Pedestal Straight Rollin' (Quick Look) - Unmatched Manoeuvrability

This functional stand has straight legs and wheels allowing it double up as a stationary TV stand and also one with near-unmatched manoeuvrability.

Audio transcription

"Hello, this is a slightly different take on the quick look video because we are not in the quick look studio.
We are in fact in my, well, not now quite messy, but usually very messy living room."

"I have two small boys and they take everything apart and put it back together and they barf and shit everywhere.
And it's frankly quite frustrating as you can probably tell in my voice, but right now I have stayed at home, worked at home and tidied up a little bit because I wanted to show you something which has quite transformed the way that we in this house at least enjoy media because this right here is the pedestal."

"So what is the pedestal?
Well, that's a very good question.
Well, the general idea is that it is a stand for your TV.
You can mount it towards the back with a whole fidget of different screws."

"And if your TV is between the regular range that pedestal offers, which is right up to 65 inch, which this LG G2 is, well, then you're good to go.
Essentially you take it off from the wall and you make it a dynamic part of your space again."

"And what benefits are there to that?
You might ask.
Well, obviously it's now a mobile thing.
Right now, for instance, I'm playing Baldur's Gate 3."

"And as you can probably tell, if I grab this controller, the interface elements here are quite small.
Look at this UI, it is heinous and I hate it.
And it's one of the worst parts of a game that is otherwise tremendous."

"But I have to get right up close in order to see what is actually going on in this game.
But if you're, for instance, watching Avatar 2, you might not need to be as close to the TV.
You can move it forwards when you need it and you move it backwards when you don't."

"While I am quite impressed and overall very happy with the way that I assembled this, I'm perhaps not as pleased as to how well I've managed to cable a range and make everything tidy back here.
But I feel like it's still worth a mention because unlike in a regular space where you have your PlayStation 5 and your Xbox and your Apple TV and your remotes and everything that you'd need in order to have a sufficient and satisfying media experience, well, now everything can live on the pedestal."

"That's kind of the general idea.
This holder right here is for a PlayStation 5 console.
This holder right here is for an Apple TV.
This holder right here is for remotes."

"And you even get little hooks here, which means that the one cable that you now need because there are cable boxes which magnetically attach to the frame of the pedestal can now go up here and hide away when it's up against the wall.
There are a lot of such clever ideas here and I feel like they've been manufactured in such a way that it's so easy and effortless to understand."

"I have been very, very impressed with the overall construction of it so far.
One thing that I actually haven't spoken to Pedestal about is this consistent letdown with the construction.
The one kind of main gripe that I have is this shelf and more specifically these tiny keepers here, which is the way that it sort of binds to the overall construction, the overall sort of skeleton of the stand."

"Now these small keepers here are tightened through nuts on the opposite side, but one of them broke, so I can't loosen it up again in order to reposition it further up.
So it's going to have to stay down here.
There are some things I don't like, of course, like this wobbly soundbar mount."

"But beyond that, it's surprisingly elegant and impeccably put together, even if the assembly was semi-bodged by myself.
I'm going to be honest with you, for my particular use case, the Pedestal is amazing.
Whether or not it's going to be like that for you, well, that depends entirely on the aesthetic and sort of overall design of your living room or whether or not you like the design of the Pedestal."

"They have a whole range of them in different colors as well.
And well, I found one that I really liked and luckily they were able to collaborate me on with this one, but I will miss it when it's gone.
And I absolutely adore it since I've unpacked it and installed it and used it."

"Because as I talked about that dynamism about the entire thing at the beginning, now that I'm done with my TV, I'm not going to be playing Boulders Gate 3 anymore.
Well, now I can sort of reposition up against the wall and I can be happy that there is no cable clutter while I'm doing that."

"I think that's absolutely fantastic and kind of deserves a thumbs up.
So that's what I'm going to give it.
Thank you.
See you soon."





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