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DOYOKY Wireless RGB Controller (Quick Look) - Joy-Cons with Extra Joy

This wireless Joy-Cons replacement brings additional customisation and colour options.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone, and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Whether you have splurged for the Tears of the Kingdom Limited Edition, just bought a new OLED, or whatever switch you might have, all of the joycons attached to that, in some aspects, have proven to exhibit what we call stick drift."

"It's not just joycons, but it's definitely been more pronounced on these, particularly the first couple of generations of batches that Nintendo put out.
Some actually become wildly unresponsive, and generally just break.
It's been quite a faff, with numerous lawsuits aimed at Nintendo, who have remained pretty staunch on the entire affair, but have changed their ways and their production methods in order to at least somewhat mitigate what has happened."

"But at least the overall, let's say, faith in the construction of these joycons are at an all-time low.
But luckily, despite the fact that Nintendo generally don't really like the third-party accessories market, they do allow for manufacturers that don't make joycons to make their own joycons."

"And one of those companies are Doyoke, and Doyoke makes these.
This is called, these are now detached, of course, and then attached to the switch itself.
This is, in conjunction with another, called the Doyoke Wireless RGB Controller.
Now, wireless, because they work wirelessly, you can put it into this and then have a regular joycon controller as you normally would, but they obviously have RGB."

"But the main thing that separates this from Doyoke's other switch controllers are not only the RGB lighting, the others have that as well, but it's the sticks themselves.
Now these sticks are created with something called Hall Effect.
Now I can't sit here and explain to you why Hall Effect is better, but the main thing that Hall Effect does is that it promises the technology, its design promises that stick drift and overall lack of responsiveness and functionality will never occur in that way."

"It completely, permanently fixes the problem with these joycons.
So the thing is, you might come for the Hall Effect joysticks, which of course secures longevity across your switch's lifespan, if you just bought it or you're looking to replace your joycons in general."

"But there is also the idea of ergonomics.
Now the joycons are space-saving, which is great, they fit in smaller bags, but they're also small and some people, particularly with large hands, have been making a bit of a fuss about lacking the proper comfort of holding something more ergonomic."

"Well, you can probably tell that this fixes that outright.
These are chunky here, there is added almost a grip-like, this is actually like, feels almost one part of an Xbox controller or a DualSense controller, which is great.
And you get the addressable RGB effect all around, which obviously soaks up some power, it's unclear how much, but it does make the switch look somewhat next-gen, I would say."

"This obviously means that you'll have to buy a bag which is larger for it or something from Doyoki themselves, but it is markedly better to overall just hold.
It means that your hands are spaced a bit more from each other, it feels off because there's just more controller until you get to the screen, but it feels great."

"There is also programmable buttons, they are here around the back where you can, for instance, there's two of them right here.
There's also adjustable vibration, which is awesome.
But overall, programmable macro buttons, nice, hall effect joysticks, nice, RGB, at least for those who like that, that's also nice."

"It's a bit on the expensive side, it's $60, meaning it's the same as a regular pair of Joy-Cons, and I would expect the third-party accessories market to try and undercut Nintendo a little bit more than they have here, particularly if it's from a brand that you haven't heard of already and not as established as some other accessories partners."

"But overall, it's very easy to say, if you like the shape, if you like RGB and you want hall effect joysticks for now, well, Doyoki can help.
Thank you so much for watching, see you on the next one."





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