Grand Theft Auto VI

GRTV News - Grand Theft Auto VI is coming in 2025

The first trailer for the massively anticipated game has made its debut.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today we have a huge one for you.
One that I kind of expected to be talking about tomorrow actually because the trailer was supposed to be coming out sort of later this afternoon."

"But a massive leak took place and well, Rockstar decided to release the trailer early.
So yes, we're talking about the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer.
It's been released in full.
We've been given our first proper big look at the game and well, we've even been given a release window."

"Which is a very concise release window as well if you take sort of recent bits of information into mind.
But we'll talk more about that in a moment.
So yeah, for the time being, let's dive on in.
Here is the first ever Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer."

"Yes, you got to check this out.
Now, also as well, I'm not going to actually play the trailer in here.
So if you want to check that out, you can, right?
It's here. It's only about a minute and a half long."

"It's great. But yes, the idea was that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be premiered later today, Tuesday.
But as so often before, leaks have now put an end to the fun and Rockstar has therefore released the trailer in advance.
Here we get to meet the two new protagonists, Lucia and Jason, which confirms the rumor of a female protagonist.
The information about Return to Vice City was also correct."

"And in the video, we see this Miami patiche represented bathed in delicious lighting effects, whether it's day, dusk or night.
It's clear that Rockstar has retained its flair for pop cultural detail and there's plenty to react to.
And we dare say that the animators and NPC density are indicative of the most vibrant gaming city ever.
Unfortunately, we have to wait till 2025 for Grand Theft Auto 6 to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series."

"But we are absolutely convinced that it will be worth it.
We will keep any longer. Check out the trailer below.
And again, I'm not going to play the trailer.
This is the actual bits of key art below, though, which is quite an important thing to look at."

"Because, yes, we have the dual protagonists here, which is the first sort of female protagonist we've got in a Grand Theft Auto as well.
And then also coming 2025, which is an important thing to remember.
And the important bit about that coming 2025 bit is that Takes Two Interactive, which is the parent company of Rockstar, has been mentioning for a long time that 2020, that the fiscal year starting in 2024."

"So it starts in April 2024 and runs until the end of March 2025.
They've been saying for a long time that they're expecting that to be a very good fiscal year, which to me highlights one thing, and that's that Grand Theft Auto 6 is planning to come out in the fiscal year 2024 to 2025.
Now, if Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 6, sorry, has a release date in 2025, it kind of signals that we could be looking at this game coming out between January and March in 2025."

"Now, granted, there could be an internal delay, and maybe in the next financial sort of statement from Takes Two Interactive, they'll say that the fiscal year 2025 to 2026 is looking really, you know, impressive.
Of which, if that's the case, then Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to launch sometime after April and before, well, December 2025, because it's supposed to be coming in 2025."

"But judging by what we've heard recently, it does look like this game could be coming out in the early parts of 2025.
Yes, we're not going to get it next year.
Yes, we are looking at a release that's at least, I would say, at least 13 months away.
But it is on its way soon."

"And judging by what we've seen in that trailer, which if you haven't already seen, stop listening to me talk right now and go watch that trailer, because it looks absolutely excellent.
But yeah, as we know more about this game, which no doubt we will start learning more about this game from information, official information coming out in the in the coming sort of weeks, months and yeah, weeks and months and whatnot."

"We'll be sure to keep you posted and updated.
Until then, though, the key thing to know is the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is out.
It's coming in 2025 and you can watch it now.
So until then, that's all the time we have today's episode of GeoTV News."

"We'll see you on the next one.
Take care, everyone."





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