Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - Dimension Shellshock (Gamescom 2023) - The multiverse is in danger!

Even though the DLC is already out, we had the chance to try it out early during Gamescom 2023 and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to talk about it and tell you what we thought of the experience.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which we're going to talk about, this time, not a game itself, okay?
We're going to talk about a DLC and even though it's been officially released, well, we wanted to talk about it because we've seen it at Gamescom 2023 and as I've said, even though the release date was really, really close to, well, Gamescom date, we wanted to talk about it and we thought that maybe today was the day, okay?
Sorry for the delay, but at least you'll have our very own impressions in here, okay?
As you may know, most of the features and most of the things about the DLC probably, well, this video is not going to be as long as they usually are, okay?
The videos of this series, but, okay, let's talk about it."

"I didn't say it, but obviously, as you have in the title, we're talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge Dimension Shellshock, okay?
Basically, the DLC's name is Dimension Shellshock and this time, well, the DLC was released 31st August 2023, that's why I said that it was really, really close to Gamescom date, but well, basically, this time, the DLC will add two new characters which will be able to play on basically every mode, okay?
On story mode, arcade mode and the new game mode that we'll talk about really, really soon."

"And that's it, two new characters and this new game mode, okay?
Basically, the concept of the game is just that, well, Shredder is seeking to conquer the multiverse itself and, of course, our heroes will have to travel through these, well, dimensional portals to just look after him and, well, just defeat him, okay?
So, how are we going to do it?
Well, we're going to access to this multiverse game mode, which is called survival game mode, okay?
And we'll fight against different hordes of enemies."

"We'll realize that the backgrounds and the scenarios are going to be super different, they're going to be...
there are going to be references from the comic, from the series, from the story mode, from everywhere, okay?
And basically, once we defeat one horde, okay, or one level, however you want to call it, they will appear two portals and those portals are going to give us different bonuses, okay?
So, you'll have to choose carefully which bonus you want next to just being able to empower your character and being able to defeat the next horde, and like that over and over again until, well, you're ready finally to just defeat Shredder, okay?
It's basically that, but it's really fluent and dynamic because, as I've said, it's all about defeating these enemies as we've been doing in the base game, okay?
It's more or less the same combat style, same things, but as you change the scenario, as you change the enemies all the time, and as you change your bonuses, and you'll probably have realized that you'll find a lot of surprises, transformations, and, well, different new mechanics thanks to these bonuses, you realize that the game is going to change constantly, and that's the main feature of this game mode, I would say."

"Also, surviving and getting to the end of all this and getting crystals to just being able to access to these new portals or to these new areas, okay?
But basically, it will be just having fun smashing your enemies, getting weird, crazy, and insane bonuses, and having fun just fighting, okay?
And I've talked about the new two characters that they'll add to every mode, okay?
To the story, arcade, and survival modes."

"And they are Usagi and Karai, okay?
Usagi, that rabbit which is going to hop across these dimensions, no?
Well, with its very own combat style, with a very own melee combat style, with its katana and all that."

"And on the other side, we'll have Karai, okay?
Which obviously is going to join this fight, but using her lightning fast techniques, okay?
So the combat system is going to be different, of course, depending on your combat style, or depending on your preferences also, and that's it."

"And I would say that's basically it.
We have these new two characters, we have these new survival modes, with a lot of different new environments, with a lot of different bonuses, different, well, a different game mode, a different style of just playing the game, okay?
As I've said, just collecting crystals, traveling across dimensions, and trying to defeat Shredder."

"That's the main purpose of this new survival mode.
Well, survival mode, yeah, dimensional mode, however you want to call it.
And that would be it.
You now are able to use these new two characters in both game modes, in both, no, in the three game modes, as I've told you."

"We have now new character colors that you can apply to every single character, okay?
So don't hesitate to just try out all the new colors, and just feel comfortable with your character, with the different characters that you're going to play."

"And obviously, that's it.
Try to get the better score in the leaderboards, okay?
Every time that you complete or that you play a game in this survival mode, and basically have fun."

"And as we've said, we know that you've probably seen it, or you probably knew about all these new additions and features of the DLC, because it was released like a couple of months ago already.
But we wanted to talk about it just for, I don't know, just to give you our very own impressions and opinion."

"And I have to say that even though I played the base game here in a live stream, and okay, it was super funny, but I'm not a Ninja Turtle fan, okay?
I have to admit it.
But playing this DLC was actually really, really funny, just because of what I've told you."

"Just because it's super fluent, it's super dynamic, it's super fast.
And well, if you lose, you can just start over again, pick another character, try to find your perfect combat style.
Just trying to improve every time and to get a better score."

"Just play with friends, which is always funny.
And I would say that if you enjoyed the base game, and you wanted to, well, play it again, but you don't want to repeat the story, because maybe it can be a little bit boring, or you've already played the arcade mode, and you wanted something new and something fresh."

"Maybe this is your chance to just give it a try.
And well, play with your friends and see how far can you get.
And just having fun smashing these ninjas, okay?
These Shredder allies ninjas, no?
And well, I would say that would be it, my guys."

"I hope that if you've played the game already, you have enjoyed it.
If you didn't know that this DLC was out, now you know.
If you didn't know what kind of features this DLC just added to the base game, now you know."

"And now you know about impressions, which were basically that.
It's super funny.
It's different.
It's dynamic.
But I think it gives like a plus to the game in general, okay?
Just if you like the base game, you wanted something fresh, maybe this is your DLC and this is a perfect time to just try it out."

"Or maybe start over the story mode, complete it again, and then play in the survival mode to just...
Well, now that you're now used again to the controls and to the combat system, etc., maybe it could be a good way of just starting over this game."

"Now, if you loved it or whatever.
I said that just because I love repeating over and over again the things that I like.
Maybe series, movies, games, etc.
So maybe you're just like me and you wanted an excuse to just try it out again and play it again."

"So there you have it.
You're welcome.
Well, that would be it, my guys.
I remind you because I didn't set it in here because we weren't talking about the base game itself."

"But the game's been developed by Tribute Games and it's been published by Dotemu, okay?
And well, the DLC was released this 31st August 2023, as I've told you.
And that's it.
I hope you've enjoyed it."

"We actually enjoyed it, playing it at Gamescom 2023.
And well, stay tuned for more news, updates, and reviews, impressions, videos, etc.
at our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice.
Give it a check."

"And as always, thank you for being here.
See you in the next video.





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