Inside, well, we find some things good, some things bad.
For one, this is the basic Lenovo keyboard that I've been using for Thinkpads and this for a while and they are all great."

"Lenovo makes some of the best keyboards in the industry and there's a full numpad here which is, you know, nice.
Not so nice.
I'm going to hold it up like this."

"That the giant off-center trackpads, I think they are dumb.
It makes it look like it was amateur hour when it was designed and while it is because of the numpad, I just feel like it's such a basic thing to demand that the trackpad is centered on the machine."

"They've gotten to a point where they can offer a 16-inch display in what would essentially be a 15-inch casing and they've done that through this little top here instead of providing it with a notch like Apple does in their MacBook Pro.
This little notch here means that the webcam can sit in this little lip here at the top meaning that you get full screen real estate from top to bottom."

"That gives it the 16 inches but that's not all that is impressive about it.
It is a 1200-nit 16-inch mini LED display which covers 100% DCI-P3 which is very nice.
It is HDR.
It is HDR 1000 certified but it can peak at 1200."

"The entire display is basically, I think it's 3200 by 1600.
That gives it a 3.2K resolution which is very nice in general.
There's an Intel i9-13905H, I think, which is very good alongside in this particular variant an RTX 4070 and 64 gigs of DDR memory."

"Very good.
The one problem that we immediately got caught on was that that 64 gigs of memory is soldered onto the motherboard meaning that it's non-upgradable, non-replaceable, really, really bad for a machine which is supposed to offer itself up as an important tool to people that really need important tools."

"You need to have that serviceable.
You need to have that upgradable.
But as we say, this comes in a wide variety of different variations.
It starts at €2,000 but it can go all the way up around double that."

"This 4070 i9-64 gig model is around €3,200 which means that it's a lot cheaper than your basic MacBook Pro which is specced around the same level.
So pretty cool.
The one thing that I will say and that's just because we were talking about the Book 9i, this is just very conventional."

"The keyboard, trackpad, the cool awesome display.
There's no innovative thinking here beyond the fact that you could ostensibly with a 4070 and an Intel i9-13905H, you'd be able to do some pretty cool gaming on this.
Thank you so much for watching."

"See you on the next one."





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