Digital Sun on how Cataclismo is something bold and new for the studio behind Moonlighter and Mageseeker

After the successful and pixel-art-drawn Moonlighter and Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, Digital Sun are embarking on a completely different adventure with Cataclismo, a 3D strategy game. Here business developer Albert Millán tells us all about the game at the IndieDevDay.

Audio transcription

"We're in Barcelona for the IndieDevDays and as you can see by the background, we're taking a look at the Digital Sun Games including, you know, we love Moonlighter you guys released Mageseeker earlier this year and your new project is called Cataclismo so thank you so much for joining us First of all, of course, Moonlighter is a little bit a thing of the past we loved it, we enjoyed the pixel art we enjoyed the combination between, you know, managing your store and your items with the dungeons, etc but then you guys released Mageseeker earlier this year which is a League of Legends story so I wanted to ask you how do you feel about the project some time has passed, what is the main feedback you got from the audience and how do you feel at the studio with that game?
Well, we were very excited to work on a project with Riot Games because we are internally within the team we have many fans which are kind of quite hardcore into League of Legends so for us it was a no-brainer working with them was a unique experience and we had to take that chance overall the game has done fairly well we are quite satisfied with the results surely there's always room for improvement in certain games but we are quite happy overall, yeah the art is very strong I think it's one of the strongest points of the studio in general not only in the Mageseeker but also going back to Moonlighter and yeah, our impressions so far are really really good we also loved it at Game Reactor we highlighted precisely the pixel art, the animation we found it to be an accessible game even if a bit linear but we all in all enjoyed it and now, tell us about Cataclysm it's a different genre pretty much compared to Mageseeker and Moonlighter and Moonlighter is completely different, right?
yeah, I mean, for anyone that has been following Digital Sun one might think that we've gone mad because we go from doing 2D roguelite games to kind of doing an RTS yeah, it's a huge difference but at the same time it was a huge opportunity mainly because it was a first for many things it has a 3D which we have never done and it was an opportunity to level up as well the team in that regard the skill set that the team has acquired just by doing Cataclysm is immense and in that sense it has been quite worth for us and there's a change in the genre itself and in the approach and in the gameplay so how do you sort of build your strategy through the game?
so essentially what you have to do is to kind of construct a fortress and that involves gathering resources and eventually once you've defined your walls waves of horrors will spawn from the mist and they will try to destroy everything you've set up so it's a bit of..."

"it takes a lot of inspiration of Darebillions and some similar games in that matter and yeah, that's what players can expect essentially a lot of construction a lot of defense and a strong strategic element towards it and you mentioned the art how it's different, how it's 3D this time around it's based on 3D..."

"the art style, but then it's 3D graphics so what can you tell us about the lore, the environments the characters, the way you...
I can see in the background you guys move the camera around and how that helps you of course, deal with the game's challenges yeah, well, I must say it's been a learning experience for the artists because going from 2D to 3D is a bit new but overall we've wanted to give a kind of mysterious tone to it involving the mists, the auras which is not that common in building games so I think it's a way of giving it a tone and making it unique in its own way your colleague here mentioned some sort of Lego touch to it what do you think he means here?
so Lego has been a strong source of inspiration as well in the sense that you literally just build your own structure block by block so you will piece a couple of them and eventually you will come up with your own fortress and way of defending the idea is that there are limitless possibilities in terms of what you can come up with your defense and not all of them will work out so there's a bit of trial and error involved and if I'm correct, we learned about Cataclysmo earlier this summer I think it was during one of these showcases with Humble Games, I think but you guys are out auto-publishing so what can you tell us about revealing the game as part of these summer showcases and then for the studio to try and auto-publish at least this game going forward so our experience with Humble has been great we might have different views in terms of how we wanted to approach the game so eventually we came to the realization that it was best for each of both of us, two part ways so now we're in a position where we can take more control of the game on how we promote it and it's also a huge challenge for us because it's also up first so we're trying to navigate that environment the best we can but we are really hopeful that the people that it will really hit within people and particularly those more hardcore gamers which focus especially on strategy games and what is the status of the project you guys unveiled it you guys have it playable already here so what's the status, can players get their hands on it, when can they expect a demo to be released for example so we currently have a demo on Steam which players can already go over there and play it, it's around one hour to two hours long as it has a bit of a tutorial as well as a more advanced challenging level to kind of keep those more hardcore players engaged and we expect to release it around the second quarter of 2024 early during that time frame alright Is Cataclysmo the only game you guys are working on right now?
We have other projects under the hood but unfortunately I cannot say anything else about them Anything else you want fans of the genre to learn about Cataclysmo that we haven't touched upon during this interview?
Well it has a lot of depth I can promise you that guys I'm sure that when you try it out and when you give it a shot you'll start finding out that there's more involved and one can even begin to imagine when they start simply looking at the trailers and what's there I do want to send a message as well because we'll be doing a Kickstarter so it would be great if people are willing to back us and give us a shot to produce a game that is up to the standards as they've been with Moonlighter and The Mistaker I think that's a really nice way to end this interview so thank you so much for your time, good luck with Cataclysmo and we expect honestly to enjoy it as much as Moonlighter and The Mistaker, thank you so much"





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