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iPhone 15 Pro (Quick Look) - For the Pros

We've got our hands on the more powerful version of the base iPhone model from this year's batch of devices from Apple.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a special Gamereactor Quick Look, it's that time of the year again, it's iPhone time.
Apple I think 10 days ago unveiled for real the iPhone 15 series and well, I for one was very interested in the 15 Pro Max which we just filmed, but I think a lot of people seem to gravitate towards the Pro, the regular Pro."

"And well, for good reason, you get all of the Pro features and you don't have to have a massive phone.
That decision might be more difficult this year seeing as the 15 Pro Max has the 5X dedicated telephoto module with the tetraprism lens, but if you don't really need that one then there is the regular 15 Pro."

"And this is also in the titanium colorway which I think isn't just an obvious choice this year because it just, it leans so naturally into the new titanium rail which obviously means that Apple has managed to make the phone lighter this year without sacrificing any of sort of the bulk or the heft or the luxurious sort of hand feel."

"But this is 187 grams and that is without sacrificing IP68, dust and water resistance, wireless charging and 15 watts using MagSafe.
So there is all of the stuff that you would expect to have.
There's also now USB Type-C, we knew this was coming thanks to regulations from the EU, but on the Pros there is Thunderbolt 3-esque data transfer speeds if you're bouncing large files that you've taken from the cameras either through video or photos and you want to transfer those quickly, you can use the USB Type-C, the braided USB Type-C cable which I can just show you real quick because it's actually rather nice."

"Remember when Apple just used to ship really bad sort of rubbery charging cables that flayed after a couple of years?
I don't think this will do that because this seems like it comes straight off the production run of something like, say, like the Mac Pro or the Mac Studio or, you know, any of their higher-end Mac products where you have braided cables which is very nice."

"No, apart from that, you get the brand new A17 Pro 3nm SoC, yes, 3nm, one of the first 3nm processes to come off the production run like this.
And while it's too early to say, I will say that Apple SoCs very rarely disappoint.
They are much faster, both single-core and multi-core, than they are given Snapdragon or Dimensity competition."

"And we saw both from individual press outlets afterwards but also during the keynote itself that this phone runs Assassin's Creed Mirage and Resident Evil Village at what I would say was pretty consistent sort of 30 FPS-ish but without too many graphical bells and whistles turned down."

"There obviously was some caveats, some sacrifices that had to be made but in a time where we're all looking for like the next gaming handheld and considering sort of the Steam Deck to be the savior of that particular, you know, species of hardware, well, it's so cool at something like this which is so incredibly small can, in principle at least, run Assassin's Creed Mirage."

"Like last year's Pros, you get up to a terabyte of storage, that's what you want, and up to 8GB of RAM.
It has the same LTPO Super Retina XDR OLED which runs at 120Hz and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision."

"And now, if you're in a bright outdoor scenario, it goes up to 2000 nits, meaning there's really no scenario where you aren't able to see the screen fully even in direct sunlight and even through polarized sunglasses.
The camera is a 48MP standard wide, a 12MP telephoto, that's with 3x optical zoom and without the tetraprism lens just so you know, and a 12MP 120 degree ultra-wide."

"All of this is great news.
It also has the action button.
I'm not seeing this as being so controversial as I perhaps thought but there is no mute switch here above the top volume rocker."

"It is now a button which you can use for a variety of different things.
So for one, Apple has placed the mute button, if that's what you want, through software in the notification shade so it's very easy to just swipe down and click it if that's what you want, meaning that this frees up this button for a load of other actions."

"That could be starting a voice memo, that could be turning on the flashlight, or you could go through Apple's Shortcuts app and create any command you like.
It can even be a sequence of commands, it can open 10 apps, it can even activate specific actions within those apps."

"It's really a cool idea in general and I can't wait to see what people come up with.
It's the same price as last year and I think that this, much more so than the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, is sort of the culmination year for Apple.
Thanks to USB Type-C and titanium rails and the action button software coming together throughout the last couple of versions of iOS, we really are at sort of peak iPhone right now."

"It also means that it's much more exciting to see where Apple will go in the future because how do you improve on something like this?
For much more on the new iPhones, stay tuned to GamerActor.
Thank you so much for watching."





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