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Apple Watch Ultra 2 (Quick Look) - Next-Level Adventuring

We take a look at the latest iteration of Apple's more hardy Watch model.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereact Quick Look.
There is nothing on the desk, but don't worry, there is still something to take a look at because it's on my wrist."

"We're a bit late to the party here, but there's good reason for that and I'll get to it.
But this is the Apple Watch Ultra Series 2.
Now you wouldn't be able to tell, could you, because this reuses the exact same casing watch house design as last year's Apple Watch Ultra in general."

"So that might be disappointing to some and this might be the only time that Apple can go back to the well in order to reuse the same case design because the battery is the same, the battery life is the same, the thickness of the casing, for obvious reasons, is the same and that might be the only thing that people actually want from a major Apple Watch Ultra upgrade."

"That might be that you've been able to shrink the thickness of the case design while maintaining the same battery capacity and the same screen size.
That might be a major step forward in some way, but they have not done that here.
But again, as I said, they are allowed, in my view, to go back to the well in this particular regard."

"And the reason for that is that I still think that this is the most fetching, well-designed and overall functional Apple Watch that they've ever created.
It also should be since it costs that much.
And maybe before we move on, let me just say that I have removed the sort of nylon-ish strap that Apple sends with their Apple Watch Ultras."

"You can obviously get a variety of different ones at the purchase point, which is great.
That's a very lovely sort of strategic decision by Apple, I think, to give people the ability to choose a really personal and expensive strap right out of the box.
But I actually just got this."

"This is one of the new watch straps from Bellroy.
It has this lovely sort of grayish-greenish hue.
I don't know if this shows on camera, but it's great.
Bellroy actually makes some of the most fetching watch straps on the market, and we'll be showcasing some others from Nomad, for instance, in a later video."

"So just, you know, just if you wanted to know what watch strap was on here, I just wanted to show you guys.
So the same basic design.
That means that there are the same Ultra watch faces, exclusive watch faces here."

"This is actually last year's one.
There's one that's modular, a modular sort of one where they fit a lot of information on there, which I like.
And it maintains the orange profile, which fits the other accents on the watch."

"So great.
You also get the action button now.
When I reviewed the original Apple Watch Ultra, this action button could only do a few select things, but there is actually now shortcut functionality, meaning that same as the variable function button on the new Apple Watch 15 Pro and Pro Max, this can do a whole host of different things."

"Other than that, you obviously have the active rotating crown here on one side alongside the little lock button here.
With watchOS 10, this, all of the commands that you can give it is actually reset and kind of reworked."

"So it works very, very well.
But as you can probably tell by the way I'm waffling, well, the actual improvements, the actual changes are a bit light on their feet.
There is a new chip, which is called the S9 SIP system in processor."

"I don't know.
I usually use SOC, which is just, you know, system on a chip, but which I presume is kind of the same here.
But this is called the S9 SIP and it enables a bunch of different features."

"There is now precision finding of your iPhone that basically, maybe we can actually do it right here.
So that means that if you navigate through to the quick settings right here and you find the iPhone setting, if that's what you want to find, instead of just pinging it, it gives you this little overview here where it kind of directs you."

"You know this already from locating an air tag, for instance, that there is this detailed precision finding mode where it gives you meters and the overall direction in which to head, which is really, really cool.
So that's here."

"There is a whole new host of cycling modes.
The screen goes up to 3,000 nits of brightness when the, you know, the conditions are met.
That means that there has to be direct sunlight, that kind of stuff.
So all of that is really cool."

"But what the main thing that the S9 SIP chip enables, it was a feature that was shown off in the Apple keynote, but wasn't actually available on the watch when we received it because that has been made available with the watch 10.01 update.
And we have it, I think it's still in beta branch, but it's public beta and not developer beta."

"So you might be able to, Apple's made it easier to participate in these betas than ever before.
So it's pretty easy to get done.
But that is, it's called double tap."

"Now you can do this on the regular watch, but the main point here is that if I tap my index finger and my thumb together twice, it enables me to use some system functions.
So now the watch is unlocked.
So I double tap and the watch senses it immediately."

"Now what it does is that it, from default, it takes me to a whole host of widgets that are now on the swipe up gesture.
So let's do that again.
Double tap, double tap, double tap, double tap."

"Takes me through my widgets.
That means that I have a kindergarten meeting, how, how I'm close I am to shutting off my circles.
What the weather's going to be like."

"And is this quicker than say swiping up from the bottom and swiping through my widgets?
Probably not.
But there are a lot of instances where you use your hand for something, where they are wet after doing some kind of task."

"So being able to control the watch's interface with a double tap and having it almost work, I've had almost zero like fails in this particular attempt is really cool.
And there are also app-specific functions.
So that might be going inside the stopwatch, for instance, I can double tap to start."

"Like that.
And I can double tap to start.
That's really cool.
And there are some app-specific features other than that, which you can enable if you so choose."

"So this Apple Watch Ultra upgrade is a tight light on its feet.
And that has been the iterative process of making and launching new Apple Watches almost since the original Apple Watch.
So it's a bit more light than every iPhone iteration, for instance."

"But I still think that Apple makes the best smartwatch on the market and bar none, I mean, no one gets even freaking close.
And the Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch that they make.
So if you're willing to splurge, I promise you, you won't regret it because it's just that good."

"Thank you so much for watching."





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