The Witcher: Sirens of The Deep

GRTV News - Geralt returns to Netflix in The Witcher: Sirens of The Deep

Doug Cockle is voicing the character once again.

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. It's a new week and we're going to be kicking off by talking a little bit about one of the big announcements that took place over the weekend as part of Netflix's Geeked Week. Because there was various trailers shown off and various games that were announced to be coming to the service."

"But one of these announcements that really caught my attention was one that would no doubt really interest the Witcher community. Because Doug Cockle, the man who voices Geralt in CD Projekt Red's series, or has been previously voicing Geralt in it. We're not too sure whether Geralt's going to be involved in the future ones or not, but it's a different thing. Doug Cockle will be returning to voice Geralt in the upcoming anime series, The Witcher Sirens of the Deep. So let's dive in and take a look at what this will be."

"Geralt returns to Netflix in The Witcher Sirens of the Deep and he's being voiced by Doug Cockle, the same guy we know from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Many like to think Henry Cavill was born to be Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher series. So the fans were pissed when Cavill announced he was leaving the show after the third season ended earlier this year. We're still a long way away from seeing Liam Hemsworth replace him in season four, but we'll actually get to hear a familiar Geralt before that. Netflix has revealed a new animated movie called The Witcher Sirens of the Deep. This is an adaptation of The Witcher short story, A Little Sacrifice, which means we'll be following Geralt of Rivia."

"He won't be voiced by Henry Cavill or Liam Hemsworth, however, as it will be Doug Cockle.
That's the man voicing Geralt in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, if you didn't know. It's kind of funny that Anya Chalotra and Joey Beatty will make the movie stay true to the TV series by reprising their roles as Yennefer and Jaskier. One of the reasons for that, this is that The Sirens of the Deep takes place between episode five and episode six of the show's first season. We've received two trailers to give us a taste of what awaits when the movie comes to Netflix in late 2024, and it seems like Studio Mir is set to deliver another great adventure. If you want to check out the trailers, you can do. I'm not going to play them here, but it's less than two minutes in length between the two of them, so they're not that long. But yes, Doug Cockle is back and voicing Geralt."

"So yes, we don't actually know when this film is going to be debuting on Netflix. We just told late 2024, so it could be a year out still at this point. But when it does arrive, Doug Cockle is going to be voicing Geralt once again, which no doubt is going to interest a lot of fans of the game series who love that sort of raspy voice that Cockle made so iconic over the years. As we know more about this film, we'll be sure to keep you updated. As Eric puts, it's based on the short story that was in the second book before the main sort of events start taking place. It's only a chapter length, really, the short story, but no doubt we'll get to see this sort of explored in a more deeper sort of sense in this upcoming anime movie. But yeah, as we know more about it, we'll be sure to keep you posted and updated. And otherwise, we're back now tomorrow, maybe, for next year TV news of the week. We'll see. Who knows? Otherwise, we'll see you all on the next one."

"So until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and yeah, we'll see you down the line.
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