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iPhone 15 (Quick Look) - New year, new iPhone

We take a look at the base model of the 2023 line of Apple iPhone devices.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look, it's the iPhone time of the year and right now, just before we did, we're doing this, we actually filmed the video on the iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max, which obviously it's going to catch the bigger headlines because that's where Apple introduces their brand new features."

"But it is also kind of a misunderstanding, I think, because even though that iPhone 15 Pro is picking up a lot of speed in terms of sales, we have to assume that a lot of the consumers out there who is interested in upgrading to a new iPhone is going to pick the regular iPhone 15."

"That is actually the iPhone model that I see much more frequently in the real world, where people take their phone out of their pocket to take a photo or to answer a call or whatever.
I regularly see the two, these cross-eyed camera lenses, which means that it's a standard iPhone model."

"So what happens, what basically what I'm trying to say is that what happens to the basic iPhone models are much more important for the wider sales success of a given iPhone year than you might suspect.
And I think that the upgrades to this year's standard iPhone is much more important than you'd think."

"So let's go through them.
So for one, there's more fun colors.
They're very light, pastel-y, and this is yellow, meaning that you would kind of, if you look at it from the wrong angle, you might not even be able to see the yellow at all."

"But it is still more fun.
Like we have the iPhone 15 Plus, which we'll be filming in a couple of days in pink, which is also a very slight pink, but it's so much cooler than these very muted colors that you get on the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max."

"You also get USB Type-C this year.
You get that on all iPhones.
And while that wasn't a surprise, given the EU regulations bearing down on Apple to basically excommunicate the proprietary Lightning port, it is very nice to have, meaning that if you have a USB Type-C charger from, say, your laptop, you can now charge almost everything."

"If you buy the new iPhone 15, obviously you would need a new pair of AirPods Pro 2.
They now have USB Type-C.
You would probably need a bigger, a better iPad than the one you already have.
But the point still remains that the last stronghold of the Lightning port is now gone."

"And well, now we have USB Type-C.
It is without the faster data transfer speeds.
But as a lot of media have pointed out, you really don't need fast data transfer speeds like Thunderbolt 3-esque level data speeds for a lot of different tasks."

"This was more designed to, say, move ProRes footage from one to another.
Most people that I know move it through photos on their Mac, for instance.
So I'm not really convinced that this needed that faster data transfer speed, and it doesn't have it."

"What it does have, however, is Dynamic Island.
Yes, the exclusive Pro feature from last year comes now to all iPhones.
on the regular 15 and the 15 Plus, which is great.
I mean, it has really matured to a point where you can use it for so many different tasks."

"It is such a relief in the day-to-day experience.
You can see it right there.
And there is no software limitations next to the more expensive Pros.
This is the same Dynamic Island, and it works in exactly the same way with all the same apps."

"So apart from that, you get a 171 gram phone, which is IP68 dust and water resistant.
It has a Super Retina XDR OLED display with HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
So the same as the Pros.
It does not output at 120 Hertz, it still does not have ProMotion."

"It outputs at 60 Hertz.
So whether or not that bothers you, I was surprised at how little it bothered me when I picked up the 15 Plus, which I've been using on and off.
So that's just, you know, a note for you if that's what you're looking at."

"But it does still get the new 2000 nit peak brightness in outdoor settings.
So that means that even if the sun is shining directly at it and you're wearing sunglasses, this will be visible, fully visible in all, basically all conditions.
Apple continues the trend of using last year's Pro SoC in these."

"So that's the A16 Bionic.
It's a four nanometer process, and it goes up to 512 gigs of storage and six gigs of RAM.
RAM, which is particularly important for the target customer."

"This is fast.
This will remain fast.
512 gigs is more than enough.
Six gigs of RAM is more than enough for iOS and will be for the foreseeable future."

"It also has the same charging speed, both wirelessly, 15 watts with MagSafe alongside these 20 watts cable.
I'm not quite sure about that.
The cameras is now the 48 megapixel main."

"So all that's good, as well as the ultra wide.
And it's such a simple, nice, welcoming phone, which now charges a USB type C, has a lovely bright screen with dynamic island, and it still has the mute switch.
So if you want the mute switch and you want a new iPhone, this is the one to get."

"I think that this new iPhone is a complete slam dunk, and it launches at the same price depending on your country.
So please, please, please, if you're interested in a new iPhone, this is probably the one to get."

"Thank you so much for watching.
I'll see you in the next video."





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